6 Tips To Reduce Belly Fat Without Going To The Gym

You have always dreamt of a physique like an actor or model, and for a wide number, this remains only a dream. Never to become reality. You will make effort to shed a few pounds, but losing all your belly fat can be difficult. Learn these 6 tips to reduce belly fat without going to the gym…

I mean, going to the gym is great, but it’s not completely necessary to those trying to drop a few pounds around the waistline. There is also no need to starve yourself and stick to a diet plan forever to start slimming your figure. Of course, there are many methods to lose belly fat, but you can reduce yours with minor changes in your daily lifestyle!

First, let’s understand what belly fat is before discussing the tips that can help you to lose weight.

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What Is Belly Fat?

Your body might have two major kinds of fat:

  • Subcutaneous Fat: This fat is the layer that lies underneath the surface of the skin and can be found everywhere on your body.
  • Visceral Fat: Also known as dangerous fat, visceral fat hangs underneath your abdominal muscles and surrounds your main organs, for example, the heart and the liver.

These fat cells are metabolically active and secrete chemicals/hormones that affect each organ in your body.

When you maintain a healthy weight, the chemicals and hormones secreted by the fat cells help regulate your appetite, insulin and even burn the stored fat. If you are an overweight person, you might have a surplus of larger fat cells than normal which can generate more chemicals and hormones that your body actually requires. This may lead to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc.

6 Tips & Tricks To Reduce Belly Fat

Drink A Lot of Water

This is one of the golden rules to reduce your belly fat. Begin your day with a glass of warm water as it improves your metabolism and cleans your digestive system.

With regular consumption of water, your stomach will remain full and you will not eat much. Also, this will prevent you from taking in additional calories.

Try to make a habit of drinking a lot of water and carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go.


Eat More Protein

The foods which are rich in protein are – dairy products, beans, nuts, fish, eggs, and seafood. Including more of protein to your diet might be the absolute long-term strategy to decrease your belly fat and ultimately lose weight.

The protein will not only help you in boosting metabolism, minimize hunger cravings and eat only a few calories per day, but will enable you to remain away from weight gain in case you stop your dieting efforts.

Curb The Carbs

For losing belly fat, you have to keep control over the carbohydrates in your meal. This doesn’t mean that you completely avoid the intake of carbohydrates. What you should do, is curb the consumption of refined carbs which are found in the foods such as doughnuts, slices of bread, etc. Eating seeds and whole grains are a much more nutritional choice.


Skip The Stress

Stress is one of the most concerning issues people confront today. Regardless of whether it is caused by personal or career life, stress can influence weight gain.

There is a scientific reason behind this. A stressed body creates bad hormones that have an adverse effect on the metabolism. Cortisol levels increase which eventually leads to belly fat. Figure out how you can relieve stress at home. This might be done by engaging in activities that make you feel relaxed and calm.

Try cozying up with a book or listen to some music that lightens your mood – don’t concede to junky comfort food!

Eat Food That Is Rich In Fiber

Consuming fiber rich foods is important to get rid of belly fat. This can keep you full for longer and substantially decrease hunger cravings. These foods can help boost metabolic rates and improve digestion.

Try eating fruits and vegetables in the morning to keep you full longer and increase your fiber intake.


Limit The Intake Of Salt

A great number of people aren’t aware of how much salt they are consuming each day. You can quickly drop a few pounds by limiting your sodium intake to under 3,400mg per day.

Too much sodium can lead to water retention and severe bloating.


Losing belly fat is a difficult task, but it isn’t impossible. By just making certain changes in your diet and lifestyle you can do it with ease. Follow these tips and see changes in your physique and mood! If you know any other tips that are beneficial for losing belly fat, feel free to share with us in the comments.


Liza Kosh is working as a blogger for Precise Portions. Precise Portions Nutrition Learning System helps you to lose weight naturally and stay fit by developing healthy eating guidelines for the lifetime.

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