51 Holiday Snacks For Parties: Tasty Desserts

Your holiday parties will never lackluster with all these treats available! Enjoy these 51 holiday snacks for parties…

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1. Gingerbread Fudge

A quick and easy gingerbread fudge recipe. Perfectly spiced and festive, this gingerbread fudge is creamy and crunchy thanks to the festive Christmas sprinkles.

From: Sweet2EatBaking

2. Santa Claus Rice Krispie Treats

Christmas isn’t Christmas without Rice Krispie Treats. We try to come up with something new every year.

From: TwoSistersCrafting

3. Candy Corn Cookies

Here’s a recipe for Candy Corn Cookies, which makes a really fun cookie recipe for a Halloween party.  These cookies are really easy to make. They’d also be great for your kid’s school fall carnival bake sales.

From: RecipeGirl

4. Frozen Peppermint Delight

I’m here in Arizona with my family. It’s really fun, but I’m leaving back to Texas the day after tomorrow. It’s been really fun here, but the treat today is something we made a few weeks ago in Texas. It’s called Frozen Peppermint Delight! It was delicious!! It has an Oreo crust and a peppermint ice cream filling. You can even drizzle chocolate syrup and candy cane pieces on top. It will be one of the best Christmas treats you will ever taste. I like the peppermint part the most. I even picked off the candy cane pieces from on top and ate those first. 😉

From: LilLuna

5. Sweet Potato Marshmallow Bars

Save room for these sweet squares.

From: Delish

6. Mini Eggnog Cream Pies

Mini Eggnog Cream Pies are a fun and festive dessert recipe perfect for the holiday season. These types of easy recipes make a big family gathering easier or are super fast to whip up for a last minute party invitation. You only need four ingredients to whip up these super simple and simply dreamy mini cream pies with one of everyone’s favorite Christmas flavors – eggnog!

From: CupcakesAndKaleChips

7. North Pole-R Bear Cupcakes

These sweet creatures traveled all the way from the North Pole just in time for the holidays. Turn your cupcakes into cute polar bears with a little help from marshmallows, flaked coconut and candy eyeballs. Get the kids to help, just don’t blink or they’ll be gone!

From: Wilton

8. Slow-Cooker Candied Pecans

Slow cooker candied cinnamon pecans are a total breeze to make and will leave your house smelling absolutely delicious! Plus they double as amazing holiday gifts you can make in bulk!

From: DinnerThenDessert

9. Gingerbread Loaf The Old Fashioned Way

During these chilly months, there are things that I crave and that I find myself making often. Once of those is a gingerbread loaf. A gingerbread loaf was the first thing that I baked as a gift. It was a small and spicy gingerbread loaf that was a part of a breakfast basket. Since baking it that time I completely fell in love with it, with how easy it is, with how delicious it is and best of all with how to goo your home smells while you are baking it.

From: CarmelaPop

10. Halloween Boo Brownies

Make a bake they’ll remember by adding delicious iced cookies to our ghost-shaped brownies. One cutter set makes two distinct sweets that you can customize to fit your occasion. Easy to make and hard to forget, each of these ghosts brings its own party to your home this Halloween.

From: Wilton

11. Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookies

Every little bite of pumpkin cream cheese filling will make you smile!

From: BettyCrocker

12. Peppermint Oreo Truffles

It’s officially acceptable to start talking about Christmas! To celebrate this momentous annual occasion, I’m sharing these Peppermint Oreo Truffles, which are the perfect holiday treat. Now, they may look intimidating because they’re an attractive dessert, but they’re really simple to make. And there’s the added bonus of only needing 4 ingredients.

From: TwoTwentyOne

13. Red Velvet Brownies

Rich and flavorful red velvet brownies are slathered in an ultra-creamy marshmallow and cream cheese frosting, then decorated with holiday sprinkles!

From: TheChunkyChef

14. Homemade Christmas Gumdrops

These Homemade Gumdrops are the perfect treat to make for friends and family during the holidays! Made with just a handful of ingredients – including applesauce – these gumdrops are sure to become a holiday tradition! A Christmas favorite with our family!

From: MomOnTimeout

15. Gingerbread Cheesecake Dip

This Gingerbread Cheesecake Dip is always a party favorite for the holidays. Make it for your next holiday get together and I guarantee you’ll be the most popular person in the room!

From: FoodFolksAndFun

16. Pumpkin Patch Brownies

There’s no such thing as too cute when it comes to desserts. Lesson learned from these Carrot Patch Brownies. When they came out of the kitchen, some Delish team members were skeptical. They seemed too crafty to some. But then the video almost broke the Internet and their cynicism was proven unfounded. Point being: Don’t doubt, or think you’re above, these adorable Pumpkin Patch Brownies. Because everyone’s going to love them.

From: Delish

17. Chocolate Acorns

Chocolate Acorns are the cutest Fall or Thanksgiving treat! Made with Hershey’s Kisses, mini Nilla wafer cookies, and semisweet chocolate chips, these couldn’t be easier!

From: Bellyfull

18. Chocolate Peppermint Torte

This chocolate peppermint torte is to-die-for and will spice up any Christmas party!

From: TheGunnySack

19. Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars – Will make for a super tasty sweet treat during the fall and holiday season. This perfect Pumpkin Cheesecake Bar is delicious and very good! Perfect Thanksgiving Dessert!

From: YummiestFood

20. Peppermint Bark

Chocolate Peppermint Bark is an easy delicious sweet treat you can make any time of the year.

From: TidyMom

21. Oreo Peppermint Bark

This Oreo Peppermint Bark is the perfect gift to give (or hoard). Everyone loves peppermint bark this time of year – and this has Oreos inside. So, um, it’s like 1,000,000x better than regular peppermint bark. And bark is so easy to make – it literally takes 10 minutes to start to finish.

From: ASouthernFairyTale

22. Pumpkin Delight

Cool and creamy pumpkin delight is easily one of the BEST pumpkin desserts! With a buttery pecan crust, a whipped cream cheese layer, light, and fluffy pumpkin spice pudding, and more whipped cream topped off with chopped pecans.

From: LilLuna

23. Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Make some adorable peanut butter spider cookies for Halloween! Make sure you know ahead of time if anyone has a peanut allergy though.

From: CraftyMorning

24. Santa Hat Cupcakes

Here is another fun Christmas Cupcake decorating idea!  These Santa Hat Cupcakes really easy to pull off, even with minimal piping skills making them a great option for just about anyone!  These Santa Hat Cupcakes are perfect for a Christmas party desserts table.  Your family will love this idea!

From: FrugalMomeh

25. Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats

Ditch the pie dough in favor of cereal with this quick and easy recipe for Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats!

From: JustATaste

26. Homemade Milk & Cookie Shots

These Homemade Milk and Cookie Shots turn a classic dessert into a moment of undeniable joy with family and friends. You’re going to love this sweet and unique dessert recipe!

From: InspiredByCharm

27. Double Chocolate Snowballs

These Double Chocolate Snowball Cookies are my most favorite Russian Teacake recipe yet! They’re full of rich cocoa powder and chocolate chips – NUT FREE!

From: CrazyForCrust

28. Rice Krispies Treats Presents With A Surprise

Rice Krispies® Treats are a fun dessert to make any time of the year. It is a simple food that creates open-ended possibilities.

From: MeaningfulMama

29. Christmas Tree Brownie Pops

Whether you need cookies for a Christmas platter or goodies for Santa, these Christmas Tree Brownie Pops feature fudgy brownies, cream cheese frosting, and candy cane “trunks” for a fun and festive holiday treat!

From: FiveHeartHome

30. Amazing Christmas Crack

The buttery goodness of Saltine Toffee is irresistible.  This treat recipe is so simple, yet so delicious.  Try it and see how fast it disappears – it’s kinda addictive!

From: SuburbanSimplicity

31. Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups are my favorite Christmas cookie ever! They’re super cute, so festive and absolutely delicious. I saw these darling Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies that Noreen made over at Party Pinching not too long ago and those gave me an idea!

From: ButterWithASideOfBread

32. Brownie Cupcakes For Halloween

We came up with the idea for these Brownie Cupcakes for Halloween. They turned out so cute and are the perfect dessert for a Halloween party, potluck or other fun get together.

From: TwoSistersCrafting

33. Christmas Chex Mix

Chex Mix Christmas Crack is the perfect DIY holiday treat! The mix of sweet and salty with a hint of peppermint and put it in a cute holiday tin and you have the perfect DIY Christmas Gift!

From: PrincessPinkyGirl

34. Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

Pumpkin cupcakes that look like pumpkins! These adorable Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes are brought to life with some orange cupcake liners, orange frosting, Tootsie Rolls and Laffy Taffy! They’re perfect for a cupcake decorating party for kids or making for the neighbors!

From: YourCupOfCake

35. Gingerbread Cake

A fun holiday cake this Gingerbread Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting and Caramel Drizzle is sure to evoke all the holiday joy!

From: TournadoughAlli

36. Mickey & Minnie Christmas Cookies

Adorable Mickey & Minnie Mouse Christmas Cookies! Fun Disney themed holiday cookies for a party, gifts or cookie exchange.

From: LivingLocurto

37. Christmas Lasagna

Christmas Lasagna is whimsical layered dessert with buttery red velvet shortbread cookie crust, peppermint cheesecake layer, white chocolate pudding, whipped cream and mini marshmallows on top. I’m sure it will be a hit at your Christmas gathering, like this Christmas Cheesecake, too! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

From: OMGChocolateDesserts

38. Homemade Peppermint Patties

Delicious homemade peppermint patties coated in a dark chocolate shell.

From: Kleinworth&Co

39. Christmas Light Cupcakes

Christmas light cupcakes made with an embellished chocolate cake mix and the best vanilla buttercream frosting. Adorable for Christmas.

From: CountryLiving

40. Vegan Mini Pecan Pies

Recipe for beautiful mini pecan pies. These vegan pecan pies are naturally sweetened with no corn syrup. These are the perfect make-ahead dessert for holiday parties, or for giving instead of Christmas cookies.

From: YummyMummyKitchen

41. Candy Cane Pie

Candy Cane Pie is the only dessert recipe, you’ll need this Christmas! It’s no bake pie with crumbly Oreo crust and white chocolate ganache on top. And the filling is a bomb! It’s combo of cream cheese, whipped cream, instant pudding, butter, chocolate chips, and crushed candy canes!

From: OMGChocolateDesserts

42. Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites

I know what some of you may be thinking. Girl, you are so last year. I know I know, if you have had a Pinterest account last year you’ll know what I mean when I say these Santa Hat Brownies were basically the hit of the century on Pinterest.

From: CookingClassy

43. Eggnog Cake

This rum-spiked eggnog cake with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate ganache is just the thing to warm you up this holiday season!

From: LivForCake

44. Perfect Pumpkin Roll

With fall here, I am basking in all the pumpkin I can before the “pumpkin” season officially runs its course. 🙂

From: ChefInTraining

45. Delicious Mini Cherry Pies

Mini Cherry Pies – a fun way to make a mini version of your favorite pie! They are so cute, so easy and so delish, plus you can get a whole pie to yourself!!!

From: OMGChocolateDesserts

46. Gingerbread Cheesecake Bites

The perfect holiday freezer dessert. This Gingerbread Cheesecake Bites Recipe is just DELIGHTFUL and so easy to make!

From: AFewShortcuts

47. Holiday Peanut Butter Balls

My grandma always brings a tray of homemade holiday treats to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everything from divinity, to chocolate, dipped pretzels, homemade peanut butter cups, and my favorite, peanut butter balls! Are you bringing desserts to a holiday party, or just want some to snack on during the holidays at home? These Holiday Peanut Butter Balls are absolutely delicious and easy to make!

From: MomOnTheSide

48. Cranberry Christmas Cake

This Cranberry Christmas Cake is one of those recipes that is an instant favorite every single time someone new tastes it. Tart cranberries, sweet buttery cake, and a fantastic texture all combined to basically beg me to eat another piece.

From: BarefeetInTheKitchen

49. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies – best, homemade, classic Christmas holiday cookies recipe! Sweet, fudgy and loaded with cocoa and sugar.

From: RasaMalaysia

50. Chocolate Turtle Poke Cake

Caramel Flavored and Chocolate Flavored Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk are limited-edition seasonal flavors which make great shortcuts while you’re baking delicious holiday favorites for your friends and family. Both the chocolate and caramel varieties of sweetened condensed milk bring the rich, creamy texture to holiday recipes that the entire family will love.

From: MomLovesBaking

51. Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies

51 Holiday Snacks For Parties: Tasty Desserts

These Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies are a cross between delicious, soft-baked chocolate chip cookies and sprinkle filled funfetti cake!

From: SallysBakingAddiction

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