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5 Ways To Live Happier: Get Out Of A Slump

Train your mind to be happier and healthier. Keep your smile, muscles and brain in harmony. Do whatever puts a grin on your face – your happiness, longevity, and sports performance are inextricably linked. Enjoy these tips to reinforce mental health and perform at your peak…

Read Good Stuff

A study by the Association of Psychological Science found that people felt less stress, more satisfied and willing to help others if they read about someone else’s awesome experiences. Those feelings weren’t experienced by the other group who only saw something pleasant. Grab a good fictional book or read an adventure blog!

Have A Hug

Neuroeconomist Paul Zak suggests that hugging eight times a day for 20 seconds or more can increase oxytocin. This hormone is commonly known as the “happiness and cuddle” hormone. A study by Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that adults (diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s disorder) who received oxytocin injections showed an improved ability to identify emotional content, while those on a placebo did not.

Get Outside

Remaining indoors can have a negative impact on emotions. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science suggests getting out in the open air for just 90 minutes to dull activity in the subgenual prefrontal cortex.

Give A Gift

Research in the Journal of Happiness suggests shopping might make you smile if you buy for someone else. People reported an increase in joy after being more generous with their money. This could possibly lead to increased motivation; Ditch the long-arm deep-pocket syndrome. An essential oil diffuser makes a perfect gift – learn more about essential oils here.

Live Cultured

Human contact is vital to happiness – culture isn’t exclusively for hipsters. A study from Nord-Trøndelag County, Noway in 2008 found that people who participated in cultured activities, like going to a play, saw a crash in their anxiety levels and depression. These people also experienced a perceived overall life improvement.

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