5 Tips To Fight Acne & Boost Skin Health

While acne is most common with teenagers, many adults also must deal with occasional flare-ups of inflamed pores, acne and poor skin. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to alter your daily diet and skincare regimen to fight this acne.

1. Use A Daily Facial Cleanser

Many people mistakenly think that regular bar soap can be used for cleaning the face. Instead, this bar soap is what might be leading to dried out skin and inflamed pores. It’s far better to use a gentle facial cleanser on a daily basis, preferably two times per day. This cleanser can help to remove the impurities, dead skin cells or excess oil that is clogging your pores and leading to acne. When using a daily cleanser, use warm (not hot) water, and a soft cloth that won’t irritate the skin.

2. Change Your Diet

Did you know that certain foods that you eat could lead to acne, inflamed pores and poor skin? Fatty foods are a typical culprit. But even some foods that you might think are good for you – such as dairy products – can contribute to the problem.


You should aim for a balanced, healthy diet that includes plenty of whole grains (including brown rice), legumes, fruits and vegetables. The best fruits and vegetables for healthy skin include those that are yellow or orange in color. Thus, try adding some fresh yellow or orange peppers to your salads, or adding some fresh citrus products (oranges, lemons) to your snack list. Look for foods that are high in Vitamin A and E, as well as antioxidants.

3. Re-Think Your Makeup Routine

Unfortunately, your makeup could be contributing to your acne problem, especially if you are not washing it off daily. Again, the problem is clogged and inflamed pores. So try going a few days without applying foundation, powder or blush. Or re-think your makeup entirely and opt for oil-free cosmetics that won’t irritate the skin.


4. Experiment With Over-The-Counter Acne Medication

While your dermatologist can prescribe more powerful medication, there are still a lot of affordable options that are available over-the-counter at your local pharmacy. And you don’t need a prescription for them, either. Look for medications that include salicylic acid or Benzoyl peroxide, both of which have been proven effective in fighting acne. You can also look for cleansing pads with salicylic acid.

5. Moisturize Properly

Finally, think about the way that you are moisturizing your skin. If you notice that your skin is oily, use a moisturizer that has been specifically developed for oily skin. And, likewise, if your skin is too try, look for a moisturizer developed for dry skin. The goal is to keep your skin looking healthy and young, without clogging up or inflaming pores.


You’ll be surprised at how much simple changes – such as changing your diet – can work to fight acne. As a result, simply making little changes to your overall daily routine can often clear up many problems. Also, keep in mind that periods of stress and anxiety can lead to hormonal imbalances, which could, in turn, lead to temporary changes in your skin. If these tips do not help to solve the problem of poor skin, it might be time to consult a dermatologist.

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