5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

At this point, you have to consider the best alternative, which guarantees timeless beauty, uniqueness, brilliance, versatility and the sparkle of a diamond. In this regard, Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is your best choice.

Since it made an appearance in the jewelry industry about four decades back, Cubic Zirconia has grown into the most popular synthetic gemstone. It is the perfect alternative to expensive diamond if you want an elegant engagement ring. It is so optically close to diamond that even an experienced jeweler cannot tell the difference with their naked eye.

If you want to make your proposal with a unique, sparkling and dazzling ring but you don’t have the money to buy a diamond; it is time to consider CZ engagement rings. This article introduces Cubic Zirconia jewelry and highlights the reasons to choose a CZ engagement ring for this special occasion. You will also find tips for buying wholesale cz jewelry.


What is Cubic Zirconia Jewelry?

Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic gemstone whose appearance and qualities mirror those of diamond. To make this synthetic material, you need to mix powered zirconium and powered zirconium dioxide under very high heat conditions (up to 4.982F.).

The material formed is colorless, durable, strong, and flawless. Jewelry pieces created from Cubic Zirconia boast impeccable brilliance and crystal clarity thus making these pieces a great alternative to diamond. They are inexpensive compared to diamonds but exhibit the same magnificence and strength.

Why Invest In A CZ Engagement Ring?

Whether you want to buy jewelry in bulk for your store or you want a beautiful engagement ring for your partner, you cannot go wrong with CZ jewelry. Below are some of the reasons many people go for CZ engagement rings and other forms of CZ jewelry:


1. Cost Savings

When shopping for an engagement ring, the cost is the main consideration. You need to consider the other costs that will accompany your wedding.

It is not advisable to spend all your savings on a high-cost engagement ring only to start asking for help with the rest of the wedding arrangements. A CZ engagement ring is a great alternative to a diamond ring as it looks glamorous and no one will tell the difference.

2. Ease of Replacement

There is no denying that diamonds are forever but that’s until that expensive engagement ring you bought for your partner goes missing.

It is not unusual to lose a ring, but if it is a diamond, the replacement cost and the whole process of customizing it becomes a herculean task. For these reasons, more people are opting for CZ engagement rings and even other forms of CZ jewelry, as they are easier to replace.

3. High Quality

While Cubic Zirconia still falls in the class of imitation diamonds, the quality of this type of jewelry is not in doubt. The shapes, cuts, colors, and clarity levels resemble that of diamonds.

The engagement ring you get will look optically close to a real diamond and no one can tell the difference. Better still, CZ jewelry is flawless and equivalent to Grade F on the diamond’s clarity chart. Unlike diamond which is a natural stone, there are no flaws and inclusions on Cubic Zirconia making its appearance completely brilliant.


4. Hardness/Scratch Resistance

When shopping for an engagement ring, one of the main considerations is the durability of the material. CZ jewelry is hard and comes in at a rate of 8.5 on the Mohs scale.

A CZ engagement ring is resistant to scratching, and your partner can wear it every day of the year without any fear of damage.

5. Versatility

Just like diamonds, CZ jewelry is highly versatile. You have a wide range of styles and designs to select. You can find a unique ring by playing around with the stone settings to guarantee it catches light from all directions.

Some of the popular settings include princess, brilliant round, emerald, and marquise cut which all make your engagement ring glamorous and magnificent. You also have opulent color choices and it easy to customize these pieces to find the perfect engagement ring.


There is every reason to consider a CZ engagement ring for this special occasion. Your CZ engagement ring is versatile in design, affordable, brilliant, durable and tough and easy to replace. To find the best wholesale CZ jewelry, seek referrals from other buyers, look for a reputable dealer and make comparisons to find the best price deals.

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