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5 Phytochemicals That Combat Cancer

Clean eating can help fight cancer by keeping cells in tip-top shape, repairing damaged cells, and fortifying your body against damage from carcinogens. The following compounds can prevent and kill cancer cells. Learn more about these 5 phytochemicals that combat cancer…



1. Curcumin

Found in: Turmeric

Benefit: Curcumin can actually kill cancer cells by forcing them to commit suicide. It also aids in reducing inflammation and risk of Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and prostate and colon cancer. (1)


2. Capsaicin

Found in: Hot Peppers & sweet peppers.

Benefit: Capsaicin can reduce insulin levels after eating, lower risk of type-2 diabetes, and kill prostate cancer cells. (2)


3. Isoflavones

Found in: Soybeans, soy milk, tofu, sesame seeds, legumes, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, & soy flour.

Benefit: Isoflavones stop free radicals from damaging your DNA. They have been found to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women, and slightly reduce the risk of breast cancer mortality. (3)


4. Lignans

Found in: Pumpkin seeds, whole grains, beans, berries, green or black tea, sesame seeds & flaxseed.

Benefit: Lignans may protect against cardiovascular disease, as well as breast, skin, and colon cancer from forming. (4)


5. Quercetin

Found in: Red grapes, red wine, red onions, green vegetables, citrus fruit, & broccoli.

Benefit: Quercetin is a flavonoid that also promotes cancer cell suicide (apoptosis). Consuming more of this phytochemical can lower risk for pancreatic, breast, and lung cancer. (5)

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