5 Insanely Healthy Green Juice Recipes & Their Benefits

It’s time to hit the grocery store to grab some fresh fruits and vegetables. With these 5 insanely healthy green juice recipes, you’ll reap the benefits.

You probably know that green juice made from fruits and vegetables is good for you right?

Of course, you do – almost everyone does! But do you know why?

Take a quick look at this infographic that shows you 5 deliciously made green juice recipes, and then move on down to check out the different health benefits they offer!

Infographic From: JuiceBuff

Green Juice Helps You Lose Weight

It is low in calorie, high in nutrition, and keeps you full. Swapping out and unhealthy sugary breakfast for a green juice is a great way to start the day and a great way to lose weight.

And if you’ve made any of the recipes that have ginger in them, you’ll get a kick start to your metabolism with that spiciness that starts burning fat as soon as you wake up.

Pretty cool, right?

Green Juice Keeps Your Skin Young

Tired out skin is a common problem we all face at some point, but green juices are packed full of vitamin A which helps your body replace the old skin cells with new ones. Leaving you with younger, radiant looking skin.

The double bonus is that green juice is high in Vitamin C which helps protect you against the damaging rays of the sun.

Your Eyesight Will Hang Around For Longer

Vitamin A, which there’s lots of in green juice, has been shown to stop your eyesight from deteriorating quickly as you age, and in Southeast Asia, a vitamin A deficiency is actually linked to blindness in thousands of kids!

And while you aren’t likely to be deficient having that extra boost ensures your eyesight will stay strong.

It Protects You Against Free Radicals

Heard of free radicals?


You should definitely do some lengthy research on them. In short, they are molecules that come from all sorts of nasty places (such as pollution) all around you and actually attack your cells. They work to try and steal electrons from your cells which can mutate and damage them.

Causing aging in your skin, damage to your hair, and it can even permanently change your DNA!

Pretty scary stuff, but green juice is packed full of antioxidants that can protect you against these free radicals so that they can’t do as much harm. The antioxidants provide a protective layer and help fight the damage for you so your cells are all left intact.


The benefits go far beyond what has been listed here, but if you’re still not convinced about the power of juicing, go searching the web for more answers.

However, if these few benefits were already enough to convince you to start, you should grab a juicer, get some green fruits and vegetables together, and start juicing! Soon enough you’ll discover a whole new you.

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