5 Housewarming Gifts That People Will Actually Use

Moving into a new house is a momentous period. It is also a happy one where congratulations are in order.

From friends, associates, well-wishers, folks the celebrant grew up with, and even from new neighbors.  Lots of these people come bringing gifts, so a housewarming can really mean receiving lots of gifts. Maybe a lot more than the celebrant knows what to do with. Or gifts the celebrant has no use for at all.

This means a lot of gifts can end up unused in some storage place for a very long time. But what if you want to be that thoughtful friend who comes bringing gifts that the celebrant actually needs and more importantly, will definitely actually use?

Well here are five ideas on house warming gifts that a celebrant will actually need and use in the days following their moving into a new house.

1. Basic Tool Kits

These are just flat out indispensable. Moving into a new place will definitely pose some structural challenges in the days after the housewarming party. If the place is a new building or a restoration project, regardless of how well it’s been built, there’s almost guaranteed to remain something that the new owner would have to fix it themselves or modify.

Even If the apartment is neither a new building nor a restoration project, different owners have different tastes and this always impacts on the house arrangement.

The celebrant might want a particular thing in a different place or want to make some tweaks to the overall settings they met there.

There’s nearly no way some minor task at least doesn’t remain to be accomplished post house warming party, therefore you can see why a basic tool kit remains a very thoughtful necessary gift you can give someone for their housewarming celebrations.

We haven’t even talked about the multiple mini-emergencies that are bound to crop out every now and then as new owners try to get the hang of their apartment. You just can’t go wrong with making a gift of a basic tool kit to them.

Here is a place you can get basic tool kits.

2. Digital Photo Frame

This is a novelty idea but it’s also an underrated one. Moving into a new house can mean having to decide what to do with a lot of pictures.

The ones that hold the memories from their previous place and elsewhere, and the ones that hold the new memories they build in the new house and this can really be a lot.

What to do with all those pictures?

Get them a digital photo frame that displays all those pictures in beautiful resolution, and since the digital photo frame can display a lot of pictures this means they do not have to agonize over which picture to frame and which to discard due to space concerns.

They can carry them all, and will often find that it’s entertaining both for them and their guests to view a slide show.

(Celebrant) favorite memories. This is one thoughtful gift that you can be guaranteed they won’t only appreciate greatly, but also actually use.

You can get digital photo frames here on Amazon.

3. Aid With Adjustment & Stress Issues

This is another underrated kind of gift you can give them that many neglect. Moving into a new house brings a lot of stress as the next days afterward are often spent engaged in a range of activities putting finishing touches to the new home.

This, of course, is bound to generate some amount of extra stress. Also, the adjustment issues are a real thing.

Sleeping the first few days in a new environment isn’t always the easiest thing on earth, in fact, it can sometimes be a real challenge. Hence why a thoughtful gift that involves something to help with the stress and adjustment issues will not only be appreciated but also useful.

An idea in this direction is CBD oil, possibly a flavored one to add the extra nice touch. CBD oil is seeing increasingly popular usage by many for help with stress and other related issues so it could be a sure bet as a housewarming gift.

Here is a place you can get CBD oil.

4. A House Plant

This is a nice aesthetic touch. Not to mention it’s a thoughtful gesture too. And one many who present house warming gifts fail to notice its significant benefits.

A house plant strategically placed can often considerably brighten up a home setting and add a personalized touch to it.

It can also help the celebrant bond quicker to their new home while providing their guests with an aesthetic focus. It’s certainly something the celebrant would very much appreciate and unlike many other housewarming gift options, immediately find a use for.

You can also choose to go for buying a natural houseplant or an artificial version.

Here on Amazon, you can check out different kinds of artificial houseplants. For natural houseplants, you can check out a curation here.

5. A Keyholder or Keybowl

Learning all the nooks and crannies of a new home can take some time for the celebrant as they get used to their new home.

This period is hardly the time to misplace keys as it could actually take them considerable time figuring out where to look for them.

You would be saving them a whole lot of trouble if you gifted them something that could hold all their keys in one place. If this said equipment comes with a nice aesthetic touch, then even better.

Here is a place you could check out for gifts of that nature on Amazon.

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