5 Different Types Of Pillows: How Can They Help?

Once again, you get home from a long day of work. You throw off your clothes, fix some food up, and jump into bed for some sleep. As you lay there, you snuggle up with your blankets in comfort because it’s time to recharge. 

5 Different Types Of Pillows

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Resting and sleeping are highly important to our health, but there’s more to it than you think. Surprisingly, the pillows you use have something to do with it! Pillows are an essential sleeping material – improving your health in different ways and also offering unique benefits. There are plenty different options out there, but we’re going to take a look at five different types of pillows.


You can find memory foam pillows in almost any store, but they are a little more pricey than classic pillows. Memory foam sinks with the weight of your head, and offers more support because of its heavier substance. Health benefits include:

  • Support | Memory foam pillow is recommended for those who experience body aches such as stiff necks, tight shoulder muscles and back pains. It offers spinal support so misalignment won’t happen. Memory foam pillows reshape according to the pressure on it. Different muscles become relaxed as posture is corrected.
  • Airways Alignment| The spinal cord is connected to the brain which directs the body, directs breathing as well. It’d be helpful if you’re having a difficult time to breathe at night.
  • Hygienic| It is non-poisonous thus safe. It’s not that vulnerable to allergic reactions since it impedes bacteria, fungus, and other ill-causing microorganisms.


Pillows with buckwheat inside it have been used for a long time now, and not everyone is aware of its benefits.

  • Environmentally Safe | Buckwheat looks like a grain, but it’s not a grain. It’s a fruit seed. Unlike other pillow fillings, buckwheat pillow contains a 100% natural material and harmless to the environment,
  • Good Support | It is helpful if you have body aches due to tensed muscles, headache and back problems. Because buckwheat pillow does not hugely conform to what puts pressures on it, so the form of the head or any body part does not drown in the pillow.
  • Sleep Problem Reduction | Because of the comfort and firmness of it, you’d be kept away from insomnia.
  • Low-Temperature | Low temperature is maintained because air is allowed to flow inside the pillow.

5 Different Types Of Pillows


You will notice a rubber smell if you decide to get a latex pillow. Latex is usually used for sofas and chairs. 

  • Environment-friendly| Its rubber comes from rubber trees thus it’s not harmful for the environment. It’s organic and decayable.
  • Harm-free | There is no presence of hazardous chemicals.
  • Mold and Dust Mite Resistant | Because this pillow is naturally created from the sap of rubber trees, fungus can’t take a chance.  
  • Breathability | There’s a cool feeling. Temperature is constant.


You’re probably familiar with this pillow type – it feels like there are seeds inside of it. Some people prefer to avoid these pillows because they are afraid the body might tear unleashing the beads on your carpet.

  • Cool Feeling | Air is able to move around inside the pillow because of the microbeads design.
  • Hypoallergenic | Moisture and water can’t be sucked up thus hindering bacteria and dust particles and parasites.  
  • Instant Massage| The minute beads can be easily felt individually.
  • Constant Conformity | Unlike other soft material, whatever sleeping position you do, it will follow. Distortion is its specialty. Those who sleep with so much movement need a pillow that’s willing to adjust constantly, and this is it.

5 Different Types Of Pillows


A down pillow is definitely soft and comfortable. The inside contains a material called “down”, the fluffy part at the bottom of a bird. Without a question, it is totally light–lighter than feather–and cushy, and you’d want to hug it until it flattens (but dear, it doesn’t flatten). It doesn’t get either hard. This pillow type is costly.

  • Sweat Reduction |  It is able to breathe, and so it makes your skin breathe too, lessening perspiration.
  • Malleability | It supports your neck and head because it maintains its shape very well.  
  • Insulation Property | Because downs are used to safeguard birds during hot and during cold times, to humans, this pillow type don’t get strange and dependent temperatures.
  • Natural Allergy Resistant | Birds use down for self-protection; it may not be to the same extent as it is for animals, but humans are also protected from allergies. It prevents bacteria from being drawn to it thus to you.

Remember, these are just five of the many types of pillow. You should always know a little bit about what your pillow is made up of – especially since it touches your face for hours every night! Hopefully, now you can sleep better knowing what your pillow can do for you.

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