40 Crunchy Chex Mix Recipes: Party Snacks

No celebration needs to go without a quick and also delicious snack! Locate a Chex Mix recipe you love and also place it with each other before the big video game or for a fun event. Enjoy these 40 crunchy chex mix dishes …

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1. Vegan & & Gluten -Chex Mix

Delicious sweet and also spicy Chex mix dish— this flies out of the bowl at parties! A real crowd pleaser!

From: ThePrettyBee

2. Pumpkin Seasoning Chex Mix

Butter, brownish sugar, as well as seasoning make a fast, very easy pleasant and crispy Chex Mix! And also, make it in your microwave!

From: JuliesEatsAndTreats

3. Buffalo Cheddar-Ranch Chex Mix

Gluten- Buffalo Cheddar-Ranch Chex Mix takes just 4 mins to prepare and has the best quantity of flavorings and seasoning.

From: IowaGirlEats

4. Lime Chex Mix

However it inspired me to place a little margarita-inspired twist on my cherished Chex party mix too. And now I’m quite convinced that tequila as well as lime additionally belong with every celebration mix in life.

From: GimmeSomeOven

5. Young Puppy Chex Mix

When it comes to my junk food options, you would certainly assume I ‘d already have a house loaded with treats with the way I’ve been baking recently, however alas, The Sweetheart and I (and also several of the next-door neighbors) have actually consumed my stockpiles of baked sugar., normally, I required to restore the resource. Pup Chex Mix seemed like the very best option.

From: HomemadeHooplah

6. Sugar Seasoning Chex Mix

Desire cookies? You’ll have just the same tastes of a brownish sugar-spice cookie in this fun celebration mix, plus the crisis of cereal!

From: Chex

7. Whopper Chex Mix

Chex Mix is a classic. Young puppy chow is likewise a traditional. This Whopper Chex Mix capitalizes on those classics … as well as makes them also better! Whoppers, marshmallows, chocolate … a few of my favored things.

From: NellieBellie

8. Crockpot Parmesan Cattle Ranch

Satisfy your treat assault in vogue with this full-flavored Parmesan Cattle ranch flavored Crock Pot Chex Mix Recipe!

From: TheFrugalGirls

9. Chocolate Chex Sugar Crunch

sugar as well as butter turn into caramelly goodness that surrounds Delicious chocolate Chex ™ grain for a tasty crunchy snack.

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From: Chex

10. Sugar Cookie Chex Party Mix

Hey people! I am sharing an additional family-friendly recipe that the kids can make all by themselves! Or make them with each other as part of an enjoyable Vacation custom for film night! This Sugar Cookie Chex Celebration Mix is so great and so easy to make.

From: TheIdeaRoom

11. Salt & & Vinegar Chex Mix

The zesty tastes of salt and also vinegar chips flavor this Chex ® snack mix.

From: BettyCrocker

12. Apple Pics Chex Mix

honor of the apple-producing state of, deal with guests to this apple pie mix of Chex cereals.

From: Pillsbury

13. Sugar Chex Mix

Are you a snack person? I indicate who does not like snacks right? I love them, but I am absolutely even more of a dish individual till … I made this Caramel Chex Mix.

From: StuckOnSweet

14. Wonderful & & Salty Chex Mix Sweet and Salty Chex Mix Recipe. A wonderful and also salty Chex party mix excellent for your upcoming Halloween celebrations!

From: EaseAndCarrots

15. Snickerdoodle Chex Mix

Exists anything far better than a happy accident? I believe not. Specifically a tasty one similar to this Snickerdoodle Chex. created this dish by accident, but I can see she’s actually on to something here. Cinnamon+vegan white chocolate chips+Chex is like an individual with food allergies snack dream come true. is the specialist on all points allergic reaction complimentary, however she’s additionally evidence that allergy friendly can be insanely delicious.

From: BonBonBreak

16. Cinnamon Sugar Chex Mix

Crunchy rice chex cereal is covered in cinnamon sugar for the most convenient and most addictive snack ever before developed.

From: SprinkleSomeSugar

17. Gluten- Snickerdoodle Chex Mix

Obtain the classic preference of cinnamon and sugar cookies in a munchable snack mix that prepares in 15 minutes!

From: Chex

18. Pleasant & & Salty Cashew Chex Mix Wonderful & & Salty Cashew Chex Mix ~ Easy Treat Mix Packed with Cashews, Chex, M&& Ms & Cashews as well as Smothered in Sugar!

From: JuliesEatsAndTreats

19. Cinnamon Sugar Chex Mix

We additionally make great deals as well as lots of snacks— like this Cinnamon Sugar Dessert and also Salty Chex Mix. It’s a mix of crackers as well as nuts and also cereal that’s topped with a wonderful and also salted glaze and after that cleaned with cinnamon sugar. It’s best for get-togethers or just careless afternoons spent in your home!

From: IHeartEating

20. Sriracha

my bosom friends. I have a new fascination. Have you ever before taken one check out a dish and recognized that you had to make it instantly? As in, drop whatever you’re doing due to the fact that nothing might possibly be more vital! Maybe it was the summer season blue funk. Perhaps it was our boring rut of treat options. Or maybe it was the HONEY SRIRACHA CHEX MIX dish looking me in the face that did it.

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From: PeanutBlossom

21. Garlic Bread Chex Mix

If you enjoy garlic bread AND Chex Mix, then this dish is best for you. With garlic, parmesan, as well as basil it’s delicious was to satisfy that garlic bread yearning, without all the calorie-laden support!

From: YellowBlissRoad

22. Much Better Than Sex Chex Mix

With caramelly crisis as well as rich chocolate drizzle, this indulgent treat is completely matched for parties or gift providing.

From: Chex

23. Pleasant & & Spicy Chex Mix Super had Kryptonite. For, it was; as well as Achilles— someone absolutely must have advised him about that heel. As I enjoy neither comic hero neither Greek goddess-status, I have actually been endowed with not one but with many weak points, the most current of which is this Pleasant Spicy Chex Mix.

From: WellPlated

24. Extra-Bold Chex Mix

It’s no secret that I have a little a thing for homemade Chex Mix.

It’s been my preferred treat to munch on ever since I was a child. I make big sets every year (including 4 this past weekend!) to provide as gifts to family and friends around the holidays.

From: GimmeSomeOven

25. Harvest Hash Chex Mix

This harvest hash chex mix is the ideal mix of pleasant, salted and also crispy. I was a little anxious concerning the Bugles— I had not been certain just how they ‘d fit in with the sweet taste, however they taste impressive! 6-year-old has actually been picking out handfuls of the Bugles stating they’re the best component. She says following time I can exclude the Chex grain.! I in fact think the Chex may be my preferred component though? Together with the’s Parts … truly, the whole combination just works truly well with each other.

From: OneLittleProject

26. Delicious Chocolate Walking Cane Chex Mix

Delicious Chocolate Walking Stick Chex Mix— only 3 ingredients !! This things is addictive! I couldn’t walk past it without having a bite. Makes a wonderful quick gift for pals, neighbors, teachers, and colleagues. A fast as well as easy present that everybody will certainly take pleasure in!

From: PlainChicken

27. Buffalo Chex Mix

Our group, The Patriots, are mosting likely to the Super Bowl! Yay! That asks for a celebration and also delicious treats naturally. Spicy buffalo chicken wings are always a follower favorite at our football enjoying celebrations and also will definitely get on our Super Bowl Celebration food selection. Currently you can have the same taste with route mix.

From: LivingLocurto

28. Mama’s Secret Xmas Chex Mix

extremely favorite season if almost over and also it seems like Thanksgiving was just the other day. I think the month of December requires to be like a whole sixty days and also not simply thirty-one. Truly, the Xmas holiday deserves an entire 2 months of event in my viewpoint.

From: HalfBakedHarvest

29. Zesty 3-Cheese Chex Mix

Zesty 3 Cheese Treat Mix is the perfect treat for the holidays with Chex Mix, nuts, cheesy crackers and also crackers coated in ranch spices, Parmesan, and also butter!

From: TheCreativeBite

30. Homemade Chex Mix

Your look for the excellent homemade chex mix ends below— this from square one chex mix is so much far better than the dish on the box! Once you try making your very own chex party mix, you’ll never ever return to the store got kind once again! It takes just mins to make in the microwave as well as is the best treat for game day, birthday celebration celebrations and lunch boxes.

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From: DinnerAtTheZoo

31. Slow Cooker Chex Mix

Learn exactly how to make incredible Chex Mix in the slow stove with this easy recipe! It’s super very easy, and constantly a group fave.

From: GimmeSomeOven

32. Cheesy Cattle Ranch Chex Mix

Enjoy this yummy treat that’s highlighted with the popular taste of cattle ranch dressing.

From: Chex

33. Christmas Fracture Chex Mix

Xmas Split Chex Mix is a family-favorite loaded with Chex mix, cheerios, salted peanuts, M&& M’s, pretzels, and also coated in chocolate! Beware due to the fact that it’s extremely addicting therefore excellent! Makes for tasty homemade gifts!

From: GalOnAMission

34. Buffalo Ranch Treat Mix

Buffalo Cattle Ranch Snack Mix is a simple reward ideal for the huge video game or holidays. Chex Mix is incorporated with crackers and cashews and also tossed in a spicy buffalo ranch sauce for a twist on your standard snack mix.

From: TheCreativeBite

35. The Initial Puppy Chex Mix

Annually the one thing that I constantly make for Xmas and Halloween is my Pup Chex Mix dish. Don’t worry, this is not the young puppy chow that you are believing. It’s a scrumptious chex mix dish that incorporates the flavors of delicious chocolate, peanut butter and also sugar! Is your mouth drooling yet? Human Young puppy is a scrumptious, inexpensive and super simple dessert dish to make whenever of the year. I will alert you, it’s addicting.

From: MomLuck

36. Sugar Churro Chex Mix

This Caramel Churro Chex Mix is crunchy, cinnamon-sugary, as well as completely addicting!

From: ConfessionsOfACookQueen

37. The Mustard Treat Mix

The most effective recipe for homemade honey mustard treat chex mix! Conveniently make this gluten free!

From: TheFirstYearBlog

38. Italian Parmesan

Make ahead crispy, salted, mouthwatering Italian parmesan celebration mix breaking with italian flavor in each cashew, pretzel, chex bite! This will certainly become your new, simple best event snack that every person will certainly ask you to make.

From: CarlsBadCravings

39. Initial Chex Mix

all-time favorite, this classic recipe belongs in your recipe collection!

From: Chex

40. Tacky Cattle Ranch Chex Mix

Chex grain, biscuits, and also crackers are covered in a scrumptious parmesan and cattle ranch flavoring in this Tacky Ranch Chex Mix. It is seriously habit forming!

From: FakeGinger

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