4 Tips To Naturally Lower High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common and dangerous condition, but you can take steps to control it – take a look at these 4 tips to naturally lower high blood pressure…

Living in the 21st century has its benefits—clean water, plenty of food, advanced medicine, and a new age of equality. But, with all those advantages comes some major drawbacks, namely, everything is processed.

I mean, it makes sense; if you want a lot of something you have to find some way of maximizing efficiency. With foods, this means adding loads of salt as a preservative and ‘flavor enhancer’ along with loads of other probably not-so-healthy additives.

This leaves the average American eating 3,400 mg of sodium each day; a sharp contrast to the recommended 2,300 mg.

Along with dehydration, a high sodium diet can lead to heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, mental fog, and kidney stones, along with a host of other problems. So, besides lowering sodium, what can you do to help your heart and ward off these serious health issues?

For starters, you could get in the routine of exercising daily…

1. Exercise

Daily exercise is obviously a good thing to do, even if you lack any major health issues. Besides lowering blood pressure, it also improves mood, strengthens the body, and slows aging.

I’d recommend everyone take up at least half an hour of cardiovascular fitness a day, along with and additional half hour of weight training every other day.

2. New Supplements

Another way to lower blood pressure, and without changing your lifestyle, is incorporating berberine and hemp oil into your supplements. Berberine regulates blood glucose, lowers blood pressure, and help keep fat off your body—take thirty minutes before each morning and night.

Next, hemp oil is a natural extract from the hemp plant and contains no psychoactive substances (not to be confused with marijuana). Taking hemp gummies or daily extract lowers blood pressure, inflammation, and may improve mood, anxiety, and sleep.

4 Tips To Naturally Lower High Blood Pressure

3. Lower Stress Levels

This next one is simple in theory but hard in practice. I’m taking about lowering stress, which is usually much harder than it seems, and it’s almost never any single thing that successfully accomplishes this.

Some people may find yoga, journaling, art, movies, reading, or fishing to be beneficial towards this end. Sports have always been what’s calmed me down, and it’s fortunate that playing sports is also a great form of exercise.

If you already know what de-stresses you then make sure to do it every day, and if you’re not sure yet then try something new as often as possible until you figure out what does.

4. Eat Beets

My departing advice is, and always will be, eating beets. It doesn’t really matter what the subject is, eating beets is almost always great advice to give.

Depressed? Beets. Overweight? Beets. Weak? Beets. You get the point—beets are the powerhouse of vegetables, and vegetables are the powerhouse of most other foods, so they’re really good.

Beets have been proven to lower blood pressure, and they do this almost immediately after consumption. I’ve never done anything in my life that gives results as quickly as beets. You can roast, boil, steam, or even eat them raw.

Personally, I’m an over roaster, and I suggest having either two cups of beetroots or one cup of beet juice a day. You can even consider taking a 100% organic pure beet root powder!

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