4 Tips For Ensuring A Safe Safari Adventure

Indian safari is perhaps one of the latest travel experiences, which is absolutely new and exciting. Learn more about these 4 tips for ensuring a safe safari adventure!

Although wildlife tourism has always been wholeheartedly promoted, safari is relatively a new concept that renders a new and exciting world of the jungle, ensuring a quality adventure for travelers all around the world. In case you are new to safari and deciding to visit the Tadoba region for a safari adventure, make sure that you have booked rooms in one of the Tadoba National Park resorts.

Going for a safari adventure is all about exploring the exhilarating, enticing, overwhelming, and tranquil world of the jungle. Not only will your senses be heightened after the trip, but you will change your view and perspective regarding Mother Nature.

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However, there are certain not-to-do things when it comes to a safari trip in order to assure yours and your group’s safety. Take a look at some of the things that you should avoid doing when on safari:


Be Thoughtful of Safety Measures

The main motto of a wildlife safari trip is to view the wild animals in order to get an impression of how they are living in their natural habitat. During this time, you should be more careful and maintain the safe distance.

For instance, while watching the tiger roaming around or the elephant standing quietly in his group, you might forget that the magnificent beings are actually wild animals. Do not be overconfident, as you might end up hurting yourself or the animals if they feel threatened by your presence.

Do Not Get Out of the Car on Your Own

Apart from viewing the animals carefully from the bush, you should also be careful while being on the safari vehicle. The first rule of safari might be to respect the wildlife, but the second rule is always adhering to his guidelines laid down by your safari guide or ranger.

After all, he/she is the person escorting you and is aware of the place better than you. Never try to get out of the car on your own until and unless your guide asks you to do so. You will end up grabbing unnecessary attention and the outcome will be very detrimental for you and your fellow safari adventurers.


Expect the Unexpected and Never Bother a Herd of Animals

As mentioned above, it is highly advisable to never get too close to wild animals during your safari adventure. Be extra careful when you encounter animals such as elephants and rhinos that get cautious by seeing an approaching vehicle.

Never ever try to drive through their herd as you will end up being attacked by them because they think you are going to hurt their young ones.

Keep Your Voice Low

Considering the fact that you are going on a safari trip for the first time in your life, you will be overly excited, which is quite obvious and acceptable. However, when you reach the place and start having the real experience, control your emotions and your voice in particular.

Try to be as numb as possible, as loud noises can distract the animals and might even scare them, which will leave them with no choice but to either run or attack you.


Ensure your safety along with your fellow members in the group while being on a safari trip. On top of that, respect the nature and the animals in their natural habitat and try not to bother or affect them with your presence.

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