35 Fun New Hobbies To Spice Up Your Life

Don’t let your life become repetitive – break free from the same old routine Learn about these 35 fun new hobbies to spice up your life…

It can be challenging to find new things to do other than binge-watching a show on HBO or Netflix. You’re trying to pass the time, but everything is a little bit more costly than you’d like.

Luckily, living on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or explore something new. You’ll have to get a little creative, but there is still tons of excitement and entertainment to choose from.

Having a hobby (or a few) is a great way to pursue an interest outside of work, home, and family. They can bring you peace of mind, improve motor skills, and present you with a challenge you’re excited to solve. You can choose from outdoor or indoor hobbies, cheap or expensive hobbies, and hobbies that require a lot or a little time.

We’ve found 80 hobbies you can try out and you can find them all below in alphabetical order!

1. Antiquing

You might be on a mission to find something specific or be shopping in an unexpected place to find a piece that’s unique and holds a story. For someone new to antiquing, there is nothing more satisfying than finding a priceless item to add to your collection.

2. Archery

Archery is the perfect sport for building confidence and improving hand-eye coordination. You can improve your focus, patience, and even math skills every time you pull your bow back to hit your target.

3. Astronomy

Astronomy constantly pushes you to seek an understanding of how the universe works – from the planets in our solar system to whole systems of galaxies. There is so much to explore and learn that you really won’t be able to say “I’m bored” until you’re years into the experience.

4. BBQ, Grilling, & Smoking

Barbecuing is a slow skill that requires patience, skill, creativity, and experimenting with different flavors and sauces. You can choose to compete in events and competitions or just enjoy smoking some meat for friends and family.

5. Billiards

Billiards takes skill, strategy, mathematical thinking, and a competitive nature whether you’re playing snooker, pool, or other billiards game. Pool is fantastic because it offers numerous health benefits and allows you to meet new people in a casual game.

6. Bird Watching

Spotting beautiful and exotic birds is the best part of this hobby, and it can be more difficult than you think. Many experienced bird watchers spend countless hours learning about different types of birds, their habits, and even drawing or photographing them in their natural environment. All you’ll need is some good binoculars to get started.

7. Blogging

Few people blog professionally, but many others do it for fun. It can be a great way to put your thoughts, feelings, and experiences out in the world. You can keep it private for yourself or use it to find others who are going through the same things as you. Plus, you can use it to further explore your current hobbies.

8. Board Games

Board games are a fantastic way to spend quality time with friends and family, and there are many coffee shops and other places you can meet at. A weekly or daily game with friends can be a wonderful way to spend a few hours with your loved ones. Monopoly, Scrabble, Catan, and Risk are a few good ones.

9. Bonsai Tree Sculpting

Growing your bonsai and pruning to be exactly what you envision takes patience, effort, and the touch of an artist. Bonsai tree sculpting takes time and commitment to do it right, and it can be a very rewarding and relaxing hobby for many.

10. Bowling

In the past, bowling used to be one of the most popular pastimes, and today the trend remains strong amongst some social circles. You can get involved in a bowling league or go out on the weekend with friends. Bowling doesn’t require a lot of money or time investment, and many facilities offer classes (and sometimes a ball) after signing up.

11. Camping

Getting back outdoors is something most of us could use. It gives you the opportunity to disconnect from the ultra-fast-paced world we live in. Improving your shelter set up, sleeping in the wild, and cooking over an open fire is something many men crave. There is nothing more masculine and relaxing than a weekend in the woods.

12. Canoeing & Kayaking

A day out on the water kayaking or canoeing can be very rewarding. Plus, everyone can do it. You can find a gentle stream, rapids, or a nice lake to adventure on. You will also receive a fantastic workout from paddling from location to location.

13. Car Collecting

Car collecting is one of the more expensive hobbies you can get into, but it’s a no-brainer for people who are passionate about cars. Finding the right car, caring for it, and driving them on the weekend will require considerable time, money investment, and effort. There are many car clubs and events around every major city that prove why car collecting is such a valuable hobby.

14. Car Racing

It turns out you won’t have to have a formula one race car to get into this competition. Most cities have boxcar, stock cars, and other inexpensive race cars that you can start off with. Also, you can find race nights where amateurs can race their personal cars. Racing can be a very worthwhile hobby and you can even find racing schools to take lessons at.

15. Car Restoration

Becoming a mechanic is a job, but restoring a car from the ground up is a passion. Turning a beat-up hunk of metal into a shining powerhouse is something you can be proud of for a lifetime. You might not be able to do everything by yourself, but it can give you years of enjoyment before the product is finished.

16. Cartooning & Animation

Creative people love this hobby because it effortlessly combines art with fantasy. The only thing that limits you and your creation is your imagination. It’s extremely relaxing, a great form of self-expression, and you can put your art on Instagram or YouTube to show others what you’re made of.

17. Ceramics & Pottery

Pottery and ceramics are one of the most ancient art forms on the planet, and it can be highly enjoyable. They give you a chance to express yourself creatively and reduce stress levels. You will improve your focus, have full creative freedom, and it also gives you a new place to socialize and meet new friends.

18. Chess

Playing chess can spark creativity and help you unleash your originality since it activates the right side of the brain. Chess also requires fast thinking and problem-solving on the fly because your opponent is constantly changing the play. Plus, it’s a great way to show your friends who is “the boss.”

19. Cigar Smoking

Any cigar enthusiast has their favorite cigar and cigar lounge. Whether it’s a luxury bar in a foreign city or a club down the street where you meet up with friends. Cigars can be less toxic than cigarettes as you shouldn’t be inhaling and you won’t be smoking many cigars in one day. You will also want a cigar box with a humidor.

20. Coaching

Coaching a sport can be one of the most fulfilling ‘jobs’ you’ve ever experienced. It can help keep you young, stay close to the sport you love, and your success becomes others’ success as you work together as a team. It also helps you become a mentor to young children, and create moments and memories that shape their lives, as well as your own.

21. Coffee Roasting

It doesn’t matter what kind of coffee you prefer, by roasting coffee you can try every flavor imaginable. Bold, black, light, caramel-y, or whatever you want. It takes years of training to become an expert roaster, and it means the difference between perfectly roasted coffee beans and a ruined batch.

22. Community Watch

Looking after your neighborhood and keeping suspicious activity to a minimum can help keep your friends, family, and neighbors safe. Consider joining one around your home or start your own at National Neighborhood Watch.

Plan agendas to make sure meetings run smoothly, mix business in with socializing, meet your local law enforcement officers, and cut the crime in your area.

23. Cooking

Learning to cook is one of the most enjoyable and easy hobbies to jump into. In the beginning, you will only need to grab the cooking essentials and follow the instructions given to you. In no time you’ll know exactly what to add to every dish to make it pop and impress.

24. Dancing

Dancing starts off as a hobby and often turns into a lifestyle. You go into it only trying to learn one form or genre of dancing, and once you’ve become a master you can’t help but learn more.

Try starting off with something simple like country dancing or entertaining like swing dancing!

25. Darts

Playing darts is extremely enjoyable – especially when you get good at it. There is always a tiny bit of pressure in every game and each throw brings its own drama to the play. It’s relaxing, sociable, improves hand-eye coordination, and it’s great for your brain.

Plus, it’s absolutely affordable to play on a consistent basis, as most bars and restaurants offer it for free.

26. Dog Training

You might have trained your own dog and found it interesting, or perhaps you’ve always had a way with dogs. Whatever the case may be, training dogs is relaxing and teaches you more about communicating with animals. It can also turn from a hobby to a career with a few certifications.

27. Disc Golfing

Disc golfing is a fantastic way to get outside, take a walk in nature, and improve coordination and fitness. With every throw, you learn more about the uniqueness of each disc and how to handle your release, grip, and more. Playing 18 holes after a long day is a perfect way to release stress and start moving.

28. Drone Flying

You’ve seen the YouTube videos before – stunning ariel views of places all around the world. A drone with a Hi-Def video camera can truly show you the beauty of the world around you while enjoying a breath of fresh air outdoors. Droning requires safe flying rules combined with handling expertise that’s crafted over time.

29. Fellowship

Joining a private member club, social club, or fraternity/sorority can be a great way to meet like-minded men to share ideas with, make business deals, and hold conversations about life.

30. Fencing

Fencing is a fun hobby and a challenging sport. It’s not as dangerous as it seems and you can find a club near you to take classes and learn. It’s historic, daring, and elegant.

31. Film History

Learning everything about film techniques, producers, and the evolution of film over time will have you recognizing small details, different styles, sometimes revealing the plot of the movie. The research can be fulfilling as well as relaxing. Grabbing your favorite drink, sitting back to enjoy cinema, and digging into the details of flicks is a great way to spend an evening.

32. Fishing

Becoming a decent fisherman (or fisherwoman) will take attention to detail, effort to locate biting spots, and enough patience to wait for your next catch. There’s nothing much more relaxing. Relieve your stress and get in touch with nature by buying a new pole and hitting the ponds near you.

33. Flying

Pilots say it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Consider taking lessons near you if you’re interested in aircraft and flying. Many people argue that the costs get out of hand, but you can often find something smaller for the price of a car. You can even rent a plane for personal use if you’re not ready to make a huge commitment at this time. Flying is another hobby that can develop into a career, as many commercial pilots started out doing it as a hobby.

34. Furniture Making & Restoration

Creating a new, beautiful piece of furniture from scrap is not only fulfilling but has the possibility to last generations to come. Through restoration, your piece will be kept alive and cared for. It takes time, artistry, and skill to craft and restore furniture, and the results are worth it.

35. Genealogy

Ancestry.com has become something much greater than it was before and people are quickly starting to enjoy charting the history of their family. Many do a quick family tree, but others will spend hours each day delving into the history of their ancestors.


All of these hobbies exist for you to give them a try. None of them are exactly the same and any of them could become what you’re passionate about and how you spend your free time.

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