31 Perfect Pizza Recipes: Dessert & Dinner

Pizza is good any time of the year, and it’s especially delicious when the weather outside is cool and wonderful. Enjoy these 31 perfect pizza recipes…

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1. Apple Dessert Pizza

I think my most favorite recipes to share here on the Country Cook are dessert recipes. And if you’ve followed this website for a while, you’ve probably noticed. And I especially love when I can share an easy dessert. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but it’s worth repeating again.  I’m not the most patient cook/baker. And I’m definitely not the neatest. Everyone in my house knows when Momma has been in the kitchen.

From: TheCountryCook

2. Easy Zucchini Summer Pizza

Today’s actually the first Friday of summer, so I’m celebrating with this Zucchini Pizza which is pretty much summer in pizza-form.  Half moons of salted zucchini are cooked atop a white pizza along with raw garlic, goat cheese and thin slices of fresh lemon.

From: KitchenKonfidence

3. Cilantro-Lime Chicken Pizza

Cilantro Lime Chicken Pizza will have all cilantro lime lovers falling in love with this simple, but tasty pizza combination.

From: TheStayAtHomeChef

4. The Best Pizza Bianca

The Best Pizza Bianca (White Pizza) – The BEST white pizza you will ever make! Made with store-bought dough, shredded mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, and Pecorino Romano cheese, this pizza is super simple to make and will be best addition to your weeknight dinners.

From: CertifiedPastryAficionado

5. Balsamic Mushroom & Goat Cheese Pizza

Cheesy, mushroom heavy, fall-inspired pizza! YES. And it’s kind of perfect because I am celebrating another milestone in my cookbook journey with a now complete manuscript, and recipes that I’m literally jumping out of my skin to share with you guys!?

From: HalfBakedHarvest

6. White Mushroom Pizza

The BEST pizza for all cheese and mushroom lovers! Loaded with 2 types of cheese and garlic herb sautéed mushrooms!! AMAZING.

From: DamnDelicious

7. Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza

Crumbs were happily licked from fingers, and plates were left spotless. In other words,  this cinnamon pizza was a huge hit. If you don’t have teenage boys, stick with one batch. Unless you have a really stretchy pair of yoga pants. 🙂

From: CreationsByKara

8. Thin Crust Jalapeno Popper Pizza

Extra cheesy thin crust jalapeno popper pizza with salty bacon crumbles! Your favorite appetizer in pizza form!

From: BakedByRachel

9. Ricotta Spinach Pizza

Italian crispy thin crust ricotta spinach pizza with fontina and roasted garlic. The best homemade white spinach pizza Bianca! 

From: CiaoFlorentina

10. Grilled Pizza

This Grilled Pizzas recipe and tutorial is for homemade pizzas (including homemade pizza crust) that are cooked on the grill!  They take traditional pizza to a whole new level!

From: TastesBetterFromScratch

11. Easy Pizza Rolls

These homemade pizza rolls are delicious and simple to make. Cheesy, with pepperoni in a crispy egg roll wrapper — you can’t go wrong. Perfect for game day, parties, and potlucks, they are sure to be hit among both kids and adults.

From: ThePennyWiseMama

12. Bubble Pizza

Bubble Pizza is a quick and easy pan pizza made with only 4 ingredients and in less than 30 minutes! It’s fun party or snack option everyone will devour!

From: OnionRingsAndThings

13. Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

I really like Mexican Pizzas from Taco Bell…and I know, they aren’t that good for me. Feel free to skip the lecture on how terrible fast food is, and how their meat isn’t even probably meat. I’ve heard it all! I still like them.

From: ClarksCondensed

14. Pesto, Feta, & Veggie Pizza

Treat yourself to this Pesto, Feta, and Veggie Pizza … it’s loaded with amazing flavors that are impossible to resist!

From: HelloLittleHome

15. Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Here’s how to make authentic-tasting Chicago deep dish pizza. Complete with the buttery crust, slightly sweet tomato sauce, and a thick layer of cheese.

From: SallysBakingAddiction

16. Easy Pizza Sliders

My family and I usually have a designated pizza night a couple of times a month. My son loves to help make pizza so I’ll pick up some store-bought pizza dough and toppings and we can make it together pretty fast. It may not take us long to make but it’s our special time together and a good time to get him to open up and chat about school or whatever is on his mind. I find he opens up a bit more when he’s focused on something else but he’s still hanging out with me.

From: TheCountryCook

17. Prosciutto, Fig, & Arugula Pizza

Savory prosciutto, fig, and arugula pizza topped with fresh sliced mozzarella cheese, fig jam, and fresh arugula.

From: KitchenSwagger

18. Chicken Pesto Pizza

Homemade chicken pesto pizza with the crispiest crust, loads of walnut pesto and a kick from pepper jack cheese.

From: CiaoFlorentina

19. Supreme Breakfast Pizza

Pizza for breakfast doesn’t have to mean cold leftovers – this easy 30-minute Supreme Breakfast Pizza recipe is built on a buttery crescent crust and is loaded with anything and everything your hungry morning belly can imagine!

From: TheCrumbyKitchen

20. Pizza Rolls

Pizza Rolls are soft and buttery crescent rolls filled with gooey melted cheese and pepperoni slices. Add some pizza dipping sauce on the side and you have a tasty appetizer kids (and adults) love!

From: SimplyStacie

21. BBQ Chicken Pizza

first enjoyed this pizza many moons ago when my husband and I went to California Pizza Kitchen for the first time. We were told it was the signature dish at CPK and we had to try it. Before then, pizzas only had so many options. You could get your pepperoni or sausage and optional veggies but there wasn’t a whole lot of new and different choices (not near us anyway). And we were fine with that. In fact, nothing makes me happier than a good ole pepperoni pizza with an ice cold glass of Coca Cola.

From: TheCountryCook

22. Homemade Pizza Sauce

8 ingredients, 5 minutes and a blender is all you need to make this easy and amazing homemade pizza sauce!  You’ll never have to buy it again!

From: BakeEatRepeat

23. Caramelized Onion, Bacon, & Spinach Pizza

Are you ready to try a new exciting spin on pizza? I know that I always game seeing as pizza is one of my favorite foods. I will never get tired of it and since the topping options are endless I never have to get bored of it.

From: CookingClassy

24. Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizza

This is the easiest pizza I’ve ever made and it comes together in 5 minutes. It takes just as long as the Texas Toast takes to cook in the oven. Top with your favorite pre-cooked pizza ingredients and you’ve got an easy dinner in no time.

From: RecipeDiaries

25. Homemade Thin Crust Meat Lover’s Pizza Recipe

Homemade thin crust pizza, topped off with two types of cheese, bacon, ham, pepperoni, and hot sausage! A must make for meat lover’s.

From: BakedByRachel

26. Spicy Sausage Pizza

Skip take-out pizza and make it at home instead! Spicy Sausage Pizza is loaded with so much flavor that will be a hit with everyone in your family. The crust is made using my tried and true homemade crust recipe. It gets topped with loads of spicy sausage, sweet peppers, onions, chili oil, crushed red pepper, and mozzarella cheese. It just may be the best spicy pizza out there. If you are looking for something different, give this pizza a try!

From: BakedByAnIntrovert

27. Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is the perfect comfort meal for the end of a long week. With its flaky, buttery crust, oozing creamy mozzarella, zesty Italian pepperoni and seasoned sauce…it puts all other pizzas to shame!

From: CulinaryEnvy

28. New York Style Pizza Dough

New York Style Pizza Dough Recipe – only 4 ingredients to make the best pizza dough – this dough is so easy to work with! Make the dough and refrigerate until ready to use. Can make up to 3 or 4 days in advance.

From: PlainChicken

29. Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

This Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza is a quick and easy meal. Great for tailgating, parties, or just a quick dinner.

From: CountrysideCravings

30. Homemade New York Style Pizza

Light and airy pizza crust is topped with perfect marinara and a heavy sheet of mozzarella! This pizza is almost identical to the famous slices sold on the streets of New York, and better than any delivery! So without further ado, meet your new favorite pie 🙂

From: BakerByNature

31. Pepperoni Pizza Cupcakes

These Pepperoni Pizza Cupcakes are made up of pepperoni, cheese, and pizza sauce baked inside of crisp wonton wrappers — Only 4 main ingredients and 20 minutes! Perfect as an appetizer or a quick lunch.

From: TheRecipeRebel

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