31 Fruit Leather Recipes That Use Real Fruits

Store-bought fruit roll-ups are old information. If you haven’t attempted a homemade fruit natural leather in the past, it’s time for a modification. Each roll is packed with nutrients as well as tang, making it an excellent snack for youngsters. Appreciate these 31 fruit natural leather recipes …

1. Mango Fruit Leather Dish

It’s been a while since I uploaded a fruit leather dish below and since I get requests for them every so often, I believed I would certainly publish a new one today— mango! While I’m not one to discriminate when it pertains to fruit leather, I think mango and also banana are my 2 faves since both can be made without any included sweetener. No sugarcoated, no honey, no agave— simply fruit.

From: OhMyVeggies

2. Applesauce Fruit Leathers

Hey, people! I am very excited to share a new dishand website with you today! Over the summer season, I had actually chosen to proceed and also start a «healthier» dish blog as well as we came up with Simply Healthy Made. It’s been a long time yet I lastly have the initial blog post up to share with you!

From: TheTaylorHouse

3. Wonderful Potato & & Apple Fruit Leathers

Desire your youngsters to consume even more veggies? Make fruit leather. You can include almost anything to some pureed fruit, and you have a very easy, bring treat to maintain your youngsters pleased while on the go. Today’s dish was my little 2-year old’s concept. We got several sweet potatoes in our weekly CSA box, and also she suggested we use them when I was attempting to identify what sort of fruit leathers to make., below it is: Spiced Sugary Food Potato Apple Fruit Leather.

From: SavoryLotus

4. Pumpkin Seasoning Fruit Leathers

Pumpkin Seasoning Fruit Leathers are an autumn treat that will certainly bring you back to your childhood eating fruit roll ups yet in the most festively seasonal way!

From: DomesticallyBlissful

5. Grape Juice Fruit Natural Leather Recipe

Making homemade treats has become a fantastic method to reduce our grocery store expense and also eat much healthier. This grape juice fruit leather recipe utilizes minimal active ingredients as well as calls for no special tools (not also a dehydrator!). Provide it a try as well as quit the corn syrup-filled gummies!

From: MustHaveMom

6. Spicy Strawberry- Fruit Natural Leather

Make your own chili-fruit natural leathers at house with a dehydrator and a few straightforward ingredients. Like fruit roll-ups, they make for a wonderful sweet, zesty snack.

From: ChiliPepperMadness

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7. Strawberry Fruit Leather

For every one of the Gen X peeps like me— do you bear in mind the original Fruit Roll-ups? If so, you understand that they were when far more fruit-like and natural. I miss out on those traditional snacks!

From: MomSpark

8. Plum Fruit Leather Dish

Today I am mosting likely to show you how to make Fruit Leather using plums. Over the weekend break the centers did a Costco run & & got a whole bunch of produce. After simply a few brief days I was amazed to see that the entire box of plums he purchased were already quite soft.

From: The36thAvenue

9. Lavashak Fruit Natural Leather Dish

Addicted is the only way to describe the means I feel about this Persian variation of fruit natural leather. It’s the fundamental tart and sour qualities that I love a lot— not as well pleasant, extremely great smelling as well as delightfully crunchy. I was initially introduced to lavashak by my friend’s mother, that makes sheets of it with fruit from her orchard, summer season after summer season. The typical approach is to choose lots of fresh stone fruit, like plums, pluots, sour cherries, apricots or peaches, cook them down into a thick sauce, spread them over ceramic plates as well as permit them to dry normally in the sun over a duration of days. It’s a fantastic method to protect summertime’s finest fruit. And kids like it too!

From: HonestlyYum

10. Sneaky Apple Fruit Leather

… as well as it was great! Like truly, fairly great. Bad for fruit leather with spinach in it, but good good. You do not taste the spinach in all. make sure it had not been a fluke, I made it once more and it was still yummy. I wanted to be definitely certain it worked out, so I attempted it a 3rd time. By the time I got to the 4th trial, I understood the recipe functioned, I simply desired even more fruit leather.

From: OhMyVeggies

11. Red Raspberry Fruit Leather

I enjoy this raspberry fruit leather dish since it is such a year-round, healthy snacking pleasure. It’s made with just three easy ingredients, making it normally vegan or paleo (depending upon the sugar you choose) as well as free from top irritants. It can be packed into lunch boxes, zipped into baggies for hitting the trails, and the wonderful red shade even makes it a gift-able healthy reward for sharing on most major holidays.

From: GoDairyFree

12. Apricot Fruit Natural Leather Recipe

Considering that it’s not sticky, this is a delicious, nutritious treat that’s perfect to bring on whatever trail you take a trip. pioneer days, fruit natural leather was made by thinly rolling fruit and also drying it in the sunlight.

From: TasteOfHome

13. Cuties Clementines Fruit Leather

I would certainly assumed I ‘d assist parents out by making a scrumptious sugar free orange fruit natural leather made with clementines. There’s absolutely nothing better than making self-made fruit natural leather dish yourself. By doing this you know exactly what remains in it!

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From: ThisMamaCooks

14. Peach-Strawberry Fruit Natural Leather

This kid-friendly fruit treat dish requires simply 4 components. Cling wrap can just be made use of in the oven if it gets on reduced warmth, and you should not try this dish if you’re not comfy with cooking with cling wrap.

From: MyRecipes

15. Persimmon Fruit Leather Dish

Get hold of as numerous persimmons as you can obtain your hands on and make this pleasant and also healthy and balanced Persimmon Fruit Leather treat that will have your youngsters duping lengthy strips before you even have time to roll it up for them!

From: Weelicious

16. Strawberry Mango Fruit Leather

There’s no requirement to get store-bought fruit leather with this easy homemade variation. Rupturing with strawberry and mango tastes, it’s excellent for lunch boxes and after-school snacks.

From: ImperialSugar

17. Pumpkin Leather Dish

‘T is the period for all points pumpkin— however in some cases our pumpkin treats are greater than a little messy. Get in portable pumpkin pie! It has all the flavor of normal pumpkin pie in a grab and go snack. It’s gluten-free and also devoid of refined sugars, too. (Confession— while I was writing this I went as well as ordered some to munch on— it’s habit forming.)

From: CommonSenseHome

18. Apple-Cranberry Fruit Natural Leather

This is a fantastic means to make use of autumn’s wealth of apples. Also fruit that is a little bruised works well; merely cut the brownish part. Or try ripe pears in place of the apples.

From: MarthaStewart

19. Rhubarb Leather Dish

Home made fruit leather is surprisingly straightforward to make, and it’s so much healthier as well as less expensive than store got! This recipe is extra-special due to the fact that it makes use of rhubarb, which is actually a veggie. Exactly how typically do you reach count your reward toward your veggies for the day?

From: HealthyGreenSavvy

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20. Blackberry, Mint, & & Lime Fruit Natural Leather

Our favorite on the list!

From: Relish

21. & & Beetroot Fruit Leather

I finally obtained very endure (!) & & decided to break out my dehydrator & & truthfully, I don’t assume I’ve ever before done anything easier. For the most part, I chose to just dehydrate fruit— bananas & & strawberries— however I couldn’t assist but obtain delighted concerning making some fruit natural leather too. I made numerous combos— carrot & & apple, sweet & potato & cranberry … but the clear winner with the kids was my & & Beet Fruit Leather

. From: EatYourBeets 22. Strawberry Fruit Natural Leather We’re heading out on a road

journey quickly so I have actually been stockpiling on snacks. As well as one thing that we always take on long field trip and also trip is fruit leather. This strawberry chia fruit leather is a new fave. From: SuperHealthyKids 23.

Homemade Grape Fruit Natural Leather Making homemade snacks has come to be a terrific method to

save on our grocery store costs as well as consume much healthier. This grape juice fruit leather dish utilizes minimal components and also needs no unique tools(not also a dehydrator!). Provide it a try and give up the corn syrup-filled gummies! From: MustHaveMom 24. Watermelon Fruit Leather Recipe Watermelon Fruit Leathers are the excellent

healthy and balanced treat this summer & you just need

2 components! From: DomesticallyBlissful 25. Orange Creamsicle Fruit Leather This fruit leather makes use of orange juice concentrate and afterwards is sweetened

up with your favorite vanilla yogurt. I utilize normal yogurt and also not Greek yogurt. If you like Greek yogurt, after that I recommend trying out some. Possibly utilize half the quantity given that Greek yogurt is much thicker. This is a tangy and also pleasant orange creamsicle flavor fruit natural leather that you might never ever buy in your neighborhood grocery store. From: OneAcreVintageHome 26. Blueberry Banana Fruit Leather Fruit natural leather is one of the easiest methods you can utilize remaining fruits, or capitalize on plentiful fruit crops

to create delicious and healthy treats for your family without the sugarcoated and chemicals from the majority of store-bought varieties. From: MomWithAPrep 27. Homemade Strawberry Fruit Leather Easy homemade strawberry fruit leather, needing just a couple of simple active ingredients and also an oven! Tastes similar to your favored fruit

roll-up, just better

. From: BakedByRachel 28. Homemade Fruit Natural Leather(with Hidden Veggies! )Last week, a quart of tasty strawberries was hidden in the back of the refrigerator as well as by the time I discovered them, they had frozen somewhat as well as were really ripe. They weren’t wonderful for eating simple any longer yet were

still flawlessly good, so they ended up being strawberry fruit natural leather with (optional )surprise beets. From: WellnessMama 29. Strawberry Apple Fruit Natural Leather We’re taking you back to childhood years with our Homemade Fruit Leather Dish! Organic applesauce and also natural strawberries are all you require for this Strawberry Apple Fruit Natural Leather Dish! Thanks to for sponsoring this recipe. From:

CourtneysSweets 30. Blueberry & Raspberry Fruit Leather Fruit leather is so simple to make. Using applesauce as the base, I typically add some berries to give it shade, structure, and also some complexity. This polka dot fruit natural leather not just looks amazing, yet Lainey thinks it tastes fantastic.

That’s a massive praise

originating from her &! And it’s a simple means for me to

slip some even more nourishment right into her diet. From: CatchMyParty 31. Apple Cinnamon Fruit Leather I have actually gotten on a little a tear making fruit natural leathers.

First, it was strawberry, after that I tried peach and blackberry. They have actually all been big hits with my kids. I like that I can make these in the stove, no dehydrator necessary. And also I love that I can control what enters them. From: RealMomNutrition Tags: fruit healthy kids natural leather nutritious roll

ups treat