30 Perfect Pecan Recipes For Protein, Fiber, & Flavor

Pecans are entitled to a spotlight for being yummy as well as nutritious. Plus, they can be used for desserts or dinner! Go grab a handful of nuts and begin baking. Delight in these 30 pecan recipes …

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1. Apple Pecan

Apple Pecan is so easy to make and the perfect fall dessert! and tender apples with crispy pecans concealed throughout as well as a buttery cinnamon sugar crumb covering!

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2. Toasted Pecan Bundt Cake

Several of my favorite methods to make baked items also much better are extremely simple things. Perhaps my favorite something additional is toasting nuts. It’s outstanding what a little oven time can do to improve the flavor of nuts. As well as it’s such a fast as well as very easy action!

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3. Pecan Pie Brownies

These pecan pie brownies are a chocolaty twist on the conventional pecan pie! They make a great thanksgiving dessert but I such as making them all year long!

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4. Sweet Potato & & Pecan Casserole

Sweet Potato Covered Dish with Pecan is among my favorite desserts that can be offered on any kind of celebration. It’s such a simple recipe to make as well as it tastes outstanding.

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5. Sea Salt Pecan Toffee

Sea Salt Pecan Toffee is the response to your snacking and also sweet tooth desires. I exaggerate? Occasionally, yes. Yet today? Not actually. There aren’t a great deal of foods that I label as «The Ever,» or «Split,» or «crazy ridiculous amazingly tasty» however this Sea Salt Pecan Toffee is specifically that. Every one of those things. It is EVERYTHING.

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6. Pecan Chewies

Y’ all, these are seriously one of my most favored treats. Now, I know I say that a whole lot, yet I’m significant with this set. This is just one of the very first points ever before produced me when we were dating and they have actually had an unique place in my heart ever since then— not even if of the sentimental link, however also because they’re absolutely remarkable!

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7. Pecan Pie Cookies

Pecan Pie Cookies have a slim half-cracked crust with a layer of the incredible nutty caramel-y pecan pie filling we like a lot! These are the ideal cookies for any type of occasion!

From: SpendWithPennies

8. Classic Pecan Snowball Cookies

Timeless Pecan Snowball Cookies are the perfect reward for your vacation cookie plate. of all, these preferred favorites come together so simple. Made with a buttery, melt in your mouth shortbread base with chopped pecans and covered with powdered sugar.

From: LifeMadeSweeter

9. Apple Pecan Cake with Caramel Luster

This apple pecan cake with caramel polish will obtain you in the state of mind for autumn. The glaze on this cake exudes with caramel goodness. The tasty apple flavor, with scrumptious pecans blended throughout, will certainly please your taste!

From: GreatGrubDeliciousTreats

10. Timeless Caramel Pecan Rolls

Soft cinnamon rolls covered in a pleasant brownish sugar, pecan topping.

From: ChocolateWithGrace

11. Muddy Pecans

Muddy Pecans make an excellent gift or treat! They’re ideal for parties as well as the holidays and integrated in mins with simply a couple of ingredients.

From: CrazyForCrust

12. Homemade Buttered Pecan Gelato

I’m delighted to share this extremely tasty Homemade Buttered Pecan Gelato Recipe with you today!

From: ScatteredThoughtsOfACrafyMom

13. Butter Pecan Cheesecake

The no-bake dental filling is a simple combination of lotion cheese, sugar, vanilla, and also whipped cream. Completely scrumptious all on its own. But! Then, an entire bunch of those buttery, toasty pecans are stirred into the filling up to give it a great nutty spin.

From: BakeOrBreak

14. Pecan Christmas Break

Christmas Fracture. Envision all of the deliciousness of toffee, topped with delicious chocolate as well as pecans; once you make this toffee bark and split it into items, you simply can’t stop chewing!

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From: SpendWithPennies

15. Wonderful Alabama Pecan Bread

quickly to be sister in legislation gave me the base of this dish and also I transformed some things with it and we like it more after the changes.

From: JustAPinch

16. Chocolate Pecan Pie Pubs

delicious chocolate cake is one of my youth enjoys. mom used to make it from a cake blend with store-bought frosting. And that was just fine with me.

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17. The Pecan Pie Bars

The Pecan Pie Night Clubs. This very easy dish includes a basic shortbread bottom as well as a one bowl mix & & put covering. Tips for cooking as well as cutting them are consisted of.

From: RockRecipes

18. Butter Pecan Fudge

Butter Pecan Fudge is splendidly buttery and velvety with little bits of crunchy toasted pecans. It’s perfect for when you’re food craving fudge, yet not something delicious chocolate as well as it makes a remarkable holiday treat for present offering.

From: SpicySouthernKitchen

19. 15-Minute Microwave Pecan Brittle

«I’m not going to do it». That’s what I told myself with each of the 5 test batches I made from this Microwave Pecan Brittle. «I’m not mosting likely to * nibble, nibble, nibble * …»

From: TheCafeSucreFarine

20. Butter Pecan Pound Cake

This recipe assisted me bring the very best of 2 globes together, fresh pecans and also my love for extra pound cake. Every loss we have heaps of pecans drop from our large, older pecan trees. I am not grumbling, mind you, yet I do have to come up with excellent dishes to use these pecans in. Making an extra pound cake always appears to be the best dessert. It is a bigger cake that feeds a lot of people. Additionally, makes a terrific dessert or a sweet reward with your coffee at morning meal time.

From: OneAcreVintageHome

21. Pecan Poultry

Crushed pecans audio FANTASTIC!!! I wager this would be fantastic on salmon too. what a delicious suggestion!!!

From: ChefInTheBurbs

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22. Delicious Chocolate Sugar Pecan Turtles

I absolutely adore the mix of chocolate, caramel, and also nuts. Men, this Turtles is simply outstanding! Much better than any kind of turtle sweets I have ever before acquired. The crunchy pecans, the crunchy caramel, the delicious chocolate that melts in your mouth. Simply extraordinary.

From: LilLuna

23. Pecan Cobbler Dump Cake

It only takes five active ingredients to make this dish for Pecan Cobbler Dump Cake. If you like pecan pie, after that you make certain to enjoy this straightforward twist on the treat classic.

From: FaveSouthernRecipes

24. Pecan Praline Cake Dish

Pecan Praline Cake is one remarkable cake. A Butter Pecan Cake Mix is blended with a tub of Coconut Pecan Icing as well as even more pecans. Then a spectacular Butter Pecan Luster is sprinkled over the top. This cake can absolutely be served for treat however it has the uniformity of a coffee cake that makes it one awesome morning meal suggestion— specifically for vacation morning meals.

From: CantStayOutOfTheKitchen

25. Homemade Pecan Sandies

This recipe makes the Homemade Pecan Sandies! They are light, buttery, as well as crisp with that said unique «sandy» texture, and loaded with pecans. excellent!!

From: BackForSeconds

26. Amazing Pecans

Sticky roasted pecans with a thick sweet layer of honey— it doesn’t obtain any kind of much better than that! of all, these candied honey pecans are really GOOD FOR YOU! Natural, no sugarcoated, tidy eating at its ideal!

From: MelanieCooks

27. Pecan Pie Bar Cookies

The Pecan Pie Night Clubs! easy dish with a shortbread crust and ooey gooey Pecan Pie goodness in every bite! After simply one bite, these bar cookies will be your best Thanksgiving reward for sure!

From: OurLifeTastesGood

28. Butter Pecan Cookies

Buttery, soft ‘n crunchy cookies taking off with toasted pecans as well as brownish sugar flavor.

From: SallysBakingAddiction

29. Pecan Pie Muffins

These Pecan Pie Muffins are a mix in between a pie and a muffin. They have a muffin texture with a soft gooey inside like a mini pecan pie. This dish is among the greatest utilized dishes during the loss!

From: TheGirlWhoAteEverything

30. Candied Pecans

I have actually heard it stated that a lot of the pleasure of a glass of red wine originates from the scent. However I’m rather sure the same opts for sweet nuts. These. Pecans. Odor. AMAZING!!!

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