27 Superb Sorbet Recipes: Frozen Desserts

Most sorbets are naturally fat-free and usually have fewer calories than ice cream of gelato. Plus, they are simply stunning on the taste buds. You won’t regret taking the time to make one of these. Enjoy these 27 superb sorbet recipes…

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1. Avocado Chocolate Sorbet

It’s a rich and velvety, almost custard-like dessert to enjoy on the coldest of days, yet its refreshing, frosty texture makes it the ultimate dessert to enjoy in the heat of the summer. In fact, this sorbet is served year around at one of my favorite restaurants,

From: DestinationDelish

2. Mango Passion Fruit Sorbet

This Mango Passion Fruit Sorbet is tropical, tangy and light- the most refreshing summer treat that couldn’t be easier to prepare!

From: LePetitEats

3. Pina Colada Sorbet

Creamy pineapple and coconut sorbet with a hint of rum is the perfect end of summer treat!

From: SpoonfulOfFlavor

4. Coca-Cola Cherry Sorbet

Can I just tell you how much I love a good, homemade sorbet? They’re easy, delicious and the perfect way to end a meal on a lighter note. Not to mention you can make homemade sorbet with just about any kind of fruit under the sun.

From: DivasCanCook

5. Raspberry Coconut Mango Sorbet

This recipe is a sorbet-sherbet hybrid, with the addition of coconut milk for an extra-creamy touch.

And the flavor? So tropical and perfect I could hardly stand it. I found that the combination of mango + raspberry + coconut somehow = GUAVA, so much so that I almost called it guava sorbet! But, that would be misleading, I suppose, since there’s no actual guava in the mix. So, Raspberry Coconut Mango Sorbet it is.

From: MinimalistBaker

6. Berry Sorbet

Summer is a great time for sorbet and sangria. I made it easy for you so you don’t have to choose between them because now you can have sangria sorbet!

From: TheFirstYearBlog

7. Coconut Water Sorbet Floats

A coconut water sorbet gets festive in a sparkling cocktail! This post is brought to you in partnership with ZICO Coconut Water. I’m what you might call a coconut water connoisseur. Ever since my first sip while on vacation as a little girl in the…

From: KitchenConfidante

8. Rosemary Infused Pear Sorbet

Don’t skip the fresh rosemary or you will miss out on a delightful culinary experience! The delicate flavor of the pears is enhanced by a subtle hint of rosemary, making this sorbet the perfect dessert for your festive meals. This refreshing dessert is suitable for the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol.

From: EmpoweredSustenance

9. Cantaloupe Sorbet

I love it when you hit that point in the summer where all the melons start to get super sweet and you don’t even have to try to pick out the perfect one. They’re all great!

From: TheKitchenMcCabe

10. Hibiscus & Cranberry Sorbet

A jeweled desert, worthy of any occasion. Hibiscus flowers and tart cranberries come together in a frosty concoction. Serve with a drizzle of hibiscus syrup and decorate with syrupy flowers.

From: SweetPaulMag

11. Hibiscus Margarita Sorbet

You’ll go loco for this Hibiscus Margarita Sorbet, made with dried hibiscus flowers, fresh lime and a splash of tequila.

From: LePetitEats

12. Peach Sorbet

Peach Sorbet – a three-ingredient frozen treat that’s perfect for summer!

From: CrunchyCreamySweet

13. Refreshing Kiwi Sorbet

Refreshing Kiwi Lime Sorbet using just 3 ingredients! A mouthwatering treat perfect for summer and that bikini bod.

From: BromaBakery

14. Blood Orange Mimosa Sorbet

Blood oranges add beautiful color to any dish and the oranges I had were especially vibrant and deep red. It took some scrubbing to get all the blood orange juice stains out of my countertops but it was totally worth it for that kind of color. Make sure you like the taste of the sparkling wine you use in this sorbet because its flavor will come through.

From: TamingOfTheSpoon

15. Cucumber, Lime, & Basil Sorbet

Hello Friends! I hope you all enjoying the weekend! Today, I’m sharing with you a fun, refreshing, vegan sorbet that just demands only 15 minutes of your time! Yes! Trust me! Only grab the ingredients, blend, mix, and freeze!! It is that simple! And good news!! it even doesn’t need an ice cream machine….. continue reading to unfold the mystery 🙂

From: ChefDeHome

16. Strawberry Mojito Sorbet

All the flavors of a mojito are packed into this Strawberry Mojito Sorbet! It’s the perfect sweet, refreshing treat to cool off with this summer!

From: RecipeRunner

17. Strawberry Banana Sorbet

This Strawberry Banana Sorbet is the creamiest, most lucious, sorbet I have ever had in my entire life. Best of all, it tastes like real fruit because it IS! Perfectly sweet bananas are whirled with plump and juicy strawberries to create the Strawberry Banana Sorbet of a lifetime. And it couldn’t be more simple.

From: Fooduzzi

18. Orange Sorbet

Orange Sorbet: this super easy three ingredient sorbet only requires fruit juice, water, and sugar.

From: TheLittleEpicurean

19. Beetroot Sorbet

This glorious sorbet recipe by Heinrich Schneider combines the earthy flavor of beetroot with zingy raspberry, heady lavender, and fragrant verbena. Textures, too, are equally well balanced, with smooth sorbet, delicate, creamy mousse and crisp shards of meringue stacked in a colorful mound.

From: GreatItalianChefs

20. Purple Grape Sorbet

I know I should say this about all my recipes but… YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!! This sorbet has the most addictive, wonderful and extraordinary flavor.

From: WallflowerKitchen

21. Pina Colada Sorbet

Creamy pineapple and coconut sorbet with a hint of rum is the perfect end of summer treat!

From: SpoonfulOfFlavor

22. Raspberry Sorbet

The best of the best right here!

From: Yummly

23. Watermelon Sorbet

Sweet? Check. Creamy?  Check. Easy? Check? Low in calories and fat, and full of nutrients? Check! With its sweet, delicious ingredients, ease of preparation, and clean eating goodness, this Watermelon Sorbet recipe meets all of our requirements, and then some.

From: SkinnyMs

24. Strawberry Sorbet

This easy Strawberry Sorbet is a healthy, naturally sweetened frozen treat perfect for a hot day!

From: TheLiveInKitchen

25. Raspberry & Peach Sorbet

There is nothing like summer laziness. I’m not a fan of having the temperature beat me into submission. By submission, I mean short-cutting my usual routine with things like running and baking.

From: BakersRoyal

26. Lemon Sorbet

Delicious lemon sorbet.

From: ItAllStartedWithPaint

27. Mango Sorbet

Mango Sorbet is a luscious seasonal Frozen Dessert that can satisfy your craving in a Grueling Hot Weather. They make a great alternative to Ice creams and perfect for anyone with lactose intolerance. Good news is Its V-E-G-A-N !!

From: SandhyasKitchen

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