24 Perfect Pesto Recipes: Secret Sauce

Pesto brings all the flavors of summer right to the table. A well-cooked pesto meal can impress friends and family alike. Enjoy these 24 perfect pesto recipes…

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1. Cheesy Pull Apart Pesto Bread

Cheesy pull apart pesto bread made with just 4 ingredients will make your life easier and all your holiday parties more delicious.

From: CarlsBadCravings

2. Jalapeno Pesto

All the greatness of pesto with a whole new kick!

From: CreatedByDiane

3. Three Cheese Pesto Spinach Pizza

Aiming to eat more veggies? This Three Cheese Pesto Spinach Flatbread Pizza packs an entire box of spinach into one glorious single-serving pizza.

This veg-tastic recipe can easily be doubled [or tripled!] to feed a crowd and makes an awesome meal paired with your favorite salad.

From: FoodAndCake789

4. Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

This Roasted Red Pepper Pesto is a great alternative for classic green pesto! It’s perfect for quick weeknight dinners as it only takes 5 minutes to make. Mix with pasta or use instead of pizza sauce!

From: HappyFoodsTube

5. Creamy Avocado Basil Pesto Spaghetti

It’s a weeknight, you just got home and you are tired. Treat yourself to the easiest vegan and super creamy avocado basil pesto spaghetti tonight. Ready in 10 minutes, you won’t know what to do with your free time!

From: AheadOfThyme

6. Creamy Pesto Parmesan Chicken

In 30 minutes you can whip up this easy one-pan and flavor-packed creamy pesto parmesan chicken with a sauce that will have you wanting seconds.

From: LeCremeDeLaCrumb

7. Pesto Spaghetti with Roasted Tomatoes and Grilled Chicken

Isn’t pesto one of the best foods ever created? The flavor is so bold and vibrant, and when it’s homemade it’s just bursting with fresh flavor. It makes for one of the easiest and best pasta sauces, plus its healthy! Add it to spaghetti with some sweet roasted cherry tomatoes and some perfectly grilled chicken strips and you’ve got a meal worth remembering!

From: CookingClassy

8. Basil Pesto Hummus

Hummus is one of my favorite snacks. I pack it with my lunch along with some carrots and celery sticks for a healthy afternoon snack. Sometimes when my husband is out of town, I will just eat carrots and hummus for dinner. Don’t judge, guys. Sometimes even I don’t feel like cooking dinner! And carrots and hummus is a lot healthier than eating a carton of ice cream.

From: FollowTheRuels

9. Parmesan Pesto Risotto with Cherry Tomatoes

Extra-creamy and extra-flavorful classic risotto packed with lots of pesto and juicy cherry tomatoes!

From: WholeAndHeavenlyOven

10. Pesto Chicken Lasagna Rollups

I have a love for pesto sauce and thankfully I’ve passed that love onto my chicken.  Friends these Creamy Pesto Sauce Chicken Lasagna Rollups are SO good and topped with the Garlic Basil Sauce they are downright amazing.  I love that you can make it easier for a weeknight dinner and it’s great with leftover chicken.

From: DomesticallySpeaking

11. Chicken Pesto Kabobs

Chicken Pesto Kabobs.jpg

No-fuss 4-ingredient kabobs! Can be made ahead of time, baked or grilled so you can make this anytime, anywhere. Easy peasy.

From: DamnDelicious

12. 3-Ingredient Roasted Pesto Parmesan Potatoes

Roasted Parmesan Pesto Potatoes-you only need three ingredients to make these crispy and cheesy potatoes. They are a great side dish to any meal.

From: TwoPeasAndTheirPod

13. Pesto Parmesan Baked Tomatoes

Juicy, delicious roasted tomatoes topped with pesto and shredded Parmesan cheese. So easy to make, only 3 ingredients!

There are so many things I love about summer, and summer tomatoes are high on that list. For this recipe, the sweeter the tomatoes the better. I usually make my own pesto, but I had a jar of Delallo pesto I didn’t want to waste, and it was perfect.

From: SkinnyTaste

14. 15-Minute Spinach Pesto Quinoa Bowl

I’m sure we all know by now my affinity for all things pesto. And just when you thought I had enough pesto recipes, I throw just another one at you. This time, it only takes 15 minutes to make! Yes, super easy and so filling!

From: TableForTwoBlog

15. Caprese Pesto Pasta Salad

This Caprese Pesto Pasta Salad is the traditional Caprese salad in pasta form! Pasta, tomatoes, basil, and tomatoes!

From: TheGirlWhoAteEverything

16. Pesto Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice is flavored with homemade pesto sauce for an easy, delicious, low-carb and gluten-free dish. It’s great to eat on its own or as a rice substitute for any meal.

From: KirbieCravings

17. Pesto Chicken Sandwiches

You’re going to love this pesto chicken sandwich. Sourdough, toasted in olive oil and topped with grilled chicken, pesto, Swiss cheese, and fresh tomatoes. A perfectly easy and attractive dinner for guests or a cozy night in.

From: BakingMischief

18. French Bread Pesto Chicken Pizza

When I was a kid, I spent long days at our community pool, swimming, hanging with friends, and, of course, eating. I still crave some of the foods I ate from the concession stand, particularly whole dill pickles and French bread pizza (but not at the same time!).

From: TheKitchn

19. Chicken Pesto Pizza

Homemade chicken pesto pizza with the crispiest crust, loads of walnut pesto and a kick from pepper jack cheese.

From: CiaoFlorentina

20. Pesto Mozzarella Grilled Cheese Recipe

Only 11 ingredients and 30 minutes of your time and this can be yours!

From: Yummly

21. Baked Pesto & Parmesan Chicken

Chicken is a popular family favorite ingredient. It’s probably one of the most used proteins around the world. Kids also tend to like chicken because of its quite mild flavor compared to red meat. There are so many options to cook with chicken. I want to share one of my family’s favorite chicken recipes. It’s moist and tender baked pesto and parmesan chicken.

From: KiddieliciousKitchen

22. One-Pan Garlic Chicken Pesto Pasta

Tasty delivers the best with a quick instructional video.

From: Tasty

23. Homemade Basil Pesto

My homemade recipe for traditional basil pesto. Pesto Genovese or classic basil pesto is delicious on EVERYTHING!

From: LittleSpaceJar

24. 5-Minute Pea Pesto

This traditional pesto recipe gets a springtime twist with fresh peas and pea shoots! An easy, creamy pesto sauce perfect for topping pasta, chicken, fish, and more. Ready in just five minutes with your food processor!

From: LifeAsAStrawberry

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