24 Healthiest Foods On Earth

The following foods are packed with nutrients and offer wonderful health benefits. Many of them make it on to numerous Top 10 lists across the web, and a few have been marked as healing superfoods. Take note of any you might not be familiar with so you can get to know them better in the future.

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1. Spinach


  • Defends against heart disease.
  • Protects brain function and helps neurological disorders.
  • Protects against cancer and diabetes.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

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Calories: 7

Vitamin E: 181% DV

Vitamin A: 56% DV

Folate: 15% DV

Vitamin C: 14% DV


2. Salmon


  • Can reduce systemic inflammation and the risk of developing atherosclerosis, hypertension, and stroke.
  • Increase the efficiency of various brain function, including memory.
  • Helps keep osteoporosis at bay.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 159

Vitamin B12: 74% DV

Niacin: 32% DV

Vitamin B6: B6% DV

Omega-3s: 711 mg


3. Avocados


  • Phytochemicals in avocados could prevent and fight cancer.
  • Promotes heart health by balancing blood lipids.
  • Helps with weight loss and digestive health.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 240

Vitamin E: 39% DV

Folate: 30% DV

Vitamin C: 25% DV

Omega-6s: 2534 mg


4. Goji Berries


  • Provides a high level of antioxidants that can boost the immune system and protect from inflammation.
  • Help stabilize blood sugar and fight cancer.
  • Promotes healthy skin and protects eye health.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Ounce

Calories: 23.2

Vitamin A:  50% DV

Copper: 28% DV

Selenium: 25% DV

Iron: 14% DV


5. Quinoa


  • Aids in weight loss and is a nutritious gluten-free alternative.
  • May help fight cancer and heart disease.
  • Contains disease-fighting antioxidants.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 222

Manganese: 58% DV

Magnesium: 30% DV

Phosphorus: 28% DV

Folate: 19% DV


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6. Broccoli


  • Prevents premature aging, cancer, and cognitive decline.
  • Better eye health, wound healing, teeth, and gum health.
  • Detoxifies blood and helps regulate blood acidity.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 30.9

Vitamin C: 135% DV

Vitamin K: 116% DV

Folate: 14% DV

Manganese: 10% DV


7. Almonds


  • Helps prevent heart disease and heart attacks.
  • Supports healthy brain function and healthy skin.
  • Assists in weight loss and nutrient absorption.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 546

Vitamin E: 125% DV

Manganese: 109% DV

Magnesium: 64% DV

Phosphorus: 46% DV


8. Beets


  • High in cancer-protective antioxidants and contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Detoxifies the blood and contains anti-aging properties.
  • Supports heart health.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 58.5

Folate: 37% DV

Manganese: 22% DV

Potassium: 13% DV

Vitamin C: 11% DV


9. Sweet Potatoes


  • Supports weight loss and healthy skin.
  • Helps fight cancer and high cholesterol levels.
  • Promotes better prostate health.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 180

Vitamin A: 769% DV

Vitamin C: 65% DV

Manganese: 50% DV

Vitamin B6: 29% DV


10. Tomatoes


  • Packed with cancer-fighting antioxidants and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Helps improve heart and skin health.
  • Protects bone, vision, and eye health.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 32.4

Vitamin C: 38% DV

Vitamin A: 30% DV

Vitamin K: 18% DV

Potassium: 12% DV


11. Kale


  • Promotes healthy vision and brain development in infants.
  • Supports heart health and can help prevent cancer.
  • Detoxifies the body and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 33.5

Vitamin K: 684% DV

Vitamin A: 206% DV

Vitamin C: 134% DV

Manganese: 26% DV


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12. Raspberries


  • Boosts heart health and helps with weight loss.
  • Can help manage diabetes and help prevent cancer.
  • Fights aging and eases arthritis pain.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 64

Vitamin C: 54% DV

Manganese: 41% DV

Dietary Fiber: 32% DV

Vitamin K: 12% DV



13. Black Beans


  • Improves heart health and contains high levels of antioxidants which can help prevent cancer.
  • High source of fiber and improves digestion.
  • Provides lasting energy and keeps blood sugar levels stable.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 227

Folate: 64% DV

Dietary Fiber: 60% DV

Manganese: 38% DV

Protein: 30% DV


14. Cantaloupe


  • Protects eye health, skin health, and boosts immunity.
  • Helps the body to detox, restore a natural pH, and aids in digestion.
  • May help prevent heart disease and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 60.2

Vitamin A: 120% DV

Vitamin C: 108% DV

Potassium: 14% DV

Folate: 9% DV


15. Artichoke


  • Contain antioxidants that may help prevent cancer and fight cardiovascular disease.
  • Promotes weight loss and is an excellent source of fiber.
  • Helps control diabetes and improves skin health.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 89

Dietary Fiber: 58% DV

Folate: 38% DV

Vitamin K: 32% DV

Vitamin C: 20% DV


16. Watermelon


  • Boosts immunity, helps manage high blood pressure and improves heart health.
  • Relieves pain, muscle soreness, and prevents kidney stones.
  • Detoxifies the body and can help with weight loss.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 46.2

Vitamin C: 21% DV

Vitamin A: 18% DV

Vitamin B6: 3% DV

Dietary Fiber: 2% DV


17. Grapefruit


  • Promotes weight loss and can also help reduce and break down cellulite.
  • Helps boost immunity, fight cancer, and reduce the risk of stroke.
  • Enhance skin health and appearance.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 96.6

Vitamin C: 120% DV

Vitamin A: 53% DV

Dietary Fiber: 15% DV

Potassium: 9% DV


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18. Asparagus


  • Contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Nourishes the digestive tract and serves as a natural diuretic.
  • Helps prevent cancer and can help maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 26.8

Vitamin K: 70% DV

Vitamin A: 20% DV

Folate: 17% DV

Vitamin C: 13% DV


19. Apricots


  • Boosts the immune system by increasing white blood cell count.
  • A nutrient found in apricots can decrease pain and tumor size.
  • May lower high blood pressure, which can indirectly prevent disease, coronary heart disease, stroke, and more.

Nutritional Breakdown Per 1/8 Cup

Calories: 74.4

Vitamin A: 60% DV

Vitamin C: 26% DV

Dietary Fiber: 12% DV

Potassium: 11% DV


20. Cabbage


  • Boosts the immune system while fighting inflammation.
  • Improves bone strength and can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Combats chronic disease and strengthens gut health.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 22.2

Vitamin K: 85% DV

Vitamin C: 54% DV

Folate: 10% DV

Dietary Fiber: 9% DV


21. Eggs


  • Reduce risk of heart disease, maintain liver function, and protect brain health.
  • Aids in weight loss and improves eye health.
  • Keeps skin healthy and can help reduce risk of skin cancer.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 367

Selenium: 71% DV

Protein: 49% DV

Vitamin B12: 28% DV

Vitamin A: 23% DV


22. Chia Seeds


  • Prevents premature aging and promotes healthy skin.
  • Protects heart and digestive health.
  • Boosts energy, metabolism, and bone health.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Ounce

Calories: 137

Dietary Fiber: 42% DV

Manganese: 30% DV

Phosphorus: 27% DV

Calcium: 18% DV


23. Bananas


  • Lifts energy levels, mood, and improves digestive health.
  • Boosts brain, skin, and bone health.
  • Affordable, easily transportable, low in calories, and high in potassium.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 200

Vitamin B6: 41% DV

Vitamin C: 33% DV

Manganese: 30% DV

Potassium: 23% DV


24. Blueberries


  • Combats aging and boosts brain health by improving focus and memory.
  • Fights cancer, supports digestion, and promotes heart health.
  • Aids weight loss and can treat macular degeneration.

Nutritional Breakdown Per Cup

Calories: 84.4

Vitamin K: 36% DV

Manganese: 25% DV

Vitamin C: 24% DV

Dietary Fiber: 14% DV

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