24 Great Italian Gelato Recipes: A Classic Dessert

Gelato is a fantastic Italian dessert that will have everyone’s taste buds screaming for more. Enjoy these 24 great Italian gelato recipes…

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1. Almond Gelato

All you need is some almond flour and date syrup and you have got super simple Almond Gelato.  Serve it with some fruit on the side for the perfect summertime treat.

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2. Limoncello Gelato

If you love lemons, this gelato is must try! The Limoncello Gelato with Vanilla Lemon Curd Swirl is sweet, creamy and smooth with just a touch of that tart lemon sour that makes you want to dive in for another spoonful.

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3. Peach Gelato

This heavenly, creamy gelato looks as good as it tastes. The mild, refreshing peach flavor will make everyone a fan.

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4. Vegan Blueberry Lavender Lemon Gelato

Alright guys, I did it… a couple weeks ago I officially busted out my ice cream maker to kick off the warm weather. I couldn’t wait any longer to dive right into making this idea I had for homemade gelato. I’ve been a long time fan of lavender essential oil, but I’ve never used it in my food before, so I was super curious how it would turn out. I am excited to report that it’s delicious and y’all seemed so into it on my Instagram I thought I would post the recipe!

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5. The Best Low-Carb Mint Chocolate Gelato

This gelato recipe is at the top of my favorite Keto approved desserts. When you compare gelato vs ice cream you’ll see that gelato is a little more creamy and has a softer consistency than ice cream recipes.

From: MeganSeelinger

6. Key Lime Pie Gelato Recipe

I know I would be one happy kumquat if my mum fed me this gorgeous Key Lime Pie Gelato. I had the opportunity to meet Shaina at a BlogHer conference and am happy to report that she is just as adorable and down-to-earth as she appears on her blog.

From: CookinCanuck

7. Dark Chocolate Gelato

Dark yet surprisingly light, this fantastic chocolate gelato from Alice Medrich’s latest book, Flavor Flours, uses superfine white rice flour, a favorite of pastry chefs for thickening

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8. Italian Pistachio Gelato

When in Italy, I also learned that one of the main differences in gelato is in the preparation.  Gelato is made in a custard form first, heating it up, and then allowing it to cool down so that the milk proteins bind.  This produces the smaller ice crystals and delicate flavor that differentiates it from ice cream.  Gelato is definitely one of Italy’s great culinary creations!

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9. Basil Gelato

Vividly green and intensely flavored, this smooth basil gelato is a perfectly unexpected dessert.

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10. Creamy, Homemade Strawberry Chocolate Chip Gelato

My favorite dessert, hands down, is chocolate covered strawberries.  Really anything covered in chocolate is pretty divine, but the strawberries give the illusion that you’re eating something somewhat healthy. 😉

From: CookingWithJanica

11. Chocolate Cherry Stracciatella Gelato

Chocolate Cherry Stracciatella Gelato Recipe – a summer favorite! A refreshing combination of sweet cherries, vanilla bean milk based ice cream and chocolate.

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12. Pineapple Rosemary Gelato

I don’t think I mentioned it, but I’m spending some time with family in the States, and I got to see my mom for a few days last week. It was wonderful. 🙂 On our last night together, we decided to go out to dinner at Olive Garden. I love Olive Garden. Truly.

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13. Blackberry & Lemon Basil Gelato

The sweet taste of summer comes alive in this Blackberry and Lemon Basil Gelato recipe. Use fresh blackberries and lemon basil grown in your garden to make this wonderful and delightful custom flavor homemade gelato recipe.

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14. Bananas Foster Gelato

Simple and amazing. Whip up this gelato today.

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15. Traditional Italian Chocolate Gelato

An authentic Italian recipe from our kitchen to yours. Buon Appetito!

From: RecipesOfItaly

16. Vanilla Milk Gelato

Gelato is one of my absolute favorite desserts when it’s warm outside. This Vanilla Milk Gelato is a perfect treat, with a creamy, dense texture and intense vanilla flavor. Vanilla gelato is similar to vanilla bean ice cream, but with milk instead of heavy cream. If you’ve been wanting to experiment with homemade gelato, now is the time to get started! Learn how to make this easy vanilla gelato recipe in no time.

From: SavorySimple

17. Raspberry Ripple Buttermilk Gelato

You’ve found it! This is one of the best gelatos on the list.

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18. Fresh Mint Gelato

This Fresh Mint Gelato is a perfect summertime treat, but really, it’s good any time of year!

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19. Fresh Strawberry Gelato

I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I’m pretty sure I could win all of you in a who-loves-gelato-more contest. With both hands tied behind my back, no less.

From: MelsKitchenCafe

20. Raspberry Gelato Recipe

A delicious, indulgent, rich and creamy gelato recipe that makes excellent use of fresh raspberries. This raspberry gelato is not too tart, not too sweet, it is just right! Your entire family will love this tasty frozen treat.

From: AnnsEntitledLife

21. Homemade Chocolate Gelato

When I went to Italy in my 20’s (it’s sad that I can say that!) one of my favorite things on a warm afternoon was chocolate gelato. Oh my, what a treat. We recently got an ice cream maker and the very first recipe I wanted to try was a homemade chocolate gelato recipe. I begged Lacy (who is the real cook in our house) to make it. To my surprise, I met with little resistance!

From: WannaBite

22. Italian Gelato Di Crema

A proper Italian gelato di crema is sort of like vanilla ice cream, only in place of vanilla, you infuse the milk with a modest grating or shaving of lemon zest. This doesn’t turn it into lemon ice cream, itself a cool dollop of heaven. What happens, rather, is that the small-volume scent of lemon makes the eggs eggier and the custard creamier. In short, we’re talking platonic ideal of ice cream.

From: CookingNYTimes

23. Vanilla Caramel Gelato

Creamy, cold, sweet and delicious, this Gelato is the perfect Summer treat! This Vanilla Caramel Gelato is a wonderful classic with fresh caramel sauce swirled in. Decadent, yet light, this will have you coming back for more and more!

From: DietHood

24. Chocolate Hazelnut & Toasted Marshmallow Gelato

See. I told you guys. I have an obsession. Grills, fire pits, open flames, whatever. Can’t stop, won’t stop. It’s getting very toasty around these parts.

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