24 GIFs That Will Make You Smile

Are you having a bad day and need a laugh? Or having a good day and want to make it better? Take a look at these 24 GIFs – guaranteed to make you smile.

1. May Be Something Good!

2. Slightly Windy

3. Must. Put. Mouth. Over. Sprayer.

dog falls into pool.gif


4. Hey Dad, Can You Take Me Fishing?

5. A Perfect 10 From All The Judges

6. This Looks Nice

7. Just Missed It…


9. It’s All Downhill From Here!

10. Ready For My First Construction Job

11. I Got It! I Got It! I Go…

12. Third Degree Black Belt

13. Ever Run Through A Screen Door? Yeah, This Hurts Way More Than That.

14. Getting Over My Ex Like…

15. Oh, Perfect! We’re Here!

16. Al… most… there…!

17. Got It.

18. Could’ve Been A Scene From Indiana Jones…

19. *Pats Self On Back*

20. Just Slideee Innn

21. Still Smarter Than Some People I Know…

22. You Got A Little… Right There.

23. For My GF At The Swingset

24. Uh, Where Is It?

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