23 Delish Dessert Bark Recipes: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Bark is a hit with family and friends. Everyone will want to know how it’s made and when they can get more. Plus, it makes the perfect holiday and party gift. Enjoy these 23 delish dessert bark recipes…

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1. Thin & Crunchy Almond Bark

Made with crunchy toasted almonds and rich dark chocolate this Dark Chocolate Toasted Almond Bark Recipe is easy to make and perfect for sharing.

From: SheWearsManyHats

2. Homemade Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark makes a favorite holiday treat! This homemade peppermint bark recipe is made with layers of peppermint filled milk chocolate and white chocolate and then topped with peppermint candy.

From: AddAPinch

3. M&M’s Crispy Pretzel Bark

I absolutely love making chocolate bark. It’s so simple, tasty, and no baking involved! When I heard that M&M’s® was starting to sell the M&M’s® Crispy Snacks again, I was so excited! I headed out to Walmart and picked up a couple bags, along with some chocolate bark and pretzels. I decided to make the best ever M&M’s® Crispy Pretzel Bark – yessss!

From: DomesticSuperHero

4. Pecan Praline Pie Bark

This Pecan Praline Pie Bark is fantastic for any pecan pie lover! Easy to whip up and makes a big batch that’s great for gifts… or for snacking by yourself 🙂

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet… much like this fantastic bark.

From: TheDomesticRebel

5. Mouthwatering Margarita Bark

This adults-only boozy dessert will have you drooling. Grab the tequila for this mouth-watering Margarita Bark. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make with just five ingredients and how it reminds you of a margarita with each bite. If you are planning an upcoming adult pool party of backyard bbq, whip up this Margarita Bark recipe and toss it in the fridge beforehand.

From: MomOnTheSide

6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bark

Chocolate peanut butter pretzel bark is the sweet, salty treat you need in your life. Who could resist?!

From: FoodFanatic

7. 3-Ingredient Chocolate Almond Bark

3-Ingredient Chocolate Almond Bark Recipe: an easy recipe for thick pieces of indulgent chocolate bark packed with crunchy, roasted almonds. Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free.

From: BeamingBaker

8. Birthday Cake Bark

He will freely and openly admit that my Mint Oreo Bark is his favorite treat. So this was the birthday cake version, and I wanted his opinion. His official judgment of it?  “I mean it’s good. But not as good as the Mint Oreo Bark.” Sigh. But! The whole container of it was snarfed up when he brought it to work.

From: WineAndGlue

9. Cookie Monster Bark

My inner child is coming out today. I’ve had this Cookie Monster Bark in my mind for days now. Weeks. Probably months. Something I’ve been wanting to make and share with you. Finally, I set aside the time to knock it out. And I am sooooo happy with how it turned out! It’s the candy eyes. It’s all in the eyes. I think I can put these little eyes on anything and say it’s Cookie Monster.

From: HouseOfYumm

10. Galaxy Bark

This week I am sharing a snack that the kids can help you with, looks amazing and is semi-educational! I know that’s a lot to ask for from a snack but believe me, this snack delivers! May I present to you Galaxy Bark!!!

From: LifeWithTheCrustCutOff

11. Marble Toffee Bark

With the holidays comes so many delicious recipes. I mean, it’s no surprise that most people gain a few pounds this time of year with all the eating we do between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m trying to lose weight now just so I can eat all the yummy holiday food so it all evens out, LOL!!! 😀

From: LilLuna

12. Easy 3-Ingredient Salted Pistachio Chocolate Bark

Easy to make 3-ingredient Salted Pistachio Chocolate Bark – this bark recipe is done in just 5 minutes and can easily be jazzed up with different flavors if you’d like. Makes a great holiday gift or tasty late night snack!

From: JoyfullHealthyEats

13. Mint Oreo Chocolate Bark

Easy 3-Ingredient Mint Oreo Chocolate Bark Recipe. An irresistible treat for holiday parties and edible gifts! 

From: ASpicyPerspective

14. English Toffee Bark

Nothing is sadder than reaching for a piece of toffee and finding the tin empty, so use this English toffee recipe to make as much as your cupboards will hold to get you through December. What’s more, when you cook this up, your kitchen will be filled with the scent of butter, sugar and holiday spirit.

From: Brit

15. Cranberry Pistachio Chocolate Bark

This cranberry pistachio chocolate bark is so easy to make it would take you just about 5 minutes. It is a very simple dessert to make and extremely versatile, as you can add any toppings of your liking. I chose to use pistachios and cranberries given the holiday season but anything goes.

From: EatGood4Life

16. Brownie Bark

This quick and easy recipe needs little explanation beyond its title: It’s chewy. It’s chocolatey. It’s a brownie. And it’s got that bark-like crunch. Throw it all together and you have a slightly crispy, most definitely chewy, chocolate chip-topped masterpiece that makes it impossible to stop at just a taste.

From: JustATaste

17. Strawberry Chocolate Bark

Strawberry Chocolate Bark.  Instead of chocolate covered strawberries, we have strawberry covered chocolate.  How cool is that?  I’d like to say that I thought of this idea myself, but I actually saw it in Food Network Magazine.  I was inspired and I wanted to share it with you in case you didn’t see it for yourself.

From: TheMerchantBaker

18. Cookie & Cream Bark Candy Recipe

When we got home I decided to try my hand at making cookies and cream bark. The first batch was ugly. My daughter said it looked like “a pyroclastic lava flow”. But everyone agreed that it was delicious, so I decided to try again.

From: PremeditatedLeftovers

19. Black & White Bark

This dark chocolate bark recipe includes white chocolate, too.  It’s sure to be one of your favorite chocolate bark recipes!

From: JensFavoriteCookie

20. Mint Chocolate Candy Bark

Am I allowed to say this? I’m looking forward to a sugar break this spring. And gasp! A break from chocolate too. Cadbury creme eggs and jelly beans don’t count.

Neither do Andes mints. Weeeeeeeeeeakness.

From: SallysBakingAddiction

21. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Bark

Pure melted dark chocolate and peanut butter chips topped with chopped Reese’s cups makes for perfect Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Bark.

From: CrumbKitchen

22. S’Mores Bark

This Smores Bark is like a yummy, amazing inside out s’mores that you don’t even need a campfire for!

From: WineAndGlue

23. Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark

Easy to make salted caramel pretzel bark that is the perfect decadent treat or gift for Christmas. This stuff is just incredibly – sweet, salty, perfect.

From: BakeEatRepeat

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