22 Eggnog Drink Recipes: Holiday Beverages

What is a winter wonderland without egg nog? It definitely loses some of the “wonder.” Enjoy these 22 eggnog drink recipes…

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1. The Original Eggnog

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Gotta start the list of with the original and it’s sure to impress.

From: Yummly

2. Real Old Fashioned Bourbon Eggnog

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If you’re going to spike your eggnog do it responsible and do it with Bourbon.

From: 52WaysToCook

3. Clean Eating Eggnog

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I’m so excited!! Today I have a clean eating eggnog recipe for you and you won’t be disappointed! It’s delicious!!

From: TheGraciousPantry

4. Eggnog Hot Chocolate

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This Eggnog Hot Chocolate is warm, creamy, and perfect for sipping on cold winter nights.

From: InKatrinasKitchen

5. Eggnog Frappe

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I try very hard to wait until the season to indulge on my favorite holiday drinks. That is until now. Now that I found this Torani Frappé Mix at Walmart  and I can make a homemade Eggnog Frappé whenever I feel like it, all bets are off. We’re gonna celebrate the holidays all year long!

From: TheSeasideBaker

6. Eggnog Latte

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Make your favorite Starbucks seasonal offering right in the comfort of your own home.  You are going to want to make this all the time.

From: WineAndGlue

7. Peppermint Eggnog Punch

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Ice cream and eggnog punch? This will make a good refreshment for a holiday get together.

From: BetterHomes&Gardens

8. The Best Vegan Eggnog

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You’ll never drink eggnog from a carton again. This is so easy to throw together and is totally incomparable to the store bought variety. Quick, simple, no risk for salmonella poisoning, whole foods and no sugar added, you really can’t go wrong. Plus, it’s incredibly delicious!

From: ProduceOnParade

9. Black Cherry Eggnog

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It’s like an eggnog cream soda that you will absolutely want to try!

From: TastyKitchen

10. Eggnog Milkshake

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There are just so many beverage recipes we love to make and enjoy during the holidays, and I’m happy to report we found a new one we love – Eggnog Milkshakes!!

From: LilLuna

11. Skinnier {Eggless} Eggnog

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It’s great to serve for sipping at your next holiday get-together, but you may just want to keep it all for yourself.

From: TheKitchenIsMyPlayground

12. Homemade Eggnog {Easy Amish Recipe}

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Why buy eggnog when you can make homemade eggnog in under 5 minutes? This easy Amish recipe is versatile…sweeten and season to your liking. {And there’s a cooked eggnog option, too!}

From: TastesOfLizzyT

13. Coconut Milk Eggnog

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I’ve already whipped up my first batch of coconut milk eggnog. And dude, it is amazing!

From: Wholefully

14. Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Easter Eggnog

Photo Sep 26, 12 02 17 AM.jpg

Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Easter Eggnog recipe, an easy homemade drink or cocktail recipe that is great for Easter, Christmas, or anytime!

From: SnappyGourmet

15. Eggnog Orange Julius

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Orange Julius gets a holiday makeover with the addition of eggnog! All it takes is just a few ingredients and a few minutes and can be sipping on a super creamy Eggnog Orange Julius!

From: LittleDairyOnThePrairie

16. Cooked Eggnog

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Make your own COOKED eggnog! Enjoy your eggnog without worrying about uncooked eggs! Way better than you would think!

From: TrialAndEater

17. Santa’s Magic Potion

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After all the stops he has to make and all those presents to deliver, Santa gets thirsty. And so do busy moms trying to wrap a million presents and bake even more cookies.

From: AverieCooks

18. Homemade Eggnog Coffee Creamer

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Homemade Eggnog Coffee Creamer – Incredibly easy with only four ingredients. Great for homemade gifts! Enjoy a piece of eggnog cheesecake or even an eggnog cookie on the side!

From: GalOnAMission

19. Gingerbread Eggnog

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Everyone’s favorite holiday drink gets boozy and a little spicy.

From: Delish

20. The Best Eggnog In The World

Photo Sep 26, 12 02 34 AM.jpg

My eggnog recipe is pretty special. It could be that it’s actually flavourful and doesn’t just taste like sweet milk (or maybe it’s just the bourbon, who knows?), but the holidays aren’t the holidays without it.

From: JamieOliver

21. Keto Eggnog

Photo Sep 26, 12 02 36 AM.jpg

Keto Egg Nog Dessert that’s sugar free, creamy and delicious.

From: EasyKetoLiving

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