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21 Best Foods For Vitamin K

Vitamin K regulates normal blood clotting, assists the transportation of calcium through the body, and may also be helpful for bone health. It is also thought to help certain skin conditions, such as: stretch marks.

21 Best Foods For Vitamin K

1. Kale (cooked)

443% DV per serving

2. Mustard Greens (cooked)

346% DV vitamin K per serving

3. Swiss Chard (raw)

332% DV per serving

4. Collard Greens (cooked)

322% DV per serving

5. Natto

261% DV per serving

6. Spinach (raw)

121% DV vitamin K per serving

7. Broccoli (cooked)

92% DV per serving


8. Brussels Sprouts (cooked)

91% DV per serving

9. Okra (raw)

66% DV per serving

9. Beef Liver

60% DV vitamin K per serving

10. Asparagus

57% DV per serving

11. Pork Chops

49% DV per serving

12. Chicken

43% DV per serving

13. Celery (raw)

40% DV vitamin K per serving

14. Green Beans (cooked)

25% DV per serving


15. Prunes

24% DV per serving

16. Kiwi

23% DV per serving

17. Soybean Oil

21% DV per serving

18. Hard Cheeses

20% DV vitamin K per serving

19. Avocado

18% DV per serving

20. Green Peas (cooked)

17% DV per serving

21. Soft Cheeses

14% DV vitamin K per serving

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