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21 Daily Habits For A Better Life

You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit. Pick up habits that will have an impact on your life. There are many out there, but we’ve found 21 daily habits for a better life that are easy and valuable.


1. Wake up & go to bed early.

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Keeping a sleep schedule is essential to protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety.

2. Make your bed every morning.

It’s a simple task that doesn’t require a large amount of your time that moves you forward. Plus, it’s so nice to come home to a tidy room at the end of the day.

3. Drink a big glass of water as soon as you wake up.

A glass of lemon water in the morning promotes hydration, aids digestion, and helps prevent kidney stones. It will help jumpstart your metabolism and increase the flow of oxygen.

4. Work out until you sweat.

Try fitting your workout into your morning schedule. Your testosterone levels will be naturally elevated and help you power through your routine.

5. Morning meditation.

Mediation will help you root yourself in the present moment and can create a powerful momentum for the rest of your day. It will be easier to keep your mind at rest when the world is still and quiet.

6. Wear clothes that make you feel good.

Your clothing has a significant effect on your self-esteem and confidence. In a way, you will become what you wear.


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7. Write out your goals to remind yourself what you’re working towards.

Your goals aren’t goals if you haven’t written them down yet- they are just wishes. Less than 3% of Americans have written goals and less than 1% review and rewrite their goals. You won’t reach your desired destination without a plan.

8. Make a plan.

Speaking of making a plan – you should design a blueprint for each day. Define your purpose, your goals, and establish specific action steps to achieve your dreams.

9. Spend an hour on your one thing.

Immerse yourself in things you’re passionate about to bring a new level of happiness and meaning into your life and work. Join a club, build model trains, write a novel, start a small business, or whatever you want.

10. Have a smoothie.

Only 1 in 10 adults get enough fruits or vegetables. You should be eating around 1.5 to 2 cups of fruit and 2 to 3 cups of vegetables each day. Not doing so puts you at greater risk for chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

11. Do the one thing you’ve been putting off.

Just do it already! Take the first step by tackling the thing you’ve been putting up. Stop delaying. It’s time for action.

12. Dedicate 1 hour to learning something new.

You exercise your body, so why wouldn’t you exercise your brain. Learning something new will give you a sense of accomplishment, further your personal growth, and you may even discover hidden potential.


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13. Write down 5 things that made you happy.

Throughout the day note 5 good things that happened – things that went well or something you enjoyed. Think about why it made you happy, and look back on these items in a week to remind yourself of happy moments.

14. Go for a walk.

Walking can reduce stress, cheer you up, and increase your self-esteem. It’s easy and walking regularly energizes you and helps you fight off cravings.

15. Give a smile or compliment a stranger.

People get lost in their thoughts and worries just as you do. You don’t have to go smiling at everyone, but taking a moment to acknowledge another’s humanity can promote a sense of peace.

16. Post something – a blog post, picture, or status.

Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, website, or etc. doesn’t have to be just for other’s enjoyment. It can also function as a journal for your life. Post pictures/statuses you’ll look back on and laugh about.

17. Declutter something.

You can declutter an entire house if you only focused on one thing per day. Start with a drawer, a shelf, a closet, and move throughout your living space. It won’t seem like a huge task if you break it down into single chunks.


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18. Send someone you know a nice message.

Tell someone you’re proud of the progress they’ve made, or that you really admire them for something they’ve done. Don’t be afraid – kindness won’t actually kill you.

19. Think of 3 things your grateful for in life and jot them down.

You can increase your long-term happiness by recording three things you’re grateful for. The more you practice this, the easier it will become.

20. Reflect on what worked and what didn’t work throughout the day.

Reflecting on your day helps you learn from your mistakes and give you ideas for the future. By reflecting on your successes it can make you happier and also offer perspective.

21. Make a list for tomorrow to clear your mind.

Creating a list is a great way to organize your information and provide simple structure to your life. Try writing down all the tasks you’d like to finish before noon tomorrow and organize them by importance and value. You will know exactly where to get started when you wake up.

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