What is the Inuit Paradox?

You’ve probably heard of the Inuit Paradox, but what exactly is it? The term ‘Inuit’ comes from a group of people living in northern Canada. These people eat high-fat, animal-based diets, yet their health is still extremely good. The Inuits’ diet is a perfect example of this phenomenon. This group of people is able to live for more than seventy-five years, which is well below the national average.

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A Danish study found that traditional Inuit people are able to avoid chronic diseases by eating a lot of fish. Researchers cited this as a possible explanation, and they suggested that other people could benefit from their diet. But these findings have not yet been replicated in humans. And they have yet to prove whether the Eskimo diet is effective. The research is ongoing, but the Eskimos’ diet is a prime example of a health-giving diet.

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