7 Tips To Find The Right Toothpaste For You

The tooth care aisle keeps getting longer and longer at your local shopping center. Learn these 7 tips to find the right toothpaste for you…

With so many toothpaste options around, don’t you feel confused over what to choose?

Well, most do because brands bombard us with newer varieties and choices. They even advertise different products by age group. In some cases, we go on using the one that we’ve always used. Other times, we stop, read the labels, and see if a particular brand of toothpaste has the right ingredients for our mouths.

There is definitely a lot to consider and weigh in on when looking to buy your paste if you want to look after your dental health.

1. Check For Fluoride

One of the greatest dealbreakers for many people is toothpaste containing fluoride. Dentists advise people to brush with fluoride-containing paste at least twice a day to maintain oral hygiene and minimize your chances of cavities.

However, many consumers are swapping out their toothpaste for fluoride-free alternatives in an effort to be more “natural.” Fluoride itself is actually a naturally occurring element and also nature’s cavity fighter.

Be sure to confirm that your next toothpaste purchase contains fluoride to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

2. Buy For A Specific Dental Issue

In some cases, your dentist can better consult which toothpaste is good for you based on the specific dental problem you have. For example, there is toothpaste made for whitening teeth to help those who have stained, discolored or teeth with a lost natural shine.

Similarly, there are desensitizing pastes for reducing sensitivity in the teeth and gums. Or other brands that are better for your gums and helping to fight gingivitis.

3. Know The Chemical Agents

Most toothpaste on the market has some form of chemical agent in them. You need to do your own research to see what agents may do more harm than good.

For example, buying toothpaste for whitening while having sensitive teeth could lead to greater sensitivity.

4. Read The Label Carefully

Never buy toothpaste before reading the label carefully to ensure that it’s for children or adults. Adults should avoid the ones that have sweeteners, excess chemicals, and flavorings, as they won’t offer any substantial benefits.

Less is better when it comes to the ingredients in toothpaste. A larger amount of ingredients increases the risk of dental sensitivity and tooth abrasion.

5. Avoid Toothpaste High In Sugar

Sugar is bad for your teeth, so having it in your toothpaste is pretty counterintuitive. The more sugar you find in your paste, the more there will be a risk for teeth decay and other issues.

If the flavor of toothpaste is truly disgusting to you, consider choosing one with an artificial sweetener.

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6. Consider Baking Soda Toothpaste

A good rule of thumb is to avoid all other cleaning agents in your toothpaste other than baking soda. According to the Journal of Clinical Dentistry, brushing teeth with baking soda products was proven more effective than using products without baking soda. Added, there isn’t much of a price difference between baking soda and non-baking soda pastes.

Baking soda can do a superb job cleaning your teeth without the harshness that other cleaning agents may deliver. Plus, baking soda can neutralize the acid and absorb odor.

7. No One Toothpaste Will Work For Everyone

Some kinds of toothpaste will do an exceptional job cleaning your teeth, fighting cavities, and neutralizing odors – however, that doesn’t mean they will work that way for everyone. Even a toothpaste that has family and friends raving about it may leave your teeth sensitive or abrasive.

It all boils down to the ingredients and your dental health. If you aren’t able to completely protect your teeth and find yourself with cavities, you can try a tooth cavity treatment.

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