3 Reasons Why You Need A New Mattress For Better Sleep

Sleeping on your old, outdated mattress is doing you more harm than good. Keep reading to find out 3 reasons why you need a new mattress for better sleep…

For anyone who’s spent the night tossing and turning, the importance of a good night’s sleep is obvious. While there are a number of other factors involved, one of the most vital elements of sound and restful sleep is the quality of your mattress.

As per https://sleepfoundation.org, the National Sleep Foundation confirms that its survey reveals that over 90% of people know of the link between good sleep and mattress quality. However, typically, mattress quality is usually the last thing to be investigated when health issues are encountered.

A mattress that does not suit you or one that has become really old and its performance degraded can be responsible for much more harm than a night of poor sleep.

A few of the ways a poor mattress can ruin your health:

Increase In The Level of Stress

When you are unable to get sound sleep due to the poor quality of your mattress not giving you the right support, functioning normally the next morning is close to impossible.

Your mind will feel wooly, your eyes will hurt, you will have difficulty in paying attention to performing even the most commonplace activities. The physical discomfort of the earlier night will also get carried over to the next day and leave you feeling irritated.

The difficulty in carrying out normal work invariably leads to enhanced stress level and this is further compounded when interactions with other people tend to be more abrupt or rougher than usual.

You could monitor your sleep by using sleep tracking devices and you could understand the significance of a cozy and comfortable mattress.

Your Allergies Are Triggered

Most people don’t realize it but old mattresses are full of bed bugs and dust mites that love the dark damp ambiance that old mattresses provide and thrive on the dead skin cells that you shed all the time.

The bite of a bed bug can lead to painful rashes that can take quite some time to subside while dust mites lead to a number of respiratory problems as well as eczema.

It has been established that dust mites irritate the airways to such an extent that snoring ensues and makes normal breathing more difficult. Washing the bed sheets and pillowcases as well as vacuuming the mattress regularly can help to keep the level of dust mites down, however, after a stage only by replacing the mattress can you get complete relief, at least for some time.

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Snoring Could Be an Issue

You often do not even consider that your mattress is the main culprit that is triggering your snoring issue.

In reality, in case, your mattress does not support your body well, the tissues would get sunken or the airways would be clogged that may trigger snoring. Do not neglect snoring issues as they could sometimes prove to be fatal.


Lightweight, durable, user-friendly, and comfortable are some of the essential attributes of a good mattress that promotes good health and overall well-being.

You must get rid of an old mattress as it may be the root cause of your health issues. It is best to invest in a premium quality mattress that should help you get sound sleep at night for the next five to seven years.

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