8 Healthy Ways To Begin Your Day: Happy Mornings

What does your morning routine look like? An hour on socials and then buckets of coffee? Try these 8 healthy ways to begin your day…

Be sure to take care of yourself in the mornings. Doing so can improve your mental clarity and the quality of your days.

Take a look at these 8 tips to begin your day the healthy way:

1. Drinking Water

One of the main reasons why people have a tough time in the morning is because of the mental fog that occurs when they first wake up.

A feeling of grogginess and exhaustion prevents them from jumping out of bed with a full night’s rest of energy. Believe it or not, dehydration is a major player in those early morning headaches.

Instead of stumbling over to the coffee machine, consider drinking 1-2 glasses of water before you start your morning routine.

Drinking warm water with lime or lemon (or an herbal tea) is a great practice to get your digestive system rolling before you eat any solids. While cold or room temperature water would be better for dry mouth and small headaches.

2. Don’t Go Digital Right Away

This might be awkward or sound too hard to do, but just stay unplugged from tech as soon as you wake up. Social media and all those notifications aren’t going anywhere.

Freshen up, rehydrate, and start your day. Then, you can have a go at your online life.

The purpose of abstaining from smartphones when you wake up is to promote a proactive mind, rather than cultivating a reactive mindset. Activating a consumption mindset from the moment you wake can ruin productivity for the day.

8 Healthy Ways To Begin Your Day: Happy Mornings

3. Early Morning Exercise

A lot of trainers recommend you to begin your day with increased blood flow and a light (or heavy) training session. If waking up an hour earlier tomorrow seems to be a little too much, try waking up 15 minutes earlier and fitting in a good stretching routine.

Starting your morning with exercise can improve appetite, help out your bowels, and increase metabolism.

Plus, early morning exercises can help you burn more fat. With a sound body, comes a sound mind – it’s time to google some early routines for tomorrow.

4. Breakfast Is Important

Begin your day by taking care of the most important meal of your day.

Yes, we are talking about breakfast.

Coffee is delicious, but it shouldn’t be all you have in the morning. Eat a healthy breakfast that consists of proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs.

A good breakfast will give you more energy, push you through the afternoon without an empty stomach, and aid efficiency at work.

5. Keeping Daily Goals

Do you have any goals written on your wall, whiteboard, or mirror – or even your journal?

If you don’t have any goals, it is time to make some.

Make a list of daily goals that you hope to achieve, and remember, a to-do list and goals are two different things.

Once you’ve created your list of daily goals, reduce them down to 3 of the most important ones and rank them by priority.

Writing these goals can help you focus on what NEEDS to get done and help you avoid another day of saying, “I’ll just do it tomorrow.”

8 Healthy Ways To Begin Your Day: Happy Mornings

6. Don’t Be Stressed

Taking on more stress doesn’t change the outcome of any situation, rather it is you, whose efficiency suffers. Instead of allowing yourself to worry and feel victimized, devote your thinking to tackling your problems and treating them like new challenges instead of world-ending issues.

The thing about life is everyone has problems. It is all about your attitude.

Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.

7. Refresh Yourself

The eyes are a huge part of how you take in the information of the world, and throughout your day, you rub both your eyes and face.

Take a few minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening to wash your eyes and face with cool water and massage them both.

If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, be sure to take breaks and keep your hands from constantly picking at your face.

8. Becoming Confident – Both Inside & Outside

It is time to pull yourself together. And by “pull yourself together” we mean appear confident from inside out.

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Shower, brush your teeth and pick a solid outfit. Focus on matching your external world with your internal drives and ambitions.

Do your hair, put on your favorite fragrance, and make sure your clothes don’t have any wrinkles.

The phrase, “Look Good, Feel Good,” has a lot more truth to it than you think.

All of these things will help you radiate confidence and independence. Looking in the mirror should make you feel good about yourself, and when you improve your own self-confidence, you will quickly earn the appreciation of others.

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