How To Keep Your Back Healthy: Top 5 Tips

If you have ever had a bad back, you’ll understand the unbearable impact that it can have on your health, physically and mentally. Learn how to keep your back healthy…

How To Keep Your Back Healthy: Top 5 Tips

Everyday tasks can be very difficult; this makes you feel hugely restricted in day-to-day life. Back pain can greatly reduce a person’s quality of life, so it is super important that we look after our backs and spines, by integrating a focus on back health into our fitness regimes. Read and apply the following tips to improve your back health.

Fix Your Posture

Bad posture is very likely to put a lot of pressure on your spine and can cause degenerated discs to be increasingly sore. You need to care for the natural curve in your back by setting a timer on your phone to remind yourself to check your posture as your work throughout the day.

Make sure you get up and walk around at least once an hour if you sit most of the day. If you can, use a stand-up desk for at least part of the day. Improving your body’s blood flow can help decrease back pain.

Stop Smoking

Many people think that smoking decreases the supply of blood to the discs between the vertebrae, and this is thought to lead to these discs degenerating. While smoking is very frequently related to problems of the lung and heart, the unhealthy habit hurts almost all organs.

A lot of studies have related smoking to inflammatory back pain and psoriatic arthritis. Also, smoking cigarettes are linked to weakened immunity, vision loss, and risk of osteoporosis, just to name a few lesser-known smoking dangers.

How To Keep Your Back Healthy: Top 5 Tips

Exercise More

Exercise will both prevent and reduce back pain. If you’re overweight, it would be greatly helpful for your spine and posture to lose some of those extra pounds. Over-the-counter painkillers can help in the short term but if back pain persists, go to a doctor.

You may feel like resting, but moving is good for your mental health and, you guessed it, your back. Exercises for lower back pain can strengthen back, stomach, and leg muscles. They help support your spine, relieving back pain.

Ergo-nize Your Workplace

Consider your work environment. If you work in an office look at your workspace and try to think of ways to adapt it to help you manage your back pain and posture. If your work is more manual in nature try to be aware of and work according to health and safety procedures such as manual handling or loading procedures.

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If you are working in an office space, consider upgrading your desk or changing your old chair out for a better, more comfortable one.

How To Keep Your Back Healthy: Top 5 Tips

Using Your Bag

Whether it’s a laptop bag, a briefcase or an overstuffed handbag, always carrying your stuff on the same shoulder or in the same hand will eventually cause postural changes in your spine, putting extra stress on one side.

If at all possible, use a backpack that distributes weight evenly — or at the very least, swap sides regularly. And do regular bag clear-outs so you aren’t carrying unnecessary weight!


Many people will run to every specialist they can find to help them with their back pains. At the end of the day, a doctor, chiropractor, neurosurgeon, witch doctor, or magician won’t be able to help you unless you decide help yourself. Follow these tips and visit one as soon as you can.

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