22 Cranberry Cocktail Recipes: Holiday Beverages

The cocktails below are perfect for large events and holiday parties. Enjoy these 22 cranberry cocktail recipes…

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22 Cranberry Cocktail Recipes: Holiday Beverages

1. Southern Cranberry Cocktail

Combine all ingredients over ice.

From: DarkCornerDistillery

2. Festive Cranberry Clementine Martini

This Festive Cranberry Clementine Martini is the epitome of what a December cocktail should look like. It features two of the biggest winter produce stars – cranberries and clementines – and gets jazzed up with good ol’ vodka plus a dash of Grand Marnier.

From: CaliGirlCooking

3. The Big Sister

Sharing a quick, fresh cocktail recipe this week to go with those shimmering Sugared Cranberries. They’re worth it, trust me. Not a conventional cocktail name, but one that you’ll make over and over again.

From: VanillaAndBean

4. Sugar-Free Cranberry Cocktail

Happy Holidays! Let’s kick it off right with a fun low carb cocktail. These cranberry champagne sparklers are a great keto cocktail recipe.

From: AllDayIDreamAboutFood

5. Sex On The Beach Cocktail

Your ultimate Sex on the Beach Drink recipe: a tropical marriage of orange and cranberry juices, vodka or rum with a hint of peach and vanilla over ice. 

From: CiaoFlorentina

6. Sparkling Cranberry Ginger Cocktail

Serve this sparkling holiday cocktail to all your guests with the seasons quintessential flavors of cranberry, rosemary, and ginger and made to sparkle with a splash of Lunetta Prosecco.

From: HonestCooking

7. Cranberry Lime Vodka Tonic

Mix up the ultimate vodka cranberry cocktail with a combination of cranberry-infused vodka, tonic, and delicious fresh limes, A cranberry lime vodka tonic is a perfect drink to enjoy on a hot summer day, or just with the girls!

From: MySuburbanKitchen

8. Amaretto Cranberry Spice Cocktail

Amaretto Cranberry Spice Cocktail is a delicious sweet almond flavor cocktail.  I love this cocktail, I will be enjoying it all throughout the season.

From: AHealthyLifeForMe

9. Cranberry Martini

Make an extra batch of homemade cranberry sauce and pair it with vodka to transform it into a festive Cranberry Martini holiday cocktail.

From: SelfProclaimedFoodie

10. Cranberry Pomegranate Moscow Mule

A traditional Moscow Mule gets a seasonal and festive makeover with this recipe for a Cranberry Pomegranate Moscow Mule. Served adorned with skewered sugared cranberries, this drink can be made with gin or vodka and is the perfect party drink!

From: SofabFood

11. Pineapple Cranberry Cocktail

This Sparkling Pineapple Cranberry Cooler is my juice drink of choice these days. A little sweet, a little sour, and a little sparkle, it’s a great pick-me-up drink.

From: LoveFromTheOven

12. Rosemary-Infused Holiday Cocktail

With this rosemary infused holiday cocktail, you’ll use your left over herbs to make rosemary infused simply syrup. This simple syrup can be kept sealed in the refrigerator for later use. If you haven’t experimented with infused simple syrups, now is your chance! It’s a great way to introduce uniquely subtle flavors to your cocktails.

From: TheFlairExchange

13. Pimm’s Cranberry Cocktail

A refreshing and festive cocktail is just what Santa ordered – my Pimms cranberry cocktail will really help to get you in the Christmas spirit!

From: ThePurpleLadle

14. St. Germain Cranberry Cocktail

A light and refreshing cocktail that’s ready to sparkle at any holiday gathering.

From: Tablespoon

15. Rose, Basil, & Cranberry Cocktails

Warm up your nights with these sweet, fruity cranberry cocktails combining delicious flavors of basil and Rosé.

From: MyKitchen

16. Purple Rain

Purple Rain Cranberry Cocktail.jpg

A tasty (and creepy!) cocktail that gets its purple hue from blue curacao, grenadine, and cranberry juice. A perfectly purple cocktail for any party!

From: HomemadeHooplah

17. Cranberry Mojitos

Mojitos are the perfect drink to make for a crowd.  All of the work can be done ahead of time and the recipe can be doubled or tripled as needed.

From: MomOnTimeout

18. Cranberry Vodka Cocktail

Cranberry Vodka Cocktail – cranberry juice and vodka come together with a little fizz for a fun and easy holiday drink.

From: DinnersDishesAndDesserts

19. Cranberry Ginger Fizz Cocktail

This is my favorite cocktail from the beginning of Fall all the way through the Holidays. So pretty and festive and with fantastic seasonal flavors, the Cranberry Gin Fizz Cocktail does not disappoint!

From: CreativeCulinary

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20. Cranberry Margaritas

First of all, TGIF! I don’t know about you all, but my week has been bonkers busy with work, and I have been counting down to the weekend. Looking forward to some much-needed hang out time with friends,

From: GimmeSomeOven

21. Cranberry Orange Mimosa

Cranberry Orange Mimosa – this easy 3 ingredient cocktail recipe is perfect for brunch or even as a bellini at a cocktail party!

From: CrazyForCrust

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