10+ Must-Have Swimming Pool Floats For Adults

Summer never ends if you grab your float and go island hopping. Take a look at these 10+ must-have swimming pool floats for adults…

10+ Must-Have Swimming Pool Floats For Adults

1. The Pink Swan

Floatie Kings Pink Swan Pool Float

This float makes every float an amazing float.

Grab yours!

2. Jumbo Popsicle

Popsicle Pool Float

DO NOT LICK!!! It’s plastic guys.

Grab yours!

3. Gigantic Kiwi

Kiwi Float

Kiwi says “I’m unique but cool too.”

Grab yours!

4. Giant Pineapple

Giant Pineapple Pool Float

The most stylish pineapple float you will find. Guaranteed.

Grab yours!

5. Giant Double Cherry

Giant Double Cherry Pool Float

If you want someone to be stuck with you, this is your floatie of choice.

Grab yours!

6. Gold & Pink Diamon Ring Drink Floats

Gold & Diamon Ring Pool Float Drink Carriers

No longer will you have to worry about your beverage. It’ll float right with you!

Grab yours!

7. Poop Emoji

Poop Emoji Pool Float

It looks like poop… but it has such a great smile.

Grab yours!

8. Giant Ice Pop

Giant Ice Pop Pool Float

A classic ice pop pool float that stands out.

Grab yours!

9. Pizza Slice

Pizza Slice Pool Float

All of the pizza – none of the grease!

Grab yours!

10. High Heel

High Heel Pool Float

Yeah, good luck trying to get this to fit on your foot…

Grab yours!

11. Giant Pretzel

Pretzel Pool Float

You can’t eat this one – sorry!

Grab yours!

12. The Unicorn

Unicorn Pool Float

I never thought I’d see a unicorn in my lifetime – this totally counts.

Grab yours!

13. Giant Pegasus

Giant Inflatable Pegasus Pool Float

Pegasus?! This float can fly, right?

Grab yours!

14. Square Pineapple

Square Pineapple Pool Float

This float certainly isn’t for squares.

Grab yours!

15. Chocolate Frosted Donut Pool Float

Chocolate Frosted Donut Pool Float

Get BAKED in the sun on a donut float!

Grab yours!

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