A Must-Have For A Beautiful Smile: Choosing The Right Teeth Retainer

Even though you can finally say goodbye to the braces, you still haven’t reached the finishing line on your path towards the beautiful smile.

Many patients somehow neglect the fact that orthodontic treatment doesn’t get completed at the moment their doctor sets them free from the brackets. On the contrary, that’s only the point in the treatment when a patient gets the chance to move on the next phase – the phase called retention. It’s is a concluding stage of a treatment during which patient is obliged to wear an orthodontic appliance named a teeth retainer.

Why Is A Teeth Retainer A Must For A Beautiful Smile?

What holds your teeth in place is the network of fibers scientifically known as periodontal ligaments. Once your teeth get moved to the new positions, their periodontal ligaments need several more months to adjust to them. Just as its name suggests, the task of a teeth retainer is to help you to retain your beautiful smile by preventing the teeth from turning back to their initial seats. Since you have already put a lot of time, money and effort to get your pearls straightened, stay determined to achieve your goals and wear a teeth retainer the way your doctor suggested you.


How To Choose The Right Teeth Retainer?

There are a few types of retainers you can choose from. When you get your braces removed, the specialists clean your teeth thoroughly and take the set of X-rays or bite impressions. After analyzing the current situation inside your mouth, they’ll suggest you the type of retainer that would be most suitable for you. They’ll also inform you on when and how long you’re supposed to wear it.

However, there are also some personal matters that have to be taken into consideration when opting for the right teeth retainer. Whether you mind it being visible or not. Whether you want it to be removable or permanent. Whether you have time to care for it or not. As you may have to wear a retainer for many years to come, it’s absolutely crucial to choose the one that meets all your requirements. Once you make your decision, your retainer will be custom-made in a dental lab.

The Types Of Teeth Retainers

There are a few basic types of teeth retainers and each one of them has its pros and cons.


Hawley Retainer

Hawley retainer is the most commonly used teeth retainer that consists of an acrylic mold and bendable wire. It’s removable, durable, and easy to clean. According to the experts from one dental lab in Sydney, this type of retainer isn’t hard to make, which means that it can be easily replaced in case it gets damaged. Even though it might be amusing to choose the color and design of mold, some may mind the fact that the Hawley retainer is very noticeable.

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Begg Retainer

Begg retainer is similar to the Hawley retainer. It consists of an acrylic plate and wire piece that wraps around the teeth. In order to prevent teeth from moving to their former position, patients have to wear them continuously. In the end, they’ll be asked to wear them only at night. Dentists can adjust the Begg retainer only to the certain degree. It’s considered to be less movable retainer and its purpose is to hold the teeth in place where they got after the braces. But, it’s also very noticeable.


Fixed Retainer

As its name suggests, a fixed or permanent retainer cannot be removed by the wearer. It includes a wire secured to the tongue side of the teeth and it’s usually recommended for lower front teeth. Since they retain the teeth firmly in the place, orthodontists sometimes recommend them to patients whose teeth have a high risk of moving back to their primer positions. However, it requires some extra care.


Clear Retainer

Due to its nearly entire invisibility, the clear retainer has been gaining in popularity recently. Custom-made of transparent plastic, it perfectly fits the patient’s teeth and can be easily removed. Yet, it has its downsides just like the other two types of teeth retainers. Apart from being of a shorter life than Hawley retainer, it also prevents you from eating and drinking anything except the water while wearing it.


The point of every teeth retainer is to hold your teeth in place after you get rid of your braces. Each one of them is effective enough as long as you use them according to the instructions. In order to choose the right teeth retainer, listen to your orthodontist’s recommendation and check the list of the following: convenience, appearance, maintenance, durability.

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