21 Dessert Skillet Recipes: Cast Iron Creations

Skillet desserts are easy, fast, and don’t leave a slew of dirty dishes to clean later. Enjoy these 21 dessert skillet recipes…

Article Image From: TuttiDolci

1. Kentucky Apple Skillet Cake

French Apple Cake meets Kentucky Bourbon Country with this simple yet stunning skillet cake.

From: FoodtasticMom

2. Blueberry Skillet Crumbles

There’s nothing quite so fine as a bubbling berry crumble, especially when baked in mini cast iron skillets with plenty of golden crumb topping (my motto: you can never have too much crumble). The filling is jammy, blueberry bliss with a sprinkle of lemon thyme – I absolutely adore pairing herbs with berries for an easy way to elevate summery fruit desserts. A touch of lavender would work beautifully, or go classic with plenty of fresh lemon zest.

From: TuttiDolci

3. Red Velvet Skillet Cookie

Thick and chewy red velvet deep dish cookie with white chocolate chips, baked in a skillet! Serve it warm and top it off with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce for the ultimate treat!

From: LeCremeDeLaCrumb

4. Nutella Stuffed Deep Dish

Buttery and gooey on the inside, crispy and golden on the outside! This Nutella Stuffed Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie had all of us weak at the knees begging for more, desperately scraping each and every crumb directly out of the pan like we’d been starving for weeks!

From: CafeDelites

5. Snickerdoodle Skillet Cake

A thick and chewy snickerdoodle cake baked in a cast iron skillet and topped with ice cream and caramel sauce. A delicious, dessert that’s just perfect for sharing!

From: AnniesNoms

6. Easy Skillet Cherry Crisp

A simple-to-make skillet tart cherry crisp. This crisp requires a fraction of the effort required to make a cherry pie and tastes even better!

From: ChelseasMessyApron

7. Skillet Blondie

When you don’t want a full pan of blondies, this is the perfect recipe: a Small Batch Skillet Blondie perfect for two!

From: CrazyForCrust

8. Chocolate Skillet Cake

OK, we know oven space is precious when preparing a Thanksgiving feast. However, you’re going to want to make room for this chocolate skillet cake. Because when all of your guests show up with either pumpkin or apple pie, you’ll be glad to have a decadent chocolate dessert in the mix.

From: PureWow

9. Caramel Skillet Brownie

There is nothing on this earth quite like a dense fudgy brownie. Unless, of course, you’re eating that brownie straight from the pan with a spoon. With caramel sauce. And chopped caramel candy bars. Now we’re talking!

From: SallysBakingAddiction

10. Mini-Skillet Bananas Foster

Know how I’m always tryna sneak healthy ingredients into my recipes? Well, this Bananas Foster Mini Skillet Flambé recipe is one where I actually don’t do that because I just can’t…I want that caramel-ey sauce in mah face! But wait…it has banana and pecans in it…that makes it healthy, right?

From: TheKitchenGirl

11. Easy Skillet Apple Pie

Surprise your family with this easy skillet apple pie recipe. It’s baked in a cast iron skillet and covered in a sweet and flaky sugar and cinnamon crust.

From: WrittenReality

12. Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Skillet

This Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Skillet is super easy to make and it is an easy dessert for your whole family.

From: ThePinningMama

13. Texas Skillet Chocolate Sheet Cake

Classically decadent Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake with a fudgy, pecan-studded chocolate frosting made in a cast iron skillet.

From: LivelyTable

14. Skillet Berry Cobbler

That first photo is killing me. I made this Skillet Berry Cobbler over the weekend and now I am dying for another bowl of it while writing this post tonight!

From: TheNoviceChefBlog

15. Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet Brownie

Fudgy brownies and chocolate chip cookies are combined into one in these fun desserts so that you don’t have to choose.

From: KirbieCravings

16. Old-Fashioned Sugar Cake

Old Fashioned Sugar Cake-made in a cast iron skillet, no icing needed for this light and flavorful cake!

From: ChocolateChocolateAndMore

17. Brown Butter Peach Skillet Crisp

This Brown Butter Skillet Peach Crisp is packed with juicy peaches, and topped with a crunchy brown butter pecan crumble. It’s the perfect comfort food!

From: SugarHero

18. Skillet Apple Pie Biscuits

These “easy as pie” Skillet Apple Pie Biscuits are a weekend breakfast treat for my family.  The preparation is incredibly simple using apple pie filling, cinnamon sugar, lots of butter and fluffy biscuits. They’re good enough for company, or even as a dessert for those who may not be inclined to bake from scratch.

From: MelissasSouthernStyleKitchen

19. Texas Sheet Cake Skillet

Okay, okay… I know making Texas Sheet Cake in a Skillet technically makes it NOT Texas Sheet Cake. But I love this idea and I’m sticking to it. This recipe throws every New Years Resolution I even thought about making right out of the window, and I am okay with that. Everything in moderation…right?

From: TheCookieRookie

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20. S’Mores Skillet

No need for a campfire with this one. Enjoy Skillet S’mores anytime!  They are amazing!!

From: YourHomeBasedMom

21. The “Pizookie” Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Today is National Chocolate Chip Day and I couldn’t let this important holiday go by unrecognized! I mean….what gets us through the 3:30 homework rush better than chocolate?

From: ModernHoney

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