16 Excellent Eclair Recipes: Oblong Pastries

A beautiful pastry filled with a cream and topped with icing. Guaranteed to never disappoint. Enjoy these 16 excellent eclair recipes…

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1. Pumpkin Eclairs

These pumpkin eclairs will knock your socks off! I’ve been getting lots of requests for a fall-flavored eclair recipe and this is it! I make the pate a choux dough with cinnamon and nutmeg, then fill the eclairs with the creamiest, fluffiest pumpkin maple cream. To top it all off, these pumpkin eclairs are then dipped in a maple glaze! You’ll love the real flavors of pumpkin and maple combined together in an airy and fluffy dessert!

From: TatyanasEverydayFood

2. Coffee Eclairs

Complement your morning cup of joe with a coffee eclair filled with coffee pastry cream and topped with a coffee glaze.

From: Tastemade

3. Raspberry Pistachio Eclairs

My raspberry pistachio eclairs will take your breath away – perfectly baked eclairs filled with a fluffy and creamy pistachio cream, dotted with fresh raspberries and dipped into a raspberry glaze. The pistachio filling is made with real pistachios, Bailey’s Irish cream, and cream cheese. These pistachio eclairs are unbelievably delicious and go so well with a cup of coffee or tea.

From: TatyanasEverydayFood

4. Red Velvet Eclairs

Made with red velvet, lots of cream filling and dried raspberries, this is a colorful twist to an iconic French pastry.

From: Tastemade

5. Homemade Eclairs with Whipped Cream

Homemade Strawberries and Cream Eclairs – light and airy pastry filled with whipped cream and fresh strawberries!

From: CookWithManali

6. Meringue Lemon Eclairs

High hearts, this weekend the sun was back in the sky and at the same time in our plates. As the flowers of our gardens open up as the days go by, the sun-drenched, spring-smelling recipes begin to flourish on the blogs.

From: PlusUneMietteDansLAssiette

7. Mocha Eclairs

Want to make mocha eclairs? Delicious crisp choux pastry, filled with coffee creme patissiere topped with chocolate fondant, cocoa nibs & coffee beans.

From: PatisserieMakesPerfect

8. Raspberry White Chocolate & Nutella Eclairs

If ever there was a time for overly fancy desserts, it would most certainly be Valentine’s day. If ever there was a time for edible gold leaf, it would also accordingly be this holiday.

From: LaPecheFraiche

9. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Eclairs

When I get on a kick, my thoughts and behavior border on compulsive, the topic of my current obsession permeating the far corners of my brain. Whether it’s food, travel, or a crazy notion to refinish our dining table with faux cement. An idea, when I get a good one, is like a splinter, so tiny you have a hard time finding it, but just irritating enough that you can’t relax until you’ve dealt with it.

From: LoveAndOliveOil

10. Mocha Eclairs with Espresso Creme

The rules were to follow exactly the pâte à choux recipe and make at least one of the two chocolate components from the original recipe – rather the chocolate pastry cream for filling or chocolate glaze.

From: BakingObsession

11. Triple Chocolate Eclairs

Get your ultimate chocolate fix with these easy to make triple chocolate eclairs! The French bakery has come to you!

From: CountryCleaver

12. Homemade Boston Cream Eclair

No description needed – JUST LOOK AT THESE.

From: Yummly

13. White Chocolate Raspberry Eclairs

Up your party game with these White Chocolate Raspberry Éclairs. Filled with white chocolate pastry cream and fresh raspberries, this tasty éclair recipe is the perfect pop of pink that your party needs! Whether you’re hosting an Easter brunch or a springtime soiree, these raspberry éclairs are sure to impress. Top your éclairs with a fresh raspberry glaze for an added touch of sweetness.

From: Wilton

14. No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Desserts

I have to admit, I love trying new dinner recipes, but when it comes to baking sweets and treats, I’m just not very adventurous. Even when we have a family get together, I’m the first person to volunteer to bring an appetizer, or a vegetable side dish, or even a fancy salad. But when someone asks me to bring a dessert, I’m a little lost.

From: OneLittleProject

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15. The Best Homemade Eclairs

Smooth and silky cream inside of a tender choux dough and covered with a rich dark chocolate. This chocolate eclair is an ultimate pleasure.

From: LavenderAndMacarons

16. Raspberry Eclairs

I love eclairs, well I love choux pastry, I don’t really mind if it’s a raspberry eclair, a bun, a religiuese or a paris-brest. As long as it’s iced and filled with something tasty, I’m pretty happy. I knew that I had to make eclairs in my new steam oven as they are baked through the process of removing steam from the warm pastry.

From: PatisserieMakesPerfect

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