30 Fantastic French Toast Recipes: Best Breakfast Ever

French toast makes for a heavenly breakfast. Every bite contains so much flavor and pop your jaw will drop. Enjoy these 30 fantastic french toast recipes…

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1. Overnight Chocolate French Toast Casserole

Chocolate French Toast Casserole – this easy overnight French toast recipe is full of chocolate, from the milk to the chocolate chips! It’s the perfect indulgent brunch recipe!

From: CrazyForCrust

2. Classic Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

Vanilla and cinnamon french toast stuffed with sweet cream cheese filling and sugar-coated strawberries. The classic indulgent breakfast!

From: HomemadeHooplah

3. Easy Overnight Blueberry French Toast Bake

The easiest french toast bake – only ten minutes of prep the night before, then pop this in the oven in the oven when you wake up for an amazing breakfast.  Full of soft french bread, sweet maple cream cheese, and juicy blueberries!

From: TheSaltyMarshmallow

4. Creme Brulee French Toast

Out of all the recipes I have ever made, this crunchy french toast recipe is the most requested one by far. It gets its name from having a crunch top (as you see in the photo – the tops of the bread are rich golden brown) and the insides have the traditional “softness” of french toast.

From: HomemadeHooplah

5. Peach Cobbler Baked French Toast

Peach Cobbler Baked French Toast is one of our family’s go-to breakfast recipes. It has all the flavors of peach cobbler in a delicious overnight French toast casserole that’s perfect for weekends or special occasions. This recipe is easy to prepare and oven-ready in the morning. Take the stress out of breakfast with this delicious twist on a classic….guaranteed to become a favorite!

From: LemonTreeDwelling

6. French Toast Cinnamon Roll Pull Apart Muffins

These French Toast Cinnamon Roll Pull Apart Muffins are about as easy as it gets. Made with pre-packaged Cinnamon Roll dough, eggs and milk, in just 20 minutes you’ll have a sweet and delicious breakfast that will impress your family and guests.

From: YellowBlissRoad

7. Caramelized Banana French Toast

Caramelized Banana French Toast is a decadent french toast with homemade caramel sauce and bananas, an easy to make gourmet breakfast you can make at home.

From: TidyMom

8. Banana Nutella Stuffed French Toast

Remember the Banana Nut Pancakes I was eating by the half-dozen a few months ago? Well, they just met their match at the brunch buffet.

From: JustATaste

9. French Toast Roll-Ups

One time we had some friends over for dinner and we made a huge menu on a poster board and they were to check off what they would like for dinner.  Their options were pancakes, waffles, french toast, eggs, bacon, and sausage. We had a fun mix of everything and it’s a dinner that my kids still remember!

From: ThisGrandmaIsFun

10. Triple Berry French Toast Casserole

This Triple Berry French Toast Casserole is going to be a new family favorite. Incredibly easy and bursting with berry flavor! Great for breakfast or brunch, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and more!

From: MomOnTimeout

11. Copycat Denny’s French Toast Recipe

First, and foremost, this recipe ROCKS!! Secondly, I have noticed a good bit of people are having issues with lumps or floating cinnamon. Best advice I can give, after experimenting with a few ways of doing it, is to mix your dry ingredients first. Followed by your milk, but like a third of it at first to get it wet. Add yours eggs in last. This should help get things well on their way with way less lumps. Enjoy!

From: GeniusKitchen

12. Fluffy French Toast

Raise your hand if you’re sick of soggy French toast? {Raises hand high!} Now granted, there are a few folks that don’t mind soggy bread. But then there are a few (read: A LOT) of folks who do. I know people who don’t eat or make French toast just because of that problem. They like the flavors, just not the texture. Well, after you try this recipe, it’s going to be the best feeling since, well, sliced bread. No sogginess but ALL the flavor. Trust me. Folks will be naming babies in your honor after they try this recipe.

From: TheCountryCook

13. Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast

Take a breakfast basic to a whole new level with this fast and fresh recipe for Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast.

From: JustATaste

14. French Bread Cinnamon Roll Bake

Breakfast food always sounds so good to me no matter what time of day it is. Specifically French toast and Cinnamon Rolls. So I thought… Why don’t I combine them? And now I give you… a true masterpiece. This Cinnamon Roll French Bread Bake is so good, you may just make it three days in a row like I did. 🙂

From: SixSistersStuff

15. Skinny & Crunchy Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast

This Healthy Cream Cheese Strawberry Stuffed French Toast is the easy Sunday family breakfast recipe we keep coming back to!

From: SavoryNothings

16. Gingerbread French Toast with Cinnamon Honey Sauce

Make your loved ones gingerbread French toast with cinnamon honey sauce! A great breakfast-in-bed or brunch recipe with a hint of Christmas & mouth-watering sauce!

From: HappyFoodsTube

17. Easy Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

Easy Cinnamon French Toast Sticks – Wow! What a great discovery! Breakfast you can eat with your fingers and dip in syrup, rather than pour syrup all over it. There’s something quite sensual about touching your food.

From: TheForkBite

18. Bananas Foster French Toast

I love making easy, delicious, and pretty recipes like this Bananas Foster French toast. Like they say in Mexico “de la vista nace el amor” which basically means that when something looks good, you are immediately attracted to it. I think that this saying can be applied to food as well! This Bananas Foster French toast recipe is absolutely delicious and you won’t be able to stop eating it!

From: MyLatinaTable

19. Churro French Toast

The most amazing, most buttery French toast you will ever have, coated in cinnamon sugar and drizzled with an epic cream cheese glaze!

From: DamnDelicious

20. Red Velvet French Toast

Red Velvet French Toast with Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Filling! Perfect for any special occasion, or just a lazy Sunday morning breakfast — with class!

From: CafeDelites

21. Overnight Cinnamon Apple French Toast Casserole

This Overnight Cinnamon Apple Baked French Toast Casserole is going to be perfect for the holidays and would be great for any time you want a fun breakfast without a ton of work or prep!

From: LifeLoveAndSugar

22. Brown Sugar Banana French Toast Casserole

Brown Sugar Banana French Toast Casserole – A make-ahead baked French toast casserole filled with brown sugar caramel sauce, sliced bananas, and a brown sugar crumble topping. Assemble this French toast the night before and bake it in the morning.

From: CelebratingSweets

23. Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

My love affair with rediscovering french toast continues. Last week it was Apple French Toast, a pile of french toast dripping with self-saucing stewed apple syrup. The week before it was Parmesan French Toast (insanely delicious!). This week it’s french toast sticks – eat it with your fingers (tick), tastes like cinnamon doughnuts but a whole lot healthier (double tick)!

From: RecipeTinEats

24. French Toast Sausage Roll-Ups

French toast and breakfast sausages transport me right back to age nine or so when Mama Bear made them for us all the time on the weekends.

From: CinnamonSpiceAndEverythingNice

25. Cornflake Crusted French Toast

Cornflake Crusted French Toast! Texas toast dipped in extra thick cinnamon batter and crusted with cornflakes. That extra crunch is unbelievably addictive!

From: CulinaryHill

26. Cinnamon Roll French Toast Casserole

Cinnamon Roll French Toast Casserole takes cinnamon rolls to the next level in an ooey, gooey, delicious baked French toast recipe that’s perfect for the holidays!

From: LemonTreeDwelling

27. Melt-In-Your-Mouth Brioche French Toast

The secret to the mind-blowing, craveable, “I need it now” French Toast at Chef Mickey’s is the bread.  While people like you or I may use simple ol’ white bread, Chef Mickey’s uses a rotating selection of brioche and challah to set their French toast apart.

From: TheDisneyChef

28. Pecan Pie French Toast

An easy and absolutely delicious recipe for Overnight Pecan Pie French Toast!

Happy Friday! The weekend is just hours away and you know what that means, right?! BRUNCH. AKA the best meal in the entire world.

From: BakerByNature

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29. Cinnamon French Toast with Cream Cheese

A classic french toast recipe with vanilla, cinnamon and a cream cheese glaze drizzled on warm toasted artisan bread slices.

From: SimplyGloria

30. Country Style French Toast Recipe

Delicious, fluffy country-style French toast is much easier to make than you think. The key is to use real butter melted on a preheated skillet or griddle. Restaurant style french is usually made with thick sliced “Texas toast”.

From: CountryRecipeBook

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