9 Healthy Morning Habits: Begin Your Day Right

Who doesn’t want to start the day off right?

The problem is that life is busy. You get out of bed, and before you know it, your phone is buzzing, the baby’s crying, and the dog just peed on the floor. It can be all downhill from here.

Luckily, there are few simple solutions to get your morning started off on the right foot. And, it shouldn’t a ton of time each day. You need to adopt a few healthy morning habits that take no more than a few minutes each.

Let’s explore these 9 habits you can try:


Create a Schedule

Take a few minutes each morning to jot down important tasks that must be done for the day. Don’t overload the day. Be realistic.

Maybe you write down ten things you need to do. Now, go back and highlight the top three that have to be done. This helps you set realistic goals for the day that you can achieve.

Pack Your Lunch

Don’t get in the bad habit of eating out every day. Fast food is not good for your waistline or your budget. Take a few minutes each day to pack your lunch with healthy, easy to eat and digest foods.


Weigh Yourself

Wait, what? Everyday? Yes!

Even if you’re not actively trying to lose weight, this is a great morning habit. It helps you to see even small changes, allowing you to make adjustments to your diet and exercise plan daily.

Drink Water

Everyone wants to have a big cup of coffee to kick-start their energy for the day. And, you can. Just couple it with 16 ounces of ice cold water too. Try flavor infused water to keep your taste buds happy. Drinking water gives you energy, aids in digestion, and gets your body off to a healthy, hydrated start.


Eat Breakfast

Your body can’t run on empty. You have been fasting all night long while you were asleep. Break the fast with a healthy meal packed with protein, like energy bars or protein pancakes. It will give you the energy and brain power you need to deal with work, family, and home life.

Get Moving

You don’t have to run a marathon every day to be healthy. Use an app as your personal trainer. Try the 7 Minute Workout, to get your day started off right with a quick burst of exercise.

Be Inspired

Starting the day off with inspiration helps get the creative juices flowing. Read inspirational quotes or a story. Listen to a motivational podcast or watch an inspiring video. All of these practices help to set the tone for the day.


Practice Gratitude

A gratitude journal is an excellent way to start that day that takes little time. You don’t have to ponder for hours and come up with an all-inclusive list. Keep a journal on your nightstand. Write down one to three things in your life that make you feel grateful or happy.

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Maybe you are having a much-needed lunch with friends, just got a promotion, or found a great bottle of wine the night before. It can be both big and small things. Finding gratitude in the simple things of life will help you feel happy and decrease stress.

Make Your Bed

Many people hate this task. But, it is simple and can really boost your sense of accomplishment. Plus, it will make your momma proud, no matter how old you are.

Start by picking one or two of these habits. Get into a routine of doing them daily. You can add to the routine as needed. After a few weeks, take a quick inventory of your mornings are going and how this has impacted your ability to have a good day.

Post submitted by: Melissa Mills, MHA, BSN, RN, CCM

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