Delicious Cannoli Recipes

If you are looking for delicious cannoli recipes, you have come to the right place. Here you will find some tips and recipes for Cannoli dough, filling, and shells. It also helps to add vanilla extract, if you prefer. In this article, I will provide a step-by-step procedure for making Cannolis. You should try this recipe at least once! You will soon be craving them!

Cannoli shells

To make delicious cannoli shells, you first need to prepare the dough. You should chill it thoroughly before rolling it out and frying it. When ready to fry the shots, you should know how to keep the filling fresh and chilled for 15 minutes. Here are some tips on making cannoli shells. Follow the recipe carefully to make them the way you want them.

For best results, the filling can be prepared up to three days before serving. Keep it refrigerated. Once filled, store it in an airtight container for up to two days. Before serving, you can fry the shells to make them extra crispy. Make sure to use cold butter and oil. This method is easy yet requires patience and skill. It is best to serve fresh cannoli shells.

For the filling, you can use a thick pastry cream, pudding, or whipped cream. You can also use a variety of toppings and mix in some chopped fruit. You can even drizzle chocolate on top or use a creamy peanut butter frosting. You can decorate your cannoli shells with chocolate ganache or peanut butter drizzle for a fancy treat. This dessert is perfect for celebrations.

Cannoli filling

Cannoli filling recipes differ significantly from one another. While ricotta and mascarpone can be used in the same formula, they have different textures and flavors. For a more festive dessert, you can make a chocolate-flavored filling. Fold candied oranges into the filling and refrigerate for at least two hours before piping into cannoli shells. Dip the cannoli in melted chocolate and dust them with powdered sugar for added flavor.

The first step in making a cannoli filling recipe is to prepare a cannoli shell. It would help to use a piping or storage bag with a large hole cut in the corner. Pipe the filling mixture into the covers until it smooshes out of them. Once you’ve piped the filling, please place them in the fridge until you’re ready to serve them. Before serving, sprinkle them with powdered sugar or some mini chocolate chips.

You can use Italian 00 flour or regular all-purpose flour when making cannoli shells. You can also use cinnamon, which is ideal for fall gatherings. If you can’t find almond extract, you can substitute amaretto for it. The next step in making a cannoli shell is to mix the ricotta and sugar in a medium bowl. When the batter has been set, it can be used as a cannoli shell.

Cannoli dough

Cannolis are delicious treats made with a homemade cannoli dough recipe. It’s easy to make, and the dough is easily rolled out using a pasta maker. For a more complex flavor, you can add nuts and chocolate chips or use Nutella. This recipe makes about three dozen cannolis. Serve them with a side of Nutella or pistachios. Makes enough for about six servings.

When preparing, place the filling in a pastry bag with a broad tip. Alternatively, you can use a freezer zip bag with a corner snipped off. Carefully squeeze the filling into the cannoli shells until the filling starts to leak out. Make sure the cannolis are not too soft or greasy. Once filled, refrigerate until ready to serve.

Prepare the filling. You can also pipe a filling inside the shells or dip them in dairy-free mini chocolate chips. You can also use gluten-free flour to make sugar-free cannolis. The dough itself can be frozen before frying. It can last up to three months before being used. This recipe makes many cannolis. And it’s perfect for holiday baking! So, if you love sweet desserts, try this vegan cannoli recipe. You’ll love the crispy fried shells and the rich, creamy filling!

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Vanilla extract

If you’re looking for a delicious treat everyone will love, try one of these tasty cannoli recipes. Ricotta cheese is a must-have in any recipe for homemade cannoli. It is creamy and rich, and it makes a perfect cannoli filling. This recipe calls for ricotta cheese purchased from the supermarket’s dairy section. It should be strained using cheesecloth or a colander with fine holes and allowed to drain for a minute before beating in the sugar and vanilla.

A piping bag with a round tip is a great way to fill the cannoli shells. You can also use a large sandwich bag. Once you’ve made your filling, you’ll need a piping bag and a large hole. Place the piping bag into the cannoli shell, pull out the tip slowly, and continue piping until the end of the cannoli is filled. To finish, you can sprinkle mini chocolate chips or dust with powdered sugar.

Another great option for making homemade cannoli shells is to use cocoa powder and cinnamon instead of vanilla extract. You can substitute marsala wine with white wine, grape juice, water, and vinegar. To add a little extra flavor, add orange zest to the filling and dip the ends in chocolate or unsalted pistachios. You can also substitute ricotta with mascarpone for the filling.

ricotta cheese

There are countless recipes for cannoli made with ricotta cheese. Homemade ricotta is a great choice. If you want to try making your own, you can use a food processor or hand-held mixer to whip the ricotta until smooth. Whole milk ricotta is best, and you can buy it from a store, but it must be strained to remove any water. Once the ricotta is whipped, you can fold in chopped nuts or chocolate chips. When the filling is done, you can fill your cannoli shells. Always remember that filling a cannoli shell ahead of time will result in soggy cannoli.

After making the filling:

  1. Strain it and keep it refrigerated overnight. If you don’t drain the ricotta properly, the packing will be too wet, and the shells will be soggy.
  2. Place the bowl of ricotta in a fine-mesh strainer and cover it with saran wrap or pie weights.
  3. Refrigerate the bowl for 12 hours or overnight.


Flavors of cannoli are trendy all around the world. The Italian dessert is a perfect combination of sweet and salty, so you won’t get bored. Whether you’re looking for traditional Italian cannoli with a sweet filling or something a bit different, you can find it in a cannoli bakery near you. You will be sure to find a cannoli that you enjoy eating.

You can customize the flavors of cannoli by modifying its dough. The basic dough is made from all-purpose flour and eggs. The eggs should be at room temperature before you begin baking. This helps seal the edges of the cannoli shell before it is fried. Another ingredient you’ll need is vegetable oil. Once the dough is made, you’ll want to fry the cannoli shells in vegetable oil.

For a genuinely Italian-style treat, try a pistachio cannoli. You can also use half a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste instead of the extract. For a more modern take on the classic, you can use a half-cup of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. Of course, opt for plain cannoli if you’re trying to cut calories. The only downside is that you can’t bake them if they have cream in them.

Nutritional information

If you are trying to lose weight, you might be wondering about the nutritional value of your favorite sweet treat. Although most cannoli recipes contain high amounts of sugar, they also have some essential nutrients. For example, a serving of 3.5 oz (100 g) contains less than a third of your recommended daily allowance of saturated fat and 0 grams of protein. A serving of regular cannoli has less than half of your daily requirement of vitamin A, and only 0.2 oz (6 g) contains a gram of protein. The other nutrients in cannoli are sugar, fat, and carbohydrates.

While cannolis are not unhealthy in terms of nutrients, they are high in calories, fat, and net carbs. You may want to stick to smaller cannolis if you are calorie-conscious. While a medium-sized cannoli contains 240 calories, a white chocolate cannoli has 339 calories, and a mini cannoli is just 85 calories. However, smaller cannoli portions are much healthier if you want to indulge in a treat now and then.