Why Are Implants Best For Replacing Your Missing Teeth?

Living a life with one or more missing natural teeth can be really tough. It’s a kind of problem that can take quality out of a life for sure. In fact, your missing tooth can make eating and speaking difficult, and your face might swoop down a bit resulting in the loss of glow to your smile. 

Despite facing problems of physical and psychological types, you can be confident of finding a right treatment for your missing teeth. That’s why dental implants are in great demand as they are a better option to other prosthetic such as bridges, crowns, and dentures, available.

Based on your problem, your dentist may recommend an implant so that you get a perfect replacement for the tooth. Once the replacement is done, you can get back to living your life to fullest without virtually no difficulty to face ever.


How Do Dental Implants Work?

Although implants are a relatively new dental prosthetic compared to traditional options, they nonetheless have proved to be the most effective and most used as well in recent times to replace missing teeth. To understand what makes them tick, you first need to know how they do work.

  • They are basically a fixture embedded within the jaw bone.

  • In the jawbone, they support a prosthesis and replace the natural teeth.

  • Implants lead to bone formation in and around the area they are placed.

  • The bone formation is responsible for proving stability and anchorage to the artificial tooth.

  • Implants form direct contact with the jawbone which ensures stability to the prosthesis placed over them.


6 Reasons Why Implants Are The Best Option To Replace Missing Teeth

In recent times, implants have become the most favored option to replace the missing tooth. People are thus preferring it over conventional options and restoring their facial charms and smile. The reasons are many, including –

1. Most Natural Looking

Implants are considered the second best thing to natural teeth. They look and feel like your original teeth. The kind of naturalness they provide is not matched by other dental prosthetics. Above all, they help restore all the charms and radiance your face and smile lost due to the missing of the teeth.

2. Very Durable Option

Implants can last forever. Yeah, with due care, you can make these prosthetics outlast even you. Once they are replaced, you can expect them to function for a lifetime. With implants, you don’t have to worry about frequent replacement or repair in three to five years as it happens with the traditional option.

3. No Harm To Tooth Structure

Implants aren’t in any way harmful to your tooth structure. Since they require minimal tooth preparation, there will be absolutely no risk any adjacent tooth or gum line. Your teeth and gums will be perfectly okay even after you replace the missing teeth with implants. This makes them a highly safe option for replacement purpose.

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4. No Food Restrictions

With implants, you can eat or drink anything you like. Your favorite foods are no longer out of bound. Eating even hard and sticky foods won’t harm you in any which way with implants. No matter what you choose to eat, the dentures won’t break or slip out of the mouth. That’s why people prefer it over other prosthetics.

5. Comfort Of Original Teeth

The way implants are embedded in the jawbone makes them deliver the same level of comfort as your original teeth would. There will be total convenience with your everyday activity and you would go about the life as if no teeth were ever lost. Needless to say, you will feel as natural as desired and for that reason, implants remain easily the most popular option to replace the missing natural teeth.

6. Easy To Maintain

Unlike bridges and dentures, there is no problem in maintaining oral hygiene with implants. You can clean them as easily as you’d do your natural teeth. All your oral hygiene routine like brushing, flossing, and cleaning will be as smooth and easy as it happens with original teeth. For that reason, your dentist in Douglaston always recommends dental implants when you have one or more missing natural teeth.

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