40 Excellent Egg Recipes: Best For Breakfast Or Brunch

Eggs aren’t boring anymore. At least, not after you’ve tried a few of these recipes! Our favorites are Bacon & Egg Cups and Scrambled Egg Toast. Enjoy these 40 egg recipes…

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1. Chili Relleno Casserole

A cheater version of the classic, this Chili Relleno Casserole has layers of gooey cheese and peppers, with puffy clouds of baked eggs on top. So delicious. And crazy simple. Serve it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

From: BellyFull

2. Bacon & Egg Cups

If you are following the Paleo or Whole30 diet these Bacon and Egg Cups are for you. They are full of protein and easy to eat on the go.

From: SeasonalCravings

3. Eggs In Clouds

Eggs in clouds are a perfectly heavenly breakfast, made by whipping the eggs whites until fluffy, before returning the yolk to its rightful place and baking until just cooked. If you like eggs, you will love these, I promise.

From: AMummyToo

4. Sheet Pan Egg-In-A-Hole

A quick classic that comes together right on a sheet pan!!! Less mess, less fuss and just way easier than the stovetop version!

From: DamnDelicious

5. Cheesy Sausage & Egg Breakfast Sliders

Cheesy Sausage and Egg Breakfast Sliders are a fully loaded perfectly portable hand-held breakfast. All of your favorite breakfast fixin’s come together with the most amazing and unexpected glaze to create the perfect Brinner (breakfast or dinner).  We love these for game day and let me tell you they are amazingly convenient for tailgating! We love these sliders, Chad calls them a ‘handful of yum’. Can’t beat that endorsement!

From: TheSlowRoastedItalian

6. Cheesy Egg Casserole

Cheesy Egg Casserole is the perfect baked eggs recipe for brunch! This buttery, easy breakfast casserole is full of cheese and spices, and because it’s vegetarian, everyone can enjoy it.

From: CrazyForCrust

7. Cheesy Bacon & Egg Breakfast Bombs

Cheesy Bacon and Egg Breakfast Bombs are soft and tender portable poppers, stuffed with smoky bacon, scrambled eggs, and ooey gooey cheese, topped with garlic herb butter! This scrumptious recipe is the pull apart breakfast of your dreams!

From: TheSlowRoastedItalian

8. Breakfast Grilled Cheese

I’m thrilled to tell you that I have partnered with Wisconsin Cheese to tell you all about the 2017 Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown! Today I’m sharing one of our favorite breakfasts with you, the Breakfast Grilled Cheese.

From: BarefeetInTheKitchen

9. Onion Ring Eggs

Dig in! This was heavenly. They are now officially in my breakfast repertoire.

From: TastyKitchen

10. Best Ever Deviled Eggs

Ok, so I am having a little fun with that recipe title. 😉 These really are just a classic deviled egg recipe which is my personal favorite. I know it is trendy to add all kinds of different ingredients to the classic deviled egg, but, for me, there is nothing like the classic. The Best Ever Deviled Egg is whatever deviled egg YOU make and enjoy, right?

From: TheCountryCook

11. Breakfast Taquitos

Scrambled eggs, cheese, and sausage links rolled and baked inside a corn tortilla. These Egg and Sausage Breakfast Taquitos are simple and delicious! Freezer friendly for a quick breakfast!

From: MyRecipeMagic

12. Perfect French Omelet

Learning how to make a perfect French omelet may sound daunting, but it’s not hard at all. Using these tips and technique, you can make your own fluffy French omelet any time.

From: WhatAGirlEats

13. Sausage Egg Boats

These egg boats are a new breakfast favorite because they literally take less than five minutes to prep. Sourdough baguettes filled with sausage, eggs and lots of cheese, baked until hot and toasty… so so good!

From: Flavorite

14. Easy One-Pot Mexican Shakshuka

One Pot Mexican Shakshuka done in 30 minutes. The ultimate easy comfort dinner recipe.

From: JoyfulHealthyEats

15. Baked Eggs with Onions & Cheese

Eggs can be baked on a bed of almost anything — cooked spinach and sliced tomatoes come to mind immediately — but the trick in every case is to avoid overcooking. The consistency of baked eggs should be like that of fried eggs, with a barely cooked white and a soft, runny yolk.

From: CookingNYTimes

16. Perfect Eggs

Fried, scrambled, boiled (hard and soft) and of course, POACHED.

From: BuzzFeed

17. Brussels Sprouts, Eggs, & Bacon

A complete sheet pan breakfast with eggs, crisp bacon and roasted brussels sprouts! Quick/easy with one pan to clean!

From: DamnDelicious

18. Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Pizza

This easy Breakfast Pizza is loaded with bacon, eggs, and cheese for the delicious start to the day your whole family will love. Perfect for weekends and holiday celebrations, it’ll be on your table in just 20 minutes.

From: TipBuzz

19. Egg Rolls

Improve your cooking skills with this delicious Asian egg rolls. You will be delighted to add this healthy recipe to your cooking routine. Enjoy!

From: EugenieKitchen

20. Italian Baked Eggs

You’ll never believe that these marinara cheesy baked eggs can be made in just 10 minutes for a complete breakfast!

From: DamnDelicious

21. Eggs Baked in Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello baked eggs are lovely for brunch and substantial enough for a filling lunch or a meatless dinner.

From: HealthyRecipesBlog

22. Deluxe Egg Salad

This Deluxe Egg Salad, which has become crazy popular on Facebook and Pinterest, thanks to you!

If you love egg salad, then I highly recommend you try it based on no just my opinion, but a slew of others who have left great reviews on it.

From: NumsTheWord

23. Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Roll-Ups

A new way to low-carb breakfast.

From: Delish

24. Soy Sauce Eggs

Soy Sauce Eggs – easy and healthy hard-boiled eggs steeped in a soy sauce mixture. This soy sauce eggs recipe yields delicious results.

From: RasaMalaysia

25. Egg & Cheese Hash Brown Waffles

These Egg & Cheese Hash Brown Waffles are just the life hack you need to simplify your breakfast routine! Just a few ingredients is all you need and you’re well on your way to breakfast euphoria.

From: YellowBlissRoad

26. Eggs In Hell

The sausage adds another layer of flavor in addition to the crushed tomatoes, onions, garlic, and smoked paprika. I used hot and we liked the subtle kick but use mild if you prefer.

The sausage makes the dish heartier and it’s great comfort food.

From: AverieCooks

27. Avocado Egg Salad

This Avocado Egg Salad is completely mayo-free and seriously tastes amazing! Imagine if guacamole and hard boiled eggs had a baby, it would be Avocado Egg Salad! This healthy recipe only takes a few minutes to whip up and is protein & fiber rich! (Thank you to the California Avocado Commission for sponsoring this post!)

From: YummyHealthyEasy

28. Easy One-Pot Spicy Eggs & Potatoes

Can you even believe this?

That I’m making a spicy ancho chili homemade tomato simmer sauce (whatever you do, don’t look back at the last month of recipes to check if this is my new obsession, but for real please don’t) to cover a crowd of spicy, salty, pan-fried potatoes, a handful of shredded kale, and, uhhhhhm, EGGS?

From: PinchOfYum

29. Baked Western Omelet

Love the taste and the health benefits of eggs, but don’t love standing over the stove to flip, stir, or babysit them as they cook? Introducing the Baked Western Omelet, which is an easy, hands-off and nutritious way to feed a group for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner! Loaded with veggies and high in protein, this is a dish that will keep you lean, strong, and 100% satisfied!

From: TheSeasonedMom

30. Idaho Sunrise

Try this Idaho Sunrise (Baked Eggs & Bacon In Potato Bowls) recipe today! Your morning favorites presented in a creative fashion! You’ll love it!

From: GimmeSomeOven

31. Chinese Egg Fried Rice

Chinese Egg Fried Rice is a featured Chinese dish popular in all over the country. The ingredients are simple but the taste is great. Basic fried rice recipes are quite popular all over China.

From: ChinaSichuanFood

32. The Best Scrambled Egg Toast

This Scrambled Egg Toast is so easy to make, and so incredibly tasty, that it is going to make your morning better. Guaranteed.

From: Cooktoria

33. Sweet Potato Hash Egg Cups

Sweet Potato Hash Egg Cups – we’re taking baked eggs to the next level by adding a sweet potato/cheddar cheese base for the most delicious, satisfying, savory breakfast you’ll eat this year!

From: FitFoodieFinds

34. Low-Carb Egg Bake with Spinach & Mozzarella

This low-carb and gluten-free Spinach and Mozzarella Egg Bake has spinach, mozzarella, and green onion and just enough egg to hold it together! This tasty breakfast idea is low-carb, Keto, gluten-free, low-glycemic, and South Beach Diet friendly.

From: KalynsKitchen

35. Mexican Frittata

This Mexican frittata recipe is an easy, delicious meal. Try this gluten-free recipe for a healthy dinner or hearty breakfast.

From: RealFoodRealDeals

36. Homemade Egg Drop Soup

This simple, yet oh so satisfying, Egg Drop Soup recipe can be made in no time.

From: SheWearsManyHats

37. Breakfast Quesadillas

Breakfast Quesadillas with bacon, egg, and cheese. An easy breakfast or dinner idea your family is sure to LOVE!

From: TastesBetterFromScratch

38. Cheesy Baked Egg Toast

Eggs and toast are such a perfect breakfast staple. They’re our default, our ‘go-to’ breakfast, especially if you’re like me and love a good runny egg with a little buttered toast to mop it up with. Mmm! But I wasn’t always a runny egg fan. In fact, I preferred scrambled as a child, especially with cheese. Cheesy scrambled eggs were my thing, man.

From: CrazyAdventuresInParenting

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39. Avocado Bacon & Eggs

Unfortunately, I feel like we don’t have as much time in the morning to enjoy all the delicious breakfast recipes, but thankfully we have them for dinner quite often. We usually try to make breakfast at least on Saturdays since it’s a day we usually have a little more time, but I wish we could do it even more often. We do have some quick breakfast treats we like to make and today I’m sharing one of those simple, fast recipes.

From: LilLuna

40. Scrambled Egg Muffins

Does anyone else struggle with breakfast in the morning? Seriously, the last thing that I want to do is spend a lot of time cooking right when I wake up.  I love to make these egg muffins the night before and then put them in the fridge so that all I have to do is pop them in the microwave and I have a hot breakfast ready to go!

From: SixSistersStuff

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