12 Best Ever Guacamole Recipes For Any Occassion

Everybody makes their guacamole a little bit different. Some people add different seasonings, some add more lime, but all of them are delicious! Enjoy these 12 guacamole recipes…

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1. The Most Delicious Guacamole Ever

It’s always a good idea to have an easy guacamole recipe up your sleeve and this one is seriously the best- fantastic, zesty flavor with an awesome secret ingredient to helps take the guacamole to the next level. It’s a healthy snack for any celebration or game day!

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2. Baja Style Guacamole Recipe

Forget about guacamole recipes that call for lots of ingredients. This authentic Baja guacamole recipe is simple with only 4 ingredients. Don’t judge it by its lack of ingredients. The fresh flavors make up for it because they perfectly blend together for amazing flavor.

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3. Creamy Guacamole

Creamy Guacamole – Sour cream adds extra creaminess to this creamy guacamole recipe, with fresh tomatoes, red onion, and jalapenos for an extra spicy kick.

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4. Mango Guacamole Recipe

Get tropical with your classic guacamole recipe and add in some fresh mango. Serve with your favorite tortilla chip and you’ve got yourself the best snack ever!

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5. Restaurant Style Fresh Guacamole

My husband loves this very simple guacamole recipe, and quite frankly, I have grown to love it. From being a picky child, I never would have thought that a green dip could be so good. We just got avocados cheap a few weeks ago, so I thought I would share this easy recipe. When avocados are on sale you definitely want to make this fresh guacamole recipe.

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6. Chipotle’s Guacamole

I’m a little bit of a guacamole freak. There are few things in life that give me as much joy as a big bowl of fresh guacamole and warm, salty tortilla chips. There was a time in my life that I thought avocados were an abomination, but that was a long, long time ago and I’m so glad I see the light now.

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7. The Best Guacamole

This is one amazing guacamole recipe that will have you reaching for a spoon instead of chips!

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8. Authentic Guacamole Recipe

Only 5 minutes to prep, 10 minutes to make, and serves 4-6 people!

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9. The Best Guacamole Recipe (2)

I am confident that this is the BEST Guacamole recipe you’ll make.

At least in my house, it’s the best… (and with over 100,000 pins on Pinterest, I’d say it’s a favorite of others too!)

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10. Favorite Guacamole Recipe

When we’re entertaining we have a few recipes we always go to. Sure we’ll also add something with a twist next to it, but we always include one of our staples. This simple guacamole recipe is one of those staples. It’s easy, it’s fresh and no matter what else we serve with it, it’s always the first to go. Serve with tortilla chips, baked pita chips or if you want to have some fun, cheese quesadilla wedges. We definitely suggest making extra.

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11. Ultimate Guacamole

Guacamole should be simple. Salt, garlic, fresh avocados, cilantro, lime, onion, and tomato. You can use fresh minced garlic or garlic powder. I typically use garlic powder because it’s easier and spreads throughout better. A little salt goes a long way. My one tip, if you add chopped tomatoes add them at the end. Otherwise, they will turn to mush when mashing your avocados.

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12. Mexican Guacamole

When it comes to making Guacamole from scratch, I’ve become a bit of an expert. Although I live in California, I’m blessed to spend about three months a year in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In markets south of the border you can find gorgeous ripe avocados, Mexican limes, chilies, and tomatoes year round.

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