27 Wonderful Waffle Recipes For Your Morning

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Try one of these 27 waffles recipes to help kick off a great day!

1. Dark Chocolate Waffle Recipe

Typically, I reach for a golden, crispy waffle, but not today. Today, I took a trip to the dark side.

These dark chocolate waffles are serious…not see-me-after-class serious, but are-you-really-trying to-have-this-for-breakfast serious. The answer is ‘yes’. Yes, I am and I did.

From: IBakeHeShoots

2. Doughnut Waffles with Maple Glaze

Doughnut Waffles with Maple Glaze are the perfect combination of doughnuts and miniature waffles topped with a thick maple glaze. Breakfast perfection!

From: HandleTheHeat

3. Vegan Hashbrown Waffles

Little more than piles of shredded potatoes, what separates superlative hash browns from the merely adequate hash browns all comes down to texture. Shatteringly crisp on the outside yet tender, even borderline creamy on the inside, it’s a fine balance that’s difficult to strike.

From: GoDairyFree

4. Chicken & Waffles Nachos

March Madness meets food madness. And by food madness, I mean artery-clogging, finger-licking, double-dipping Chicken and Waffles Nachos.

From: RealFoodByDad

5. Peanut Butter Banana Waffles

Banana peanut butter waffles are an insanely good breakfast choice. The recipe makes crisp and fluffy waffles in a Belgian waffle maker!

From: IfYouGiveABlondeAKitchen

6. Savory Waffles with Sausage & Cheddar

We pulled out the waffle maker to start testing these light and fluffy, savory waffles filled with crisp bits of sausage and melted cheddar.

From: InquiringChef

7. Keto Stuffed Cream Cheese Waffle Recipe

These cream cheese stuffed keto waffles are an excellent base for a savory or sweet low carb breakfast. Eggs, mayo and almond flour are used in this recipe to keep the carb count modest without sacrificing flavor.

From: Ketogasm

8. Keto Paleo Almond Flour Waffles

These easy keto paleo waffles with almond flour are quick to make, using natural ingredients. They even get crispy! Just 20 minutes including cook time.

From: WholesomeYum

9. Churro Waffles

Can you have a bad day when you wake up and make a warm breakfast like this? Or better yet when you wake up to this breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen? So, pass this recipe along to that friend or loved one so that can become a reality. 🙂

From: CookingClassy

10. Crispy Cheddar Cornbread Waffles

A fresh take on your traditional waffle, these savory Crispy Cheddar Cornbread Waffles are the perfect vehicle for chili, and so much fun to eat!

From: KyleeCooks

11. Maple Bacon Waffle Recipe

I know I know… yet another maple bacon recipe.  But it was between this and a pumpkin waffle recipe, which two of the other gals made so I figured this was a better way to go than another repeat.  And let me tell you…  AMAZING, even my husband loved then and he isn’t into my maple bacon craze.

From: AshleeMarie

12. Cake Batter Birthday Waffles

I’m calling these beauties cake batter birthday waffles, but take out the candle and these easy and festive waffles featuring sprinkles and fresh summer strawberries make a delicious dessert any day!

From: DearCrissy

13. Peanut Butter Waffles

Peanut Butter Waffles – These tasty waffles are a great way to add a little more protein to your breakfast! The peanut butter syrup is absolutely divine!

From: CreationsByKara

14. Fluffy Belgian Waffles

These Fluffy Belgian Waffles are superbly thick and fluffy. Golden, mouthwatering, and perfect for any weekend breakfast or brunch.

From: ChewOutLoad

15. Golden Butter Waffles

Waffles are the perfect way to start the day, and lucky for you, today is National Waffle Day so if you’re not having waffles for breakfast, I hope you have breakfast for dinner tonight and enjoy these then!  I have been making these waffles for years and years. They’re the perfect waffles in my opinion, crispy edges, golden throughout and light in the middle.

From: LMLD

16. Snickerdoodle Waffles

Did you know it’s WAFFLE DAY today? You probably didn’t even know the day existed, and I didn’t either until I was looking on a holiday calendar awhile back. In celebration of this silly holiday, I thought I’d share with you a new recipe we recently tried out that is perfect to celebrate today with.

From: LilLuna

17. Cheesy Mashed Potato Waffles

First, there were leftover mashed potato pancakes. And then, there were leftover mashed potato muffins. I had no choice but to complete the leftovers trifecta. Welcome to the spare spuds shindig, Cheesy Leftover Mashed Potato Waffles.

From: JustATaste

18. Paleo Sweet Potato Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Bust out those waffle makers for this Sweet Potato Waffle Breakfast Sandwich. Five simple ingredients combined for one epic paleo sandwich. Whole30 compliant too!

From: FitMittenKitchen

19. Carrot Cake Waffle Recipe

These Carrot Cake Waffles are a cross between a hearty, wholesome whole-wheat waffle and a slice of carrot cake.

From: HealthySeasonalRecipes

20. The Best Apple Cider Waffles

Apple Cider Waffles Recipe – Apple cider waffles are a great addition to your fall and winter breakfast routine. Serve these waffles with warm maple syrup and apple cider for the ultimate breakfast!

From: AddAPinch

21. Red Velvet Waffles

Colorful red velvet waffles made with a brown sugar buttermilk batter with a little cocoa and red food coloring for that classic red velvet taste and color.

From: BarbaraBakes

22. Egg & Cheese Hash Brown Waffles

These Egg & Cheese Hash Brown Waffles are just the life hack you need to simplify your breakfast routine! Just a few ingredients is all you need and you’re well on your way to breakfast euphoria.

From: YellowBlissRoad

23. Best Chocolate Waffles

Ready for the best chocolate waffles? We love to make waffles from our Make-Ahead Waffle Mix, but we also LOVE the recipe we’ve come up with for the Best Chocolate Chocolate Waffles–yum!!

From: AllSheCooks

24. Banana Bread Waffles

The sweet and delicious taste of Banana Bread in a Waffle!

From: DietHood

25. Cinnamon Roll Waffle Recipe

I went with a buttermilk waffle… plain, with no cinnamon filling added.  So boring and blah- but not for long. I drizzled the cinnamon-sugar filling on top. And Wowza!

From: RecipeGirl

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26. Homemade Waffles

This Easy Homemade Waffles Recipe is light and crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside – they’re perfect every time!

From: AllThingsMamma

27. Pizza Waffles


Pizza Waffles! Easy, cheesy, and crazy good! Just 3 ingredients and a few minutes to make these yummy waffles!

From: SpendWithPennies

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