42 Marvelous Milkshake Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

There are many delicious milkshake recipes, and this article will show you 42 of them. There are coffee avocado milkshakes, roasted blueberries, and much more. There’s even an oatmeal date and almond milkshake. But which one will you choose? Read on for the answers! We’ve all dreamed of a chocolate milkshake as a kid. But what if you want something a little more unique? Try these fantastic recipes.

Oats Dates Almond Milkshake

Oats, dates, almonds, and milk combine to create a delicious and healthy drink. The addition of Medjool dates adds sweetness while also containing nutrients and antioxidants. These five ingredients make an excellent addition to your breakfast. These healthy and delicious drinks can help you get through your morning routine. The recipe can be found on the website Dishing Out Health.

This oat milk recipe is straightforward and uses oats and five other natural ingredients. Instead of sugar, this shake also contains natural sugars from dates. You can also add flavors to it to enhance its flavor. You’ll find yourself craving this delicious shake! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! Try it out today! You won’t regret it!

Roasted Blueberry Milkshake

Roasted Blueberry Milkshake: A refreshing summertime treat! Try this delicious treat that is loaded with blueberries and honey. The whole family will love it! It is easy to make and can make in your blender. The recipe calls for 2 cups of blueberries. Add the milk, ice cream, and honey. Blend well. Pour the mixture into a glass and enjoy! Adding blueberries to a shake is a simple and delicious way to get your daily dose of vitamin C.

To make the recipe vegan, you can use almond or soy milk instead of cow’s milk. You can also use frozen blueberries, bananas, or mixed berries instead of blueberries. If you don’t have access to fresh blueberries, use frozen ones or blend them in a blender. You can also make the milkshake with non-dairy milk if you don’t have any. This recipe is suitable for any time of the day, so it’s the perfect treat during the summer or winter.

You can make a toasted marshmallow blueberry milkshake for a delicious and healthier milkshake. Toasted marshmallows add a smoky, caramelized flavor to the beverage. Blend with Easy Blueberry Sauce until smooth, and serve immediately. Top with whipped cream or sprinkles. If you prefer to eat it with the marshmallow, you can store the toasted marshmallows in the freezer. The toasted marshmallows will keep the shake from becoming too sweet.

You can add other frozen fruits to this smoothie if desired. You can also add a few chia seeds to the mixture for added health benefits. Adding ice will dilute the flavor and make the smoothie less thick than you’d like it to be. Add a bit of honey or maple syrup to sweeten it up. If you cannot do this, you can always add more bananas or fresh fruit to your smoothie.

Easy Oreo Milkshake

Make an easy Oreo milkshake to satisfy your sweet tooth. This sweet and creamy beverage tastes just like the classic cookie! The Oreos can be crushed or left chunky for extra crunch. Pour the mixture into glasses and garnish with whipped cream and crushed Oreos. Enjoy! You can even make it in a mason jar! You can even customize it with flavored syrups. And don’t forget to add a cherry or two!

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First, you will need a blender and ice cream. You can substitute chocolate ice cream for vanilla. You can substitute Oreos with a different flavor, like mint, caramel, or even creme de menthe. Ensure the ingredients are in order, which is essential to perfect consistency. Set the blender to a low speed and then slowly increase the speed. Once the mixture reaches the desired consistency, it is ready to serve!

Add the ice cream and blend until smooth to make an Oreo milkshake. It’s best to let the ice cream soften for at least 5 minutes before scooping it. You can add Oreo pieces or crush them with a rolling pin and fold them into the shake. Be sure to use whole milk, as it will give the drink a creamy consistency. However, if you don’t like whole milk, you can use unsweetened almond or coconut milk instead.

You can also make an Oreo milkshake without the blender. First, crush the Oreo cookies with a plastic bag or a rolling pin. Once you’ve destroyed the cookies, add the rest of the ingredients, including the vanilla extract. Be careful not to over-process the Oreos, or they will turn out too fine to taste. To make the drink even more decadent, top it off with whipped cream and enjoy.

Coffee Avocado Milkshake

Avocado in a coffee shake is quite delicious. If you want a caffeine boost, try this Avocado Coffee Milkshake recipe. Divide the shake between 4 glasses and enjoy with a friend or the ‘wearenotmartha’ hashtag. You can also use a blender to create the perfect Avocado Coffee Milkshake. Using a blender makes the drink thicker and sweeter than other smoothie recipes.

To prepare the Coffee Avocado Milkshake:

  1. Start by slicing the avocado in half long-ways.
  2. Remove the pit.
  3. Add the protein powder, peanut butter, almond milk, and coffee to the blender.
  4. Blend until smooth and pour into your favorite glass or to-go container.
  5. Garnish with chocolate syrup or peanuts.
  6. Serve right away, or enjoy later.

This recipe is an excellent way to spruce up an afternoon treat.

An Indonesian version of this shake is jus alpukat, a thick drink made with avocado and espresso. A pinch of salt adds depth to the flavors without making the shake too salty. A large blender makes two batches. Alternatively, you can prepare the avocado milkshake the night before. If you prefer a thicker shake, double the ingredients and brew them separately. The result is a thick, creamy, and creamy drink that tastes like a coffee and chocolate smoothie.

Skinny Berry Pie Milkshake

There’s nothing quite as sinful as a blueberry milkshake, and this Skinny version is 70% lighter than the original version! Adapted from Every Day with Rachael Ray, this tasty dessert is surprisingly easy to make and has low sugar, fat, and calories. For a sweet treat, garnish it with whipped cream, sprinkles, and fresh berries. The recipe also uses a few natural ingredients so you won’t feel guilty about your guilt-free treat!

To make a Skinny Berry Pie Milkshake, first prepare your ingredients. Using a blender, combine berries and banana and add almond milk. Blend until smooth and creamy. Add whipped cream and serve! Optional: Top with half of a third-hand pie. Peabody is a big fan of baking, so he made this milkshake! Afterward, he enjoyed it as a snack while watching TV.