Yearly Review: How Much Did Chief Health Grow This Past Year?

exclusive look at our growth and success over the past year. We will show you what helped propel Chief Health forward into 2018.

How Have We Been Around?

Chief Health has articles dating back to 1st, but we actually began writing near the end of (shhh!). We are a little under 10 months old! However, our young age didn’t stop us from exploding onto the health, fitness, and happiness scene. But enough about us already – let’s get to the growth.

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2017 Blog Statistics


Over 45,000 visitors and 60,000 views.

Top 15 Articles

8 of the top 15 articles receiving over 1,000 views.

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Where Did Our Viewership Come From?

the beginning, we shared our content across most major social media platforms: LinkedIn, Fac, Google Plus, Instagram, & Pinterest. We continued to publish our content on all of these for the first three months and then decided to take a good look at what was working and what was wasting our time.

Here’s what we found out:

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  1. The audience on LinkedIn doesn’t care much for health, fitness, and happiness advice or information (and if they do, they don’t care to read more about it from us).
  2. Even though we were able to gain over 1,000 likes on Fac in our first three months – IT IS USELESS. Fac has severely cut the influence of non-paying pages/posts. Posts with an image and a few sentences only reached 150 of the 1,400 likes, and any blog post we shared would get a max of 50 views (and maybe 1 or 2 clicks).
  3. We sporadically posted on Google Plus, but it wasn’t really helping because we weren’t able to completely engulf ourselves in the community.
  4. Instagram was great for posting images and sharing short amounts of information with a small audience, but very few people took the time to visit the website for more good reads.

LinkedIn, Fac, Google Plus, & Instagram were a WASTE OF TIME for us. Although, all this new information allowed one social media platform to shine!

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Our : Pinterest!

Our pins were placed in front of over 2,500,000 people on Pinterest in 5 months.

Our viewership steadily increased and now sits at 300,000 viewers per month.

Over the past 5 months, we’ve created over 500 Pinterest pins linked to Chief Health. We started to learn how to make Pinterest pins that are unique and visually pleasing to our audience. We have created 115 of those visually pleasing pins with our top Pinterest pin (below) receiving 45,000+ repins.

This pin was repinned over 45k times.

We continue to create new content and pins for all our posts – now totaling over 200 articles! 

Added The Team

help us maintain our current pace of content creation we added two new bloggers to the team: Full Belly Whole Heart & Vegan Turned On! Both of these bloggers create fantastic recipe articles that they allow us to deliver to you. We created new Pinterest boards for them to help grab some of our audience too!

  • Full Belly Whole Heart | Delicious, Healthy Recipes
  • Vegan Turned On | Fantastic, Healthy Recipes

Please check out their websites and visit their Pinterest boards.

Would you like to join our team too? Feel free to leave a comment with your website for further consideration.

Looking Forward 2018

We’ve achieved so much in such a short period of time, and we are excited about another year of growth and increased potential. Support us by subscribing to Chief Health so we can continue to publish amazing content for you to read and share with friends and family.

Thank you all so much for your support and have a wonderful new year!