Cranberry Sauce And Vegan Turkey Sandwich – Recipe

A tasty lunch or early supper choice that is meat-free. This delicious cranberry sauce and vegan turkey sandwich was offered by Vegan Activated.

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As you might have figured from my exhilaration, this cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving requirement, no ifs, ands or buts!


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  • . 1 lb. fresh cranberries
  • 1 navel orange, remove peel, white outer membrane layer as well as center core
  • 1 small apple, carefully sliced
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 mug pecans, cut or squashed
  • 1/2 mug craisins


  1. Incorporate 1/2 pound. of cranberries and also orange in a food mill or Vitamix utilizing steel blades. See to it is just a couple of quick fast pulses to make sure that the cranberries don’t entirely blend as well as remain crunchy.
  2. Throw in the other 1/2 pound. in the food mill and do the same
  3. Pour mixture right into huge blending bowl
  4. Mix in apple, brownish sugar, cinnamon, lemon juice, pecans, and also craisins
  5. Mix well, cover and also let it being in the refrigerator over night (the longer it rests the much better the flavor!)

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I wanted to include this outstanding sauce into something fast and also simple to offer you a concept of how else to eat it also after the holidays when you have a bunch leftover. I went as well as got «Meadow Bread» from Whole Foods (which I thought was suitable since it has pumpkin seeds), some Initial vegan cheese, vegan deli turkey, as well as vegan mayo. naturally, I made a sandwich, cozy, whatever you want to call it!

be truthful I realized I am not a huge fan of the vegan deli meats still. I had tried them earlier when I initially ended up being vegan and disliked them, yet I thought possibly now I ‘d warm up to it. Not an opportunity, simply not my thing I presume. that kind of threw me off a bit, however next time I would love to make this with slim cut, crispy, pan-fried tofu rather! I think it would certainly contrast with the sweet taste of the cranberry sauce a whole lot far better. An additional choice would certainly be to include this sauce as one more side to my Vegan Mashed Potatoes & & Sauce with Fried Eggplant meal!

In either case, you ought to all try, mess around with different active ingredients and figure out what you like best! You won’t understand just how great or bad something is till you try it! However, whatever you absolutely still need to make this cranberry sauce. I am holding you to it!

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