7 Positive Tasks For This Week

Take on a new task every day to change your life and your home. Our tasks are simple, short, and designed to fit into any lifestyle. Enjoy these 7 positive tasks for this week…



Self-Care: Take a hot bath. Do something relaxing. Read a good book. Visit your favorite coffee shop. We have a longer list!


Clean: Clean off your desk. Organize a drawer or shelf. Tackle a cleaning task you’ve been putting off.


Donate: Give away some of the items you no longer need. Donate some of the things you found while cleaning. Find a donation center near you.


Device Detox: Take a night off from screen time. No laptop and no phone. Enjoy the silence.

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Energize: Go for a 30-minute walk. Head to the gym for an hour workout.


Purge: Unsubscribe from annoying email newsletters. Unfollow irritating people on Facebook. Turn off the news.


Health: Focus on making healthy choices today. Have a good breakfast, and make your dinner from scratch.

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