Caution: These foods could be hazardous to your health. We are on a mission to help you make the right choices for a healthy life. Learn what foods you should avoid and a healthy substitute for each one.


Stay healthy, stay fit, and keep these items out of your shopping cart.


1. Coffee Creamer

Unhealthy Ingredients: Trans fats, added sugar, artificial coloring

Substitution: Use whole milk or unsweetened plant-based milk. Don’t want to completely kick your favorite creamers? A tablespoon is all you need.


2. Bleached White Bread

Unhealthy Ingredients: Bleaching chemicals

Substitution: Whole-grain and whole-wheat flour and bread that doesn’t contain bleach.


3. Diet Sodas

Unhealthy Ingredients: Bisphenol A (BPA), aspartame, caramel coloring

Substitution: Go for a tea, cup of coffee, or a glass of fruit-infused water.


4. Bacon

Unhealthy Ingredients: Nitrates, nitrites, high heat cooking methods

Substitution: Purchase uncured meats that use no nitrites and try turning not to use such high heat.

frozen entrees.jpg

5. Frozen Entrees

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sodium, trans fat

Substitution: Head towards the low-sodium, organic frozen options that have zero trans fat.

sugary cereal

6. Sugary Cereal

Unhealthy Ingredients: Refined carbs, added sugar, Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), Butylated Hydroxyanisole

Substitution: Kashi Indigo Morning Organic Corn Cereal or Honey Bunches Of Oats are flavor-packed, low-sugar cereals that don’t taste like twigs.


7. White Sugar

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sugar (who would’ve thought)

Substitution: Reducing sugar is a great step, but if you must, brown sugar or coconut sugar is a great alternative.


8. Frosting

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sugar, artificial coloring, titanium dioxide, propylene glycol, trans fats

Substitution: Create your own homemade avocado and dark chocolate frosting.


9. Bottled Smoothies

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sugar, fiber-less fruit

Substitution: Make your own smoothies! If you decide to go to Jamba Juice or Smoothie King, tell them to hold the added sugar.


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10. Fast Food

Unhealthy Ingredients: Phthalates, sodium, trans fat

Substitution: The best advice we can give you is to drive right by the fast food restaurants to your local shopping mart.


11. Ready-Bake Pie Crust

Unhealthy Ingredients: Trans fat

Substitution: Double check the ingredients list to make sure there isn’t partially hydrogenated oil, or consider making your own.


12. Diet Ice Cream

Unhealthy Ingredients: Polysorbate 80

Substitution: Choose plain frozen yogurt or a fruit sorbet that isn’t packed with added sugar.


13. Doritos

Unhealthy Ingredients: Monosodium glutamate

Substitution: Monosodium glutamate actually increases appetite and makes foods taste better. Opt-in for some plain organic tortilla chips and some homemade dip.


14. Oreos

Unhealthy Ingredients: Alkali processed cocoa, high fructose corn syrup, palm oil

Substitution: Newman-O’s! They’re made with organic unbleached flour and offer greater nutrients and nourishment.


15. Cheetos

Unhealthy Ingredients: Monosodium glutamate, Yellow #6

Substitution: Blue Diamond Nut-Thins in Cheddar Cheese or rice and almond-based crackers that offer a cheetos taste with plenty of protein.


16. Canned Soups

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sodium

Substitution: Check the nutrition label for sodium content, or find a low-sodium option.


17. Boxed Mac & Cheese

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sodium

Substitution: There are many great options without excess sodium. To name a few: Pirate’s Booty Mac & Cheese, Horizon’s White Cheddar, Annie’s Four Cheese, or Ancient Harvest’s Gluten-Free Quinoa White Cheddar.


18. Hot Dogs

Unhealthy Ingredients: Corn syrup, sodium phosphate, sodium, sodium nitrite

Substitution: Throw some organic options in your cart. Try Applegate Farms’ Organic Uncured Beef Hot Dogs.


19. Instant Oatmeal Packets

Unhealthy Ingredients: Partially hydrogenated oil, caramel color, sugar

Substitution: Try these three options: Nature’s Path Organic Oatmeal, thinkThin Oatmeal, or Straw Propeller’s Maple Oats.


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20. Candy

Unhealthy Ingredients: Added sugar, saturated fats, artificial coloring

Substitution: No more candy for you! But if you love M&Ms, try Unreal’s Milk Chocolate Gems (it’s chemical free).


21. Dried Fruit Snacks

Unhealthy Ingredients: Added sugar, vegetable oil

Substitution: Check the nutrition label and you’ll find that most dried fruits have tons of sugar. Dry your own fruit or get a package with no added sugar.

amer cheese

22. American Cheese

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sodium citrate and phosphate

Substitution: Grab organic cheese without artificial coloring and preservatives.


23. Foods Coated With Artificial Chocolate

Unhealthy Ingredients: Polysorbate 60

Substitution: Foods coated with real chocolate are a better choice.


24. Bottled Lemonade

Unhealthy Ingredients: Yellow #5, high fructose corn syrup, sugar

Substitution: Make yourself some infused water or add a splash of lemon to your water.


25. Sprinkles

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sugar, artificial colors, carnauba wax, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils

Substitution: Add some shredded organic nuts, granola, or diced fruit.


26. Maraschino Cherries

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, high fructose corn syrup, red #40, sulfur dioxide, calcium chloride

Substitution: Head to the produce section of your grocery store and grab some regular cherries.


27. Flavored Fruit Yogurt

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sugar, carrageenan

Substitution: Plain, unsweetened yogurt is perfect. Add real, whole fruit if you’d like.


28. Bottled Coffee

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sugar

Substitution: Homemade – turn on the coffee maker at the house and buy a good thermos to keep it warm.


29. Water Enhancer

Unhealthy Ingredients: Acesulfame potassium, propylene glycol, yellow #5, yellow #6, sucralose

Substitution: Add a few squeezes of lemon and lime, or find some Flavorful Infused Water Recipes.


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30. Salad Dressings

Unhealthy Ingredients: High fructose corn syrup, soybean oil

Substitution: Oil and vinegar, balsamic vinegar, or lemon juice are healthy substitutes for high-fat, high-sugar salad dressings.


31. Protein Bars

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sugar, caramel color, polysorbate 60, artificial sweeteners

Substitution: Find yourself a meal replacement protein supplement that isn’t loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners. Milk, almonds, cheese, eggs, and peanut butter are ideal for an after-workout snack.


32. Nilla Wafers

Unhealthy Ingredients: High fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, soybean oil

Substitution: Kashi Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies or Barnum’s Animal Crackers. Homemade cookies are good too.


33. Hot Pockets

Unhealthy Ingredients: Soybean oil, carrageenan

Substitution: Use a few slices of whole-grain bread, organic cheese, ham, and throw it on a skillet or in a panini press.


34. Slim Jims

Unhealthy Ingredients: Corn syrup, caramel color

Substitution: Get yourself some organic or farmer’s market jerky.


35. Pop-Tarts

Unhealthy Ingredients: Soybean oil, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, sugar

Substitution: Organic Toaster Pastries or homemade french toast.

chips ahoy

36. Chips Ahoy! Cookies

Unhealthy Ingredients: High fructose corn syrup, artificial flavor, caramel color, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil

Substitution: Cook some chocolate chip cookies from scratch or try Tate’s Bake Shop All Natural Chocolate Chip Cookies.


37. Boxed Cake Mixes

Unhealthy Ingredients: Trans fats, artificial colors, artificial flavors

Substitution: Not all boxed cake mixes are bad! Choose Miss Jones’ Organic Vanilla Cake Mix or make it from scratch.


38. Sports Drinks

Unhealthy Ingredients: Artificial dyes, sugar

Substitution: Coconut water or water with added electrolytes is better than classic sports drinks.


39. BBQ Sauce

Unhealthy Ingredients: High fructose corn syrup

Substitution: Grab a bottle of spicy mustard or make some BBQ sauce yourself with tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, spices, and vinegar.


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40. Breakfast Biscuits

Unhealthy Ingredients: Trans fat

Substitution: Toast up an English muffin or whole-grain bread.


41. Energy Drinks

Unhealthy Ingredients: Caffeine, glucose, sucrose

Substitution: Green tea or coffee!


42. Pancake Syrup

Unhealthy Ingredients: High fructose corn syrup, caramel coloring

Substitution: Organic pure maple syrup.


43. Restaurant Desserts

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sodium, sugar

Substitution: Restaurants oversize their portions, so choose a scoop of frozen yogurt or fruit sorbet.


44. Deep Fried Foods

Unhealthy Ingredients: Inflammatory oil, high fat

Substitution: Baked, grilled, or broiled foods.


45. Fruit Juice

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sugar, fiber-less fruit

Substitution: Craving a fruit juice? Make some fruit infused water or grab the fruit instead.


46. Sugar-Free Jell-O

Unhealthy Ingredients: Artificial flavor, acesulfame potassium, aspartame

Substitution: Create your own gelatin dessert with a little gelatin, fruit, and a bit of honey.

refried beans

47. Refried Beans

Unhealthy Ingredients: Lard, hydrogenated lard

Substitution: Stay away from the canned beans, or choose a light sodium alternative.

granola bar.jpg

48. Granola Bars

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sugar, sorbitol, soybean oil, corn syrup

Substitution: Have a little bit of granola in the morning with your oatmeal or cereal. Add it to a fruit smoothie if you’d like.


49. Frozen Fish & Fish Products

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sodium tripolyphosphate

Substitution: Fresh, wild-caught fish is a much better option than frozen and farm-raised fish products.


50. Cool Whip

Unhealthy Ingredients: High fructose corn syrup, polysorbate 60, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sorbitan monostearate

Substitution: Whip up some cream yourself. Use almond milk, coconut milk, or regular milk.


51. Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sugar, sodium, hydrogenated vegetable oil

Substitution: Choose natural, organic peanut butter such as Spread The Love.


52. Chewing Gum

Unhealthy Ingredients: Sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners

Substitution: Try sunflower seeds, shelled pistachios, or trail mix to keep your chewing habit at bay.

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