7 Ridiculously Easy Rules To Eat Less

Healthy food is important, but too much of a good thing will still stop you from losing weight. Extreme calorie restriction is never easy, but there are certain tricks you can use to slightly reduce how much you eat. It’s a slow, steady, and painless way to shed a couple pounds. Learn more about these 7 easy rules to eat less…


Rule 1: Eat Protein For Breakfast

Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day, but many people aren’t sure what they should be eating. Take it easy on the carbs and fat in the morning and focus in on protein. It’ll help suppress your appetite and reduce eating throughout the day.

Rule 2: Use Smaller Plates

A full plate tells your brain that you’re getting a full meal, so if your plate is the size of a catering dish it’s probably time you bought some smaller ones. Everything has been supersized in the past 40 years, including your tableware. The average American plate is now 13 inches in diameter, while you should be looking for much closer to 7 inches. As the saying goes: Small Plates, Lose Weight.

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Rule 3: Use Taller Glasses

Less food looks like more on a smaller plate, and fewer liquids look like more in a taller glass. Try to avoid short, wide glassware when drinking anything other than water. People often underestimate the how much they’re getting and end up pouring about 30% more than in tall, slender glasses.

Rule 4: 20% Less

It’s time to start serving 20% less at meal-time. Instead of grabbing all of the food and drink you want, try scooping/pouring around 80%. The amount of food will look just as satisfying with smaller plates and taller drinkware. Plus, your brain and stomach probably won’t know the subtle difference.

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Rule 5: Three Meals, Two Snacks

Growing up you probably received three square meals a day with the largest meal being served in the evening. But have you ever noticed the lean, healthy people seem to be eating all the time? If you don’t get enough food to eat, your body thinks that food is in short supply and your metabolism slows down, storing every calorie. The average woman burns approximately 315 calories between meals, and the average man burns about 400 calories between meals. What this means: If you eat a 1,000 calorie meal, 315-400 calories will be utilized as fuel before the next meal and the other 685-600 calories will be stored as fat. The solution is to evenly space your snacks and meals so your body recognizes it is being fed well. This will help your body burn calories at a regular rate and keep it from storing calories as fat.

Rule 6: Chew Thoroughly

We suggested in 21 Tips To Eat Less And Feel Full that you pace yourself with the slowest eater at the table. But what about when you’re not eating with others? Focus on your eating speed and make sure you are chewing each bite. Notice of the different flavors, finish swallowing your first bite before you shove in another mouthful, and take a break to drink some water. By eating slowly, your brain will have enough time to send a “full” message.

Rule 7: Never Supersize

We get it. Avoiding every fast food joint for the rest of your life doesn’t sound probable. Don’t upgrade to the large when you do decide to drop by a fast food restaurant, and go for water instead of soda. Your body will thank you.

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