12 Simple Tips To Boost Your Health This Fall

It’s fall again! Embrace the crisp air, short days, and colorful leaves with open arms. Enjoy these 12 simple tips to boost your health this fall…

1. Eat Seasonal Superfoods

You’d be surprised how many fruits and vegetables are best during fall. Here’s the link to our list: Fall Fruits And Vegetables

2. Don’t Buy Halloween Candy You Like

You’re setting yourself up for failure when you purchase the chocolates and candies you enjoy. Buy the candy you don’t like first, and purchase the good candy closer to Halloween.

3. Eat Smart When Watching Sports

Things can get a little out of control whenever you are watching your favorite team dominate the field/court/rink. All the excitement may send you to the snack table for comfort. Be sure to watch what you’re eating.

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4. Protect Yourself From The Cold & Flu

Don’t fall under the weather! Wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, bundle up when it’s freezing outside, and make the right food choices.

5. Avoid The Pumpkin Spice Latte Trap

We all fall victim to it, but this year it is time for a change. You don’t have to completely remove the PSL from your Fall splendor. Just don’t make it a daily habit.

6. Take Advantage Of The Weather

Go for a walk, play catch with a friend, or take your morning coffee or tea outside with you. The weather won’t stay this perfect for forever.

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7. Maintain Your Routine

The days are getting shorter and you are feeling the effects already. Don’t let daylight savings sneak up on you. Start getting to bed a little bit earlier.

8. Don’t Overdo The Sweets

Pies, puddings, muffins, and cakes are everywhere. Where did they come from? We aren’t quite sure… One thing we are sure of, however, is you shouldn’t make these delectable sweets a huge part of your diet.

9. Get Your Vitamin D

You won’t be spending as much time out in the sun as the temperatures drop to shivering levels. Make sure you are getting enough vitamin D from your food, or consider picking up a supplement.

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10. Moisturize Your Skin

Oh, the dreaded dryness. Apply moisturizer to your skin to help keep it refreshed. Be sure to keep chapstick handy too for those awful chapped lips.

11. Try Some New Herbs & Spices

With a new season comes new spices. Try these in your desserts or food: Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, fennel, licorice root, or dried orange peel.

12. Embrace Healthy Fats

Canola and vegetable oil can be unhealthy when consumed too much. Healthy fats are better for our bodies and can keep them fed and moisturized. Try grass-fed butter, coconut oil, olive oil, or sesame seed oil.

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