How To Form A New Habit (8 Simple Steps)

Do you want to learn a new habit? How do you do it? Let’s take a look at what proven techniques make habits stick. By the way, it may take more than 21 days. Read more on how to form a new habit in 8 simple steps…


1. Focus On The Habit

What one new habit would you like to form? Figure out what it is, learn everything about how you can do it right, and then get started. Be sure to make time to fit it into your daily life.

2. Commit For A Minimum Of 30 Days

On average, it takes 66 days before a new behavior becomes automatic. Sixty-six days isn’t the magic number, but the initial 30 days is a great start to a lasting habit. You’ve gotta want the change because it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days.

3. Stack Your Habits

Habit stacking will help create habits that stick. Attach the habit to your current routine. Add some pushups to the morning routine: Wake up, drink a glass of water, pushups, and then shower. The more you do something, the stronger and more efficient the connection becomes.


4. Take Baby Steps

Start by doing the new habit for 5 or 10 minutes if you’re creating an exercising or meditation routine. Write a paragraph of your book. Wake up 10 minutes earlier each day.

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5. Be Prepared For Obstacles

There are common obstacles you can prepare for such as, time, weather, costs, space, and pain. Prepare and anticipate these obstacles so you won’t be blindsided in the future.

6. Create Accountability

You will be more likely to follow through on your commitments when others know what you’re trying to accomplish. Join an online community or find a partner who is trying to achieve the same thing.


7. Reward Milestones

Habits don’t have to be boring. Building a reward system into the process can bring fun to a lifestyle change. Remember, your rewards don’t have to drain your bank account.

8. Create A New Identity

Committing to your habit on a daily basis won’t bring about the permanent change you are looking for. To preserve healthy, new habits you must develop a new lifestyle. Make your habit a part of your identity, not something you are trying to do.

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